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Gratefullness and Appreciation are Medicine

1. i am gratefull for learning at a young age the benefits of appreciating what i have in the moment

2. i am grateful for those and the lessons that have helped me reconnect with a deeper communion with contentment

3. i’m extremely grateful to have been born into my family, my my grandparents, and great grandmother have gifted me such a deep well for love and compassion, honesty and respect

4. i’m grateful to call Burnt Cabins PA my home… on, both, a major trainline and the turnpike centered in the appalacians…  it is the only stable root since my birth, and ever so beautiful…

5. i’m simply stunned, complexed, and amazed with the art of technology. it’s potential is both incredible and terrifying

6. the way we can dream, the middle lines where consciousness isn’t so encumbered within our body, allowing us to feel be ‘awake’ between life and death…

7. death, and it’s ever so present truths, teaching us our values, giving importance to our every action in this life, giving us hope that our struggles are not in vain, giving me faith that we are in a bigger job here than just this bodies day

8. this bodies day, the moments that we are here, we should follow our truest desires respectfully, to love and to be loved, there isn’t much more than that.. to love and be loved by the universe…. all actions according here to

9. children, and their insatiable lust for knowledge

10. to find the medicine that is the gracious breath of the current moment we are living… each time our inner eye remembers to see it, so shall our bodies relax into appreciation for the ever changing river of life

thank you belle for this church of sorts, thank you lucy anne, still to this day i credit you as my angel,.

Thank You

1. seeing how we affect all.

2. being attentive to our methods of reaction.

3. practicing the art of listening.

4. taking initiative to end and disallow wrong doing.

5. we must be grateful for every messenger.

6. treating our body with clean fuels.

7. actually seeing where you are, gathering a fuller sense of this timeless moment.

8. working together with other beings.

9. my bicycle is the loveliest tool for me here in pittsburgh. someone asked me if i named it, then three other guys standing right their all had names for theirs, so i named it lucy. respectfully and with good reason.

10. pittsburgh,…,… i feel it’s my favorite larger city, it’s actually small, people are kind and work as various communities, the three rivers encased by steep mountains, many trees and lots of art, so many beautiful bridges, independant buisness minded,.. always somekind of human interaction…. we live in the carnival. even in the forest… life loves us to dance,….

Love, Live, Life

1. Thank you again, Belle, and all souls and messengers of life.

2. Thank you day time, for your light and sight and powerful energy.

3. Thank you night time, for your rest and refresh, your fast and your cool.

4. Thank you body, allowing me the freedom to experience this wonderfully dynamic plane of existence.

5. Thank you family, for your lessons, your listens, and your reflection of all beyond me.

6. Thank you animals, for your humilifying nature, your capability to cross dimensions and maintain direct communication.

7. Thank you astral universe, forever challenging our minds and drawing us deeper into the unknown.

8. Thank you mathmatics and linguistics, exercising our reason and dancing our necessity into an art form.

9. Thank you chaos and balance, the never ending turmoil of growth, death, and change.

10. Thank you for this opportunity for reflection. i so truly wish i could spread this very feeling to every soul in the world.. tears well within me,, because of love and because of gratitude.. Thank you… forever on~