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1.Realising I have a negative outlook on life and that this has to change.
2. The internet and blogs that provide so much information.
3. Christmas dinner with the family.
4. My brother’s kid who is about 10 wks old now, such a joy to watch!
5. My favorite christmas movie ‘while you were sleeping’ being on tv!

Have a good christmas!


I’m grateful for:

-That there was someone of the family with my gran this night when she passed away in her sleep.

-family and friends

-the dogs, who always make you return to the moment.

-lot’s of belated christmas cards and new years cards in the letterbox today.

-cards from people you don’t expect

-Christmas lights that are still up everywhere.

-running outside



Grateful for:

1. All the Christmas decorations out there.

2. Winning 4 tickets to the movies, and totally not expecting it.

3. no snow… I work as a postman and no snow is a blessing when you are out outside on the road so much.

4. family & friends

5. messages in a movie story

6. something that is totally beyond your expectations

7. nice food

8. presents

9. warmth

10. Merry Christmas everyone!!


Today I’m not going to list ten things, but only one thing that counts for ten.

I’m thankful for people that stand really positive in life and have this great overwelming energy. People that when they are faced with a problem can be frustrated for a moment, but are really happy and positive again when you see them again a few moments later.

I met two people this week that really fit this description to a tea. I hope to come across more new people who fit this description. And I hope that I can be like this later on in life, and inspire someone like they inspired me.


1. I was able to run a half marathon.

2. The organisation of the half marathon.

3. The confetti at the start.

4. People standing there ready with drinks and fruit every 5 km.

5. People watching, and cheering you on. (People you don’t know at all).

6. 2 Running mates who were waiting at the beginning of a Park and ran a few km along.

7. Other running mates (from the start to run club) standing at the beginning of the park to cheer us on. They were standing there with 15. It was a AWESOME!

8. Inge and Els who were also doing the half marathon, and run at the same pace.

9. My mom and one of my bosses standing somewhere near the end to cheer me on.

10. My dad standing ready with a warm jacket at the finish line.


1. Dogs… I’m not someone who is in ‘the moment’ a lot. I’m trying to be more though. But if there is someone that can get me back in the here and now, it are our dogs. But also animals in general, cats on the streets, rabits running around on the grass. This afternoon I was not too happy, thinking too much, bored… and I took the dogs for a walk, and wow did it change…

2. the wind

3. Getting in a warm house after being out in the cold.

4. Being able to run 18 kilometer today (woohoo, half marathon here I come!)

5. Having a nice talk with my brother and his wife.

6. Chocolate milk at my brothers…the machine they have for it…oh it is so good.

7. driving around with the bike.

8. doing a good nap in the afternoon.

9. Runkeeper, I really like that app.

10. Some comments on facebook that just made me smile.



1. The weather

2. Warm bathrobes

3. Slow tractors that keep up the traffic, that just happen to turn in another direction when you join the line.

4. Red lights turning green when you arrive.

5. warm showers

6. Dogs making me laugh

7. Wind turbines close by (from this year) that give an amazing view.

8. pancakes

9. television shows that pull you in completely.

10. A new day…


1. Hatchi

I heard about the story before, but now I saw it in the movie “Hatchi: a dog story” starring Richard Gere. It really brought me to tears.

2. My dad forgot something of his fishing gear. I had to bring it over, and the lake where he was at, is beautiful.

3. learning more about myself…

4. Good honest talks with my mom.

5. Our dog’s, who I really wanted to hug after seeing the movie of Hatchi.

6. showers

7. music

8. a warm bed

9. a day off.

10. calm, relaxing mornings.

Why complain about the weather?

Grateful today for:

1. Being able to read more posts of gratitude on this site.

2. Internet friends.

3. My dogs who always welcome you like you haven’t seen them for a long time.

4. Being able to sleep a bit longer, even after the alarm clock went off.

5. Having music from my Iphone while running.

6. Being able to run 18 km today (only 3 more for the half marathon).

7. The nice weather.

8. Something that just made me laugh on television.

9. This interview in a magazine titled “why complain about the weather?” It was about someone who never complained about the weather, even if she was soaked by the rain. When it rained when she was little she sometimes went swimming with her mother in the rain, while no one else was there and they had so much fun. In the winter they made snow mans with other kids in the block, then came into the warm house, and ate or drank something warm. She said “why complain?” Mist has something mysterious. When it is raining, you don’t have to get the garden hose to wash your car .

Very nice little interview.

10. Having fun with the dogs and some quality time with my dad while letting the dogs out.


I love reading the other gratitude lists…and I’m curious if it really does make someone happier and less stressed.

Which is why I’m going to try it out for myself.

Gratefull for:

Good friends

A car in front of me on which the text “You’ve been passed by a girl!” was readable.

Kids who can enjoy the little things without any effort…

My dogs

People being nice

A colleague who asked to go to the McDonalds next week, together with another work pall. Last time we got together (we only did it once before), it was a lot of fun!

The weather today

An hour to sleep longer tonight.

My wake up light in the morning

The app of Awesome