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Tomorrow will be better

Grateful for a doctor’s appointment when throat is like razor blades.

Cough medicine, kleenex and ear drops.

Hubby is being kind.

Nicknaming my malady Ick! Always the comedian.

A friend checking in to see if I’m OK.

A text waiting to ask  if I got an appointment.

Usually I don’t want attention but today I want to be babied.

Cooler temperatures today.

I will be scolded but will take it as long as they make me well.

Tomorrow will be better!


Rainy Day

A rainy day slows things down. The sound of the raindrops. The swish of the wipers.

The parched Earth is ready to be renewed.It will be lush after a drink and a rest.

Need sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.

My worn out body is ready for rest. Thank goodness it’s the weekend.

Cold drink of water.

Nice cool shower.

I never mind working on a rainy day since outside is soggy.

Tomorrow will be good for weeding. The rain makes it easier to root things out.

Rainy day gives me time to sort things out and weed out the things I don’t need.

Grateful for the library. Three new books and a DVD.

The joy of a nap this afternoon when I have earned it.



Trying again

Grateful for chance to repost. Last list was  silly. But grateful for silly. Life seems so serious. I long for laughter.

Watching funny TV with an air conditioner on eating a pineapple popsicle.

Laughing at myself. (I bought a Groupon from Va. I live in Ohio)

Laughing with my friends.

A mental vacation.(Next week) Might even unplug.(No technology)

Grateful for sunny summer days.

Grateful for the peace of my porch.The hanging baskets are spectacular!

Don’t take things so seriously. It will get better everybody. Be grateful for today- this minute.


Grateful choices

Grateful for the cooler temperatures.

Up and at’em. Grateful that I am upright and ready to go.

Today I will make healthy food choices.

Watermelon is healthy.  Who’d have thunk it?

Salads are more than lettuce.

Drinking more water. Glad I don’t have to walk a mile to get it.

Grateful I found a pair a jeans that fit.

Cool enough to plan a walk tonight.

The feeling like I’m beginning something.

Grateful to have found clear calamine. Now that it is cooler I expect the itches to go away.




I am grateful that I have all that I need and someone to share it with.

Music directors play  song in service we were working on  when they announced their move.

Doing the Community meal with many donations but no crew.

Hot dog buns, Hard to find Father’s Day weekend!

Grateful to be of service to those who needed a meal or a cool place to eat one though many took theirs to go.

Hubby loved daughter’s tribute on Facebook to her Dad.

Hunting for gas when we thought we would get it cheap but gas station ran out. Thankfully we made it to another gas station even though we had to go around an area with a water main break.

Grateful for friends ,family and the felines who own us!



Cool it!

Cool shower feels refreshing!

Sugar-free fudgesicles.

Pizza. Had to be ordered online to get discount. We are told just say $7.99 at the window. Seems silly doesn’t it?

Never far from air conditioner today.

Having something to complain about but deciding not to. A conscious decision that empowers me.

Looking forward to sitting on the porch when the sun goes down.

Trying to figure out a return without losing my cool.

What magic does calamine have? It works!


Bandaids. ( I love ones that stick.)

Clean laundry. (Happy underwear!)

A cool shower.

Clean sheets. Fresh towels.

New bracelets by Empowering women of Nepal to beat poverty.

Finding just what I need online. Finding something I don’t really need but will love.

New wallpaper for bathroom.

First day I’ve worked in a while. I am grateful my rash hasn’t spread. I will be truly grateful when it goes away.

One o’clock grateful!

I usually post first thing in the morning but today I’m clearing my brain before a nap.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I thank the Lord for all my peeps. In His power safely keep, all those I love so deep. Bring happiness to those who weep. Those who struggle may the hill not be steep. Watch over me as I sleep. Amen!

Grateful for a lazy day!

Give me strength for tomorrow!

Move over catit’s blissful nap time!

New day

A good night’s sleep. Room temperature was just right.

Sleeping in. Starting slow. Baby steps.

Texting my son for his birthday. His ” Thanks!Love ya” back.

Itchy patches must be poison ivy not shingles. Time will tell. Time will heal.

Hydrocortisone cream and benadryl.

Car is cleaned out . Today clean out the  bathrooms.

Going to paper upstairs one. Found a shower curtain. Ordered a decoration for the wall.

I’m anticipating a trip to the wallpaper store where clearance is $3 a roll.

This precious time off. Not what I pictured but what I need. Keep calm and enjoy!


Tuesday Observations

Grateful for Hubby who puts up with me.

Feeling frustrated but knowing that it will be OK.

Root beer floats.

Grateful for air conditioning.


Day off! Go for gusto? Go for mundane? Perhaps I can find a blend.

Working a decluttering regime.Tackle a little every day. Today is the car.

Meeting tonight will be fun. I crave laughter.

So many flowers this  year. I love to sit on the porch.

Heliotrope came back to life when it was so withered. I feel like that! I need water and rest and I will revive.