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I am a Mom, a Radiation Therapist, a grateful person for everything in my life.

Thank You Thursday

Waking up and feeling happy

My teen son taking care of an issue with his car and doing it in a very adult way!  Plus we got all our money back from the repairs!

My eldest son getting a chance at a job that is close to our home, which means more time with my grandson!

My job and coworkers


All the love in my life



Much Gratitude

My dad isn’t ill and will be coming home from the hospital!

Being able to laugh, even when I feel like crying.

My grandson taking an aptitude and IQ test and testing into the gifted classes.

Faith in God and all of His blessings

Being able to appreciate love given and received

Being motivated to be a better person in order to better this world and universe



Thank you more please:(when something good happens you say thank you, but then add more please so more good happens!)

Car having issues was worried because not enough money in my bank, but state tax refund deposited!! 

Smiles and laughter at work and home

Love of Family, Friends and even strangers


Much Gratitude

Lazy Saturday

Having positive self talk

Smiles and Laughter

Love in all forms

Seeing my youngest son enjoying work

My youngest daughter for winning best dressed at a job fair

Watching scary, spooky movies!

 “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson


Spreading Love

Cooking for my family and having them love the food

Loving my family

Love for those who I don’t know, but whom I feel for

Romantic Love

Spiritual Love

Love of my job

Love of money, not in the greedy sense but in the way it helps my family and others through charity

Love of Laugh

Thank You More Please

Thank You More Please:

My youngest son got his first job!

The wonderful rain

My family

All the love in my life, familial, romantic, friendly, even the love for those I don’t personally know

Watching an old Kurt Russell movie with my youngest daughter

Focusing on love and positivity






“Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.” -Mark Victor Hansen

Grateful today

That I know my thoughts become things.

That my eldest son is getting call backs from interviews, just need him to believe in being positive, the right job will happen.

Belief in myself

Belief in my family and all the love we share

Belief that money is coming to me, more than is outgoing.

Belief that each one of us posting is adding more positive vibes to our world allowing change for the betterment of all.