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Thankful Thursday!

1.  Serendipity is the sweetest unfolding!  God has a way of getting my attention!  Perfect, every time.

2.  Living in a small town.

3.  Being known and recognized for being creative, fun, and upbeat!

4.  Watching the leaves blow in the breeze.  I love to really see the wind.

5.  The perfect warmth of the sun at 84 degrees ~ not too hot, and coupled with the breeze is like one big  Ahhhhhhh!

6.  Acupunture.  Moving stuck energy.  Being in the flow again and really feeling well.

7.   Fatigue and thirst a few hours after acupuncture ~ it really allows me to sense the energy going on inside my body now that my life force energy is being channeled!

8.  Having a great sub shop in town so I don’t have to cook tonight!

9.  Great kids.

10.  WATER!

Wonderful Wednesday

1.   Gladness of heart.  Coming out of cleansing and renewal sets in.

2.  Clarity.  Real clarity ~ letting go of all thoughts, perceptions, pain, and waiting for the Universe’s perspective to trickle in.

3.  Trust.  In all things I cannot see.

4.  Faith.  So rock solid it’s the only compass I require.

5.  Love.  The layers and layers of love ~ keep getting to the core!

6.  Joy.  It’s who we are.

7.  Messengers.  They are always in our midst.  Are you expectant and looking for them?

8.  Ability to steer my own course.  Going against the grain.  Saying YES! to life.  My life as it unfolds.

9.  Horses.  For the love of horses.  For the grace and powerful wisdom from an animal that always is grounded and connected to life.  I’m glad I have learned to speak their language.  It is a very simple one!

10.  People.  For the love of all people.  There are so many ways to interact, teach, learn, forgive, forget.

Love is felt in all directions.  Keep on loving.

Fantastic Friday…In an instant!

1.  SOOOOOOOO Grateful for my daughter, Cat.  It’s her birthday!  She’s 20 years old today, and her remark to me was, “Well, Mom, I beat teen pregnancy!”  Ha ha!  Not funny, but it was funny.  Perspective.  Yes, we are grateful.  How life can change.  In an instant.

2.  I’m grateful that we have 86,400 seconds in each day to say Thank You.  We are allowed to say it 86,400 times, if we take the opportunity.  THANK YOU!  Immediate balance,  in an instant.

3.  I’m grateful that gratitude is truly an action word, and moves us past any stuck spots we are in.  In an instant!

4.  I’m grateful that by just being grateful and seeing possibility instead of limitation, we receive possibilities without limitation.  In an instant.

5.  I’m grateful for optimism, faith, belief (although that changes everytime we have a new thought!).  These are the rockets that create the trajectory for our lives to do a quantum leap to point to and arrive where we want to be.  In an instant. 

6.  I’m grateful for memory.  How it serves me is equal to the amount of time I’m willing to sit still and be quiet.  Memories do come to me, in an instant.

7.  I’m grateful for knowing that our true value is innate.  That just by showing up and being a friend, I’m the one of the most valuable possession my friend has.  Wonder if you make a difference.  Don’t show up, then you’ll see.  You friend is your mirror.  You have to show up to see your reflection.  It’s there or its not, in an instant.

8.  I’m grateful that the Universe believes in abundance.  It only knows abundance.  Only I can contradict that process by thinking in terms of lack.  I receive abundance of lack.  In an instant. 

9.  I’m grateful that when I think in terms of lack, all I have to do is BE GRATEFUL, and the natural order of ABUNDANCE is restored.  In an instant. 

10.  I’m grateful that as my mind expands and questions the next step for me to take to grow in my Spiritual Transformation, all the right answers, people, and situations reveal themselves.  IN AN INSTANT!

Much love and gratitude for all of you ~ We are ONE, in every instant.  Connect.  It may be a quantum leap for you today, but it will change every fiber of your being….in an instant.

Where Have I Been, Wednesday?!?

1.  Intuition.  Knowing that I’ve been long overdue in REMEMBERING to write down my blessings.  I’ve been connected though, hope you could feel it!

2.  All the inspiration that is just “in the air.”  Thank you We Love Gratitude.  You permeate the air. 

3.  I am so grateful for ABUNDANCE.

4.  I am infinitely powerful at creating WHATEVER I focus on.  All things created are a thought twice.  Everything.  Anything that pops into my mind once, I can create!

5.  I am JOYFUL and IN AWE thinking about the heartfelt connections I have made in this past year or so through Facebook alone!  Thank you for the lovely profile pics, smiles, and messages.  WE ARE ONE!

6.  I am grateful for RESULTS  of self-love and doing my “inner work.”  Clearing the path for the rest of my life!

7.  I am grateful for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS EVERYWHERE!  We rock and give each other permission, stamina, and wisdom!  SHORT CUTS!

8.  I am grateful for BELIEVING life is as wonderful as I allow it to be, and “seeing” it.  PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. 

9.  I’m grateful for LEARNING, LEARNING, LEARNING, and better yet, the RIGHT INFORMATION presenting itself EXACTLY as I ask for it (I am powerful at creating ;)

10.  I am grateful for this one very day.  This one very moment.  This one *pause* to stop and be, and feel, all that I AM!

Have a great day everyone!  All your greatness and awesomeness is in your *pause*