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Snow day Anticipations

Our local schools are closed. Moms groan. Kids cheer!  By evening an army of snowmen will appear.

The school of the job I have to day is delayed so I don’t know if I’m working or not. I wait.

I don’t know if there will be choir tonight. It is odd not to know what my plan is. Like being blindfolded then Surprise!

Texting is so efficient. But it is early still so I wait.

I waitedto find the things  to complete my lists. Out in the snow I’ll go.

Time to decorate. Taking just a few hours to deck the halls will brighten my spirits.

A good day to wrap. I’m handling three families. Don’t get mixed up!

Absorb the beauty of the snow. It is quiet and lovely. Unspoiled by footprints.

Happy Snow Day!

Oh What Fun!

The snow is so pretty from inside. The cardinal against the white is vibrant.

But I have layers to keep me warm. Bless my hat and gloves!

Road crews keep us moving while the the children groan as they wish for a snow day.

The store had a snow brush and I used it numerous times yesterday.

I need a little help St Nick in finding the things on my list.

Popcorn shop had dill pickle flavor. A walk through a snowstorm to get to the store. Grand parent love!

Clean flannel sheets! My bed is a warm nest.

More snow coming! Winter announces, I am boss!

Painted with snow

The snow has covered the leaves and the mud and made it fresh looking outside.

Just an inch and I don’t have to go far.

The snow reminds that Christmas is very near and I am falling behind . But it is My list so if some things don’t get done Oh well!

I have no idea where my snow brush is??? I will manage this morning and then buy one. I will not be defeated by details,

Details chip away at our core and ruin the overall joy.

A little more shopping and I will be done. Both grand kids want dill pickle popcorn.

Package ready to go in the mail today. Amazing that I can mail it here and they get it there.

Grateful for snow plows and sidewalk salt.

Christmas party tonight!Looking towards a fun evening. Laughter! Togetherness!


Slow down

The individual flakes have made a trace of snow. They do not slow down as they flutter to the ground. Calming to watch them float.

Out for a bite to eat. A slow down in a busy day. Grateful to hubby for being my right hand man.

By going thing to thing and not slowing down I accomplished much.

Saw two cars collide in a parking lot. No real damage but a warning, pay attention and slow down.

Even made a batch of cookies at 9:30 for the Search at Church tomorrow. Sleep time. Slow down. Relax.

Roads were a little slick in places. Slow down.

Stop. Look and Listen. Breathe in today!

Intentionally slowing my thoughts and organizing my priorities.

Day for M.E.

Yesterday I decided I didn’t feel well. I gave myself a day off. Grateful that I can and do, do that. Putting myself first allows me to recover.Grateful I have learned that.

Procrastination.Letting the world turn without me.

Hubby guarded me by screening calls like a bodyguard. My diligent secretary!

Simple foods can taste so good. Applesauce, ginger ale, a banana and some yogurt.

Reading and napping to heal my body and soul.

The cat who decided she was my doola.

My nephew lost his house in the California fires. Thank God all made it out safe.

My incredible body. A little rest and I’m ready to roll! I’m up! It’s another day for M.E.!

A-Z M.E day!

A rescheduled job and I have a day to….

Accomplish some things. Breathe. Cleaning up. Deck the halls.. Expect a miracle. Finish a book. Go for a walk. Happy Birthday card sent. Ideas for gift exchange. Joy! Kitten calendar for a present. La! La! La! I’ve a  song to learn! Mailing packages,Not yet,One more thing goes in. Peace! Questions answered. Radio sing along music. Simple supper. This Is Us. Underwear laundered. Very productive. Whisper a prayer. Xchange for size. Zip my coat!

A-Z. What a ride! I will savor the addition of a day to check things off my list while embracing the glory of a M.E. day.


Tis the season

Sleeping in till 10.Grateful to be able to relax. Now ready,set and GO!

I have paper lists but will mentally list the beauty around.

Going Christmas shopping. Making a list and plotting my course with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart. Music on the radio!

I picture each child I’m shopping for and choose with joy. Five children and my grandson. (I’m shopping for Church requests.)

A few things for the home bound at Church. No one should be forgotten.Kathy’s help to get the Christmas card for them just right. Grateful boomerang. Send gratitude out and it returns.

Taking the time today to say a personal goodbye to my brother-in-law. A candle,a picture, paper to compose my thoughts, a condolence card I received and the comforting words of Scripture. Intentional grieving!

Today I begin to decorate my spirit soon I will decorate my home.

Remember in December

A new month. The busiest one for me. I will try to remember why I do what I do and not just go from thing to thing.

Friday was a day of contacting  cousins as I notified them of the impossible news of John’s death. In the midst of that was the joy of reconnecting. John has reunited us!

Remembering my counselors advice that for every thing I had to do to plan something fun.

A visit to my sister in the nursing home so we could reminisce. Her happiness  at getting a strawberry milkshake.

A Christmas Concert that was so inspiring. The music was sublime. The program was so well rehearsed. Solos,a duet, a quartet and the chorus singing like a heavenly chorus.

Handel’s Messiah! Sing my soul!

Our choir director switching from directing to tenor. His wife”tickled the ivories.” Good job Chuck and Janice!

Seeing friends from Church there and sitting with them. How wonderful to be able to lean over and whisper a comment!

The first Sunday of Advent. The couple doing the reading at the candle lighting holding their toddler. Charlie sad “Amen” at the end.

The Children’s Program. Their joy! Their enthusiasm!The  little girl portraying Mary with her brother(Joseph) rubbing her shoulders.

Welcome December!

Fill me up

I have given much in the last few days and am depleted. Fill me up!

I am searching for good memories and forgiving bad.

Time to think without overthinking.

I am counting on laughter and music to soothe my soul.

I lean on my friends to keep me grounded.

Solitude helps when one more phone call is too much.

A brisk walk in the park where I do not have to act or react in any way.

I stand firm on the decisions I’ve made.

Grateful even on a day I feel empty.



Hello December

My brother-in-law is at peace. A cure for his ills was not possible so they let him go.

Weary prayer warriors waiting for a miracle not realizing the miracle was in his release from suffering. Peace  to all!

My niece who kept all of us informed. It was an essential role and she did it well.

We all grieve so differently. It is hard to realize that many actions and reactions fall under  the range of emotions we call grief.If I can remain loving and forgiving, I will be able to do what I need to do.

So December I greet you !

A promise that for every thing I have to do I will do something fun.

Open my eyes to see beauty and wonder. Open my ears to music and quiet conversations.

Close my eyes so I can rest. Close my ears to all that is counterproductive.

May I never take one single day for granted and be grateful always grateful.