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Grateful for the Agape choir

Agape is the word for Christian love. Right now it is a sisterhood but we hope for low voices to add to mine.

We  had our end of year party. Grateful for the laughter and listening at our unique table at Mike’s Place in Kent.Our  table was an old bus. Bless the padded seats.

The menu is lengthy and poor Dorothy just went with  a bowl of soup and applesauce.

The hand written place mat has trivia and facts and observations some of it real.

Cheryl tried a vegetarian reuben. I admire her spirit of adventure.

I loved my pulled pork smothered in sweet potato fries.

Each of us adds a note to the song that is our choir like different instruments in a band.

Barb is our director and she sings all parts. Cheryl plays the piano.Michelle and Dorothy sing high notes.

Judy and Jessica are midrange. We miss Jessica as she had to leave to handle a hearing issue.Deb,Sue and I sing the bottom. Get well Sue!

We sing at Church once a season. We do sing alongs with the residents of Stow Glen. Always grateful to brighten an hour for them.

We prayed before our meal and we astonished those around us as we sang “Go Now In Peace.” as we departed.

Grateful to sing,grateful for the sisterhood and grateful to God who brought us together so we can serve Him.



In serving we are served. Grateful to be a servant.

Feet are tired this morning from the hours on them in the past few days. Will be grateful to prop them up tonight!

Shopping for dinner Thursday,A funeral dinner Friday. A Community meal Sunday.

Enough food.

The importance of serving grieving people.

The privilege of serving hungry people.

Told one woman all she owed  was a smile. She came up to give it to me.

Realizing they are both hungry for more than food.

The rain brought the cub scouts in but they gave us left over food.

“Here I am Lord. Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord if you lead me  will hold your people in my heart.”

Sublime It’s Saturday

Up at 5:30 a.m to answer emails then back to bed till 9 a.m.

Hearing from a friend I was worrying about.

Inviting my niece to the tea so I can see her new baby.

Sending a friend a copy of the game I put together.Christian Scattergories. Foods of Bible is hard. T,M,C,S. What would you answer?

The letters are because of  the names of my committee people . VERY grateful for them.

Thankful for the advice and encouragement of others.

Rectifying a mistake. Obviously God wanted us to serve a meal Sunday. Humbly I acquiesce.

Letting Hubby watch the TV show he likes.

Strawberry shortcake from funeral dinner.

Enjoy your day!

Grateful for

Energy for busy days.


Plan B.

Crystal’s post on Creative Spiritual Women. I froze when asked the question. Grateful others were eloquent.

Casual meeting where all questions were answered.

Singing twice this weekend at Church. Two practices right before service.

One hymn is so beautiful. Anthems of Love.

Church member is turning 100. Coffee hour for her.

Game for tea is on paper.

Lord be with me today. It’s You and me all the way!


Feeling encouraged

Panning a simple tea at Church. Yes all are welcome!

Believing that the ideas I have will work.

Grateful for the ideas that are coming to me.

Getting excited as I visualize different things.

Name that hymn,Christian Scattergories and a photo booth.

Encouraging others to my vision. God bless them when they agree to help.

Encouragement in general . Studying Barnabas in Bible Study and finding him to be an encourager.

Am I a Barnabas? Who is a Barnabas to me?

I see it clearly in the simplicity of a tea.

And for these things I am grateful

Grateful to be up and walking after I hurt my knee (ice packs,ace bandages, tylenol and Netflix)

Grateful for the whole process of mothering. Expecting,traveling together,learning, getting it right, getting it wrong,letting go. Being proud. Always on my mind!)

A son calls from work ( catching up, see you soon,take care!)

Grateful for daughter’s company on Sunday (gabbing, puppy hugs, documentary on Elmo made me tear up, Beastmaster. I can’t walk to the kitchen and they are scaling the heights.)

Phone call from Nevada(gson’s hearty wishes, chatting and updating with daughter)

Phone call from an exhausted son -of -the heart(he never forgets,promises that we will get together soon.)

A new recipe wasn’t bad. (flank steak ,soy sauce, spinach, cheese)

Item arrives that was the object of fraud investigation.. (I guess I owe the bank some money. Despite it all, I like them!)

Sharing songs at the nursing home.(They listen, we sing together,people singing with people. Happy Days Are Here Again,God Bless America always moves me.)

Reading lyrics of songs about friends makes me grateful for mine.




I face Mother’s Day with a bittersweet attitude.

My mother passed years ago but her sound advice and attitude toward life are ingrained in me.

The day is bittersweet. Will the phone ring?

My children are grown . The day has shifted to them. Grateful to have a gson.a gdaughter, and a gdog.

So  proud of my daughters mothering. It is so cozy and comfortable. She is a juggling mother but never misses a beat.

Amazed how gdaughters mother fiercely protects and supports my gdaughter. They have a loving relationship.

Pet parent is adored by my gdog. She brings him to visit but he watches the door for her return. So glad to have exuberant doggy love in our lives.

What’s in the package that came in the mail?

Like a magnet I picked up children along the way that are precious to me. Grateful for the children who were grown in my heart.

Memories of raising my kids are both bitter and sweet. I prefer to dwell on the sweet.

Mother’s Day is painful for many. Grateful if I can comfort them.

I make my own Mother’s Day celebration with a movie, a muffin and dark bittersweet chocolate.

Goodbye coming!

Finding out the choir directors are leaving only makes me appreciate that they were here.

July! We need more time but it’s wonderful for them.

Like a slideshow,I see scenes from dramas and Sunday services. Breathtaking music. Powerful hymns. Times they took chances.

Grateful for the risk I took joining the choir and how my soul learned to sing.

You have heard me extol my love of music and the awe inspiring hymns they chose.

Music is still there. The score is just more melancholy today.

Controlling my apprehension and focusing on what is now.

Consoling someone who is very overwhelmed that her friend is moving to NY.

Happy Birthday Cheryl. Congratulations Dr . Ralph. Live long and prosper.With rings on your fingers and bells on your toes, you will have music wherever you go.

Mother May I?

My mother was a wonderful person. I was so lucky to have such a good friend and role model.

She taught me strength and faith.

My wonderful aunts who also mothered me.

One encouraged me to expand my learning .

One showed me the importance of pausing now and then.

The other embraced creativity.

Others mothers mothered me.

My friends who taught me about marriage ,motherhood and self-actualization. Then and now.

Seeing my daughters mother. Grateful for gson and gdog.

I am so blessed. Happy Mother’s Day!



Lists actual and mental. To do and done. To be and other improvements.

Completing some things on my list. What a  satisfaction!

My mother made lists just so she could check things off.

Checking in on a friend that fell. Grateful to be her listening ear.

Things to Goodwill.

Some clothes go to Good Neighbors tomorrow.

A few nice things for someone who has the blues.

Sending emails. Getting emails.Answering emails.

Depositing checks.

Daughter gets check for the phone bill.

Checking over this list before I check out. Yawn! I need a nap!