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The Life Preservers

Last week was what I would consider a hard one. An ugly show down at work and watching as the company I work for, essentially, crumbles.  So I bring it back to…what do I have to be grateful for? What can I appreciate right now?

My honey, my sweetie pie, my Good Guy. I so appreciate that when he had off yesterday he helped with so much around the house…cleaning the tub, cutting up the pineapple, making dinner, posting our ebay items…making my life a little bit easier…for taking stuff off my plate. And for loving me and our pets and animals in general.

For our 3 cats…Little Ling, the tiny wonder, the 6 pound spiritual master, the acrobat and lovey girl, with her enormous appetite and tiny hard body in spite of it, for the way she cries at us whenever we yell, as if to say, “Enough of this!” She always reminds me to do what I enjoy, to put joy first. For Simone, or as I call her, Simoni Roni Ciccone or just “Da Rone”…for opening up and learning to trust me, for her talkative chatter and beautiful eyes. For the way she makes me laugh when she squeezes into some tiny space and always manages to get on the warm laundry fresh out of the dryer, no matter what I do! And for Bosco, Mr. B, the Big Boy, for stepping in after Lu transitioned, for being by my side, for all the purring and rubbing and loving.

For my friends…some who have been in my life since I was 15 ! (Medina) and 20! (Ulana, Cathy, Jim) and many more recently. They make time for me like helping me with my resume and listening to me. And I have learned so much from them…from nutrition and awesome recipes (Adrienne) to spiritual lessons and processes (too many to list!) to turning me onto musicians/artists/movies that I love to reminding me I’m valuable when I’ve forgotten.

For my spiritual community…for giving me the opportunity to shine and to serve in ways I never thought possible.

For every book that has ever given me a chill of recognition, for every note to every song that has ever inspired me, for every laugh, for every kiss, for every hug…I am so grateful.


Grateful…for things going & yes, for what is to come…

So I got some unexpected news that my overtime hours at my job are being cut…money I have greatly depended on for basic needs. But something unexpected happened inside me:  the fear in my gut was joined by other sensations that felt like relief & oddly enough, exhilaration…almost like I was being freed from a cage.

So, today, I give gratitude and appreciation, for what I have and have had, and for what is coming…

What I Appreciate About My Job

  1. The training I’ve received
  2. The interesting consultants I get to work with and how I’ve learned so much from them
  3. How my company has helped families and children for 27 years
  4. That my supervisor is the most compassionate person I have ever met and the many wonderful conversations we’ve had over the years on metaphysics, health, angels, faith, and Spirit.
  5. The window I get to look out of everyday.
  6. That the office is in a nice area of Montclair and close to cute shops and restaurants.
  7. I truly appreciate the money I make from both my salary and my overtime. I appreciate that I have been able to pay my mortgage and living expenses and to donate to my spiritual center & other causes I believe in. I appreciate every morsel of food this money has ever purchased and every gift for my sweetie, family and friends it made possible. I appreciate that the money allowed me to make a small investment in my friend’s film project/dream.  I appreciate the clothes it purchased and how it feeds my cats.
  8. I appreciate that change is always happening and I release this overtime income with love.
  9. I appreciate that the overtime hours I received allowed me to provide lots of extra support and services to my clients, who truly needed it…and it made a big difference for them.
  10. I appreciate that the Universe is conspiring in my favor!

What I Appreciate About What is to Come

  1. I appreciate the vacuum that has been created so the Universe can now fill it with income from what I truly love to do! For Practitioner and EFT sessions and writing and creating!
  2. I will appreciate having my time back. Time to talk to friends, time to beautify my home, time to breathe, time to take a nap, time to just BE.
  3. I appreciate making money doing what I really love and believe in.
  4. I appreciate taking a step out onto the invisible bridge and knowing it appears beneath me.
  5. I appreciate that no matter what, I am ok, and will always be ok. I am safe.




Goin into Acceptance & Allowance

I came home (late) from work last night to find my significant other looking sorrowful on the couch. His cat hadn’t been feeling well and the vet visit cost a pretty large sum.  It all came rushing out…the overwhelm, the exhaustion, the frustration, how he’s not where he wants to be.  I listened. I held his hand. And I started telling him all that I am grateful for…which I am continuing here…

I appreciate his ability to open up about how he was truly feeling inside.  I am grateful for his authenticity.

I appreciate that I/him/we/you are not enslaved to repeat the patterns of the past.  That every day IS a new day. That real change can happen at any time. That blessings are around every corner and yes, right here NOW.  That the old belief that the world is against me and I’m on my own…is just that…an old belief. A belief I can change whenever I’m ready. The Truth is is that the same energy that created the stars, and the trees, and oceans, created Me. And I was created for joy and for variety of experience and to love and be loved.  And the “not-right-job” and “too-many-bills” can never stand in the way of that. They are temporary conditions. But the fact that Life is really, truly, always loving me and always on my side? That is permanent.

I appreciate that Bosco (the cat) is feeling better. He brings such love to us all. I appreciate the vet and nurses that helped him. I appreciate the consciousness in all of his cells that are working to bring his body back into perfect balance.

I appreciate that fun and adventure is not bound by the amount of money I have to spend, but my intentions and awareness in any given situation.  I can have fun at the grocery store. Trying a new food or drink can be an adventure. I appreciate when I am able to bring my intentions into my everyday life experiences and see newness where there used to be sameness.

I appreciate when I can get out of my head just long enough to see what I am missing out on. And remembering who I truly am.

I appreciate that I am in very good hands. And so is my Love. And our cats. And our friends and family. And then I appreciate the peace this gives me.

I appreciate accepting where I am and I appreciate allowing positive shifts, bringing greater opportunities and greater expression.  All is well.


Gratitude is what I need most, when it’s most hard to see w/Love

I completely appreciate that I have 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers & 10 toes….that it’s easy for me to get dressed in the morning…that I have a great car that gets me around reliably.

I appreciate where I live…that an hour or less in different directions can take me to the ocean, the mountains, rivers and NYC. I appreciate VARIETY! As I sit down at the banquet of life, I appreciate having so many choices.

I appreciate animals…from my 3 sweet cats who I adore to chipmunk I saw yesterday, filling his cheeks with seeds to the wild and exotic animals I get to see on TV…I appreciate their beauty and how they go with the flow…never in resistance, always loving what is.  And I so appreciate their grace and physical agility! The leaping, the swimming, the chasing of prey…how their muscles and tendons and bones work in divine order & harmony.

I appreciate seashells. Some of them look like they were created by some brilliant graphic designer. Then I remember they were created by Source, by the Great Designer that is within us and all around us always. I love the shapes and the colors and the patterns.

I appreciate my partner. I appreciate his clever sense of humor and his ability to be real with his feelings. I appreciate what he puts into our radio show.


List for Today…6/14/11

And I’m off and running…

I am truly appreciating all the people who signed up to take my class and attended last week (and will be there tonight.) I appreciate their openness, willingness, and ability to “dig deep”, with great courage.

I appreciate this magnificent Universe that is always available, always loving me, always providing and I appreciate myself as I am able to let more and more of Divine Good into my life and experiences.

I appreciate my loving partner Ken, who makes me laugh and supports me in so many ways. I love that he accepts me exactly as I am.

I appreciate the radio show Ken & I are doing together…it’s been such a powerful experience! We get to step put of our comfort zones and share music we love and that speaks to us. I appreciate the variety we bring to the airwaves.