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Grace Upon Grace

I am so grateful:

  1. that I was present with my parents in yesterday’s Sunday worship service. God cleared me of all the insecurities I carried when He reminded me that He has a wonderful, beautiful and pleasing plan for me. My life is in His hands. (Click the link to watch the service!)
  2. that God is gracious. I break a promise I made, and He’s still faithful. I suffer the consequences, but He carries me through them.
  3. sickness and disease is not a friend of mine.
  4. that love is always in the air and in my heart whether I feel it or not.
  5. for We Love Gratitude! :)

Living, Not Merely Existing

There are so many reasons to be grateful today, but I shall only list down the Top 10 things (1o being the person/thing that I am most grateful for):

  1. Our house never runs out of food. Ever.
  2. I always have the appetite to eat food! :) I will never go anorexic or bulimic.
  3. electricity. I don’t even pay for it and yet I can enjoy all its benefits, most especially the sockets which I use to provide power to my laptop, Benjamin, so that I can make this list!
  4. Benjamin, my laptop. :D He helped me survive a workload of papers during my 1st year in college.
  5. cooking, family Bible study tonight and a good night sleep–these are few of the things I look forward to doing today! Excitement creeps into my life once again. :)
  6. inner and lasting peace and joy thanks to my Father up above.
  7. freedom to read, study, meditate on and memorize the Bible. God is amazing!
  8. prayer. I have an all-access pass to the loving Creator of the universe!
  9. my parents and two handsome brothers who must stand living with me everyday. I don’t know how they do it. :)
  10. God’s amazing love, grace and goodness to me. I wonder what He saw in me when He saved me, but whatever it was, I’m sure it’s not in me yet. =)) :D