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Choir Party Ole

A room full of love. A family of musicians.The first of a series of send offs for the music directors.

Each person there was a part of a choir or the band (or supporters). So grateful that all are welcome to the music of our Church.

Seeing Ron and Terry. We have missed them!

Helping Jessica and Dorothy figure out what they are ordering . Then ordering the wrong thing for myself. (It was delicious!)

Wanting what Scott ordered. (I always want what Hubby orders.)So funny!

Wanting a margarita but abstaining.

Presents. All with notes that made us laugh! The power of shared laughter.

As they listen to the clock chime on the hour. I hope they can hear us singing and ringing. Music in the air!

Ralph was matter of fact about his plans. Cheryl was sincere in reminding us that she treasures each of us. I believe she does!

With a smile on our faces and songs in our heart we crammed into the car. God be with you till we meet again! (Sunday!)


Thank you for Regina Brett

Carol and I sat in the driveway as ideas ricocheted around the car.She took some notes. I was trying to remember the life lessons of the evening. We were in awe!

Reading Regina Brett is an absorbing experience.Grateful for her writing skills.

Seeing her is like being in the presence of a hummingbird. She weaves a story. She darts and flits.She is totally absorbing to watch and listen too. She makes you laugh and cry.

Every word that she says has impact. She draws you in and then a zinger!She only pauses for a sip of water now and again.

She has not always sipped nectar in her life but she shares that every imperfect event as a part of the plan. A building block . A puzzle piece. A broken road. An opportunity.

Such audience rapport. Such a memory for details. Such passion.

Watching her book signing ,she made every person feel treasured.

I told her, you did a column on Carol and was amazed that she remembered it was  Artist Way.

The secret is love and live. Love what you do and live every hour fully.



Grateful Today

Grateful to have remembered to pay a bill.

Grateful the post office opens at 8:30 a.m.

Looking forward gratefully to a day off tomorrow.

Regina Brett tonight.

Grateful Carol is going with me.

Grateful Carol is a good name for her. She is SO FUN!

Finishing a book recommended by someone in my Reading Club. I stayed up till midnight to finish it.

The Summer Reading Club. Not just for kids!

Grateful I can do a load of wash at the house I clean today. Thanks Sarah!

Grateful the choir party tomorrow!

Grateful to give Jessica a ride.

Good excuse to clean out the car.


Tuesday Tribute

Grateful to be able to help hubby with funeral dinner. Thank you Rae,Sue and Dianne.

Thanks to those who sent desserts even though the man was not someone who attended our Church.

A bagpiper crying while piping Amazing Grace leading the casket. I was incredibly moved.

Grateful we had the leftovers from the tea to help feed the hundred people.

Now leftovers from funeral dinner will go to Battered Women’s Shelter dinner on Sunday.

Hubby is supposed to be walking every day but we have been on our feet with shopping and dinners so that have not had time to have nature walks. Tonight!

Leftovers for dinner.

Enough money to front the cost.

Another day. Back to work. Back to normal. Breathe!


So grateful the tea went well and I have the pictures and the memories to prove it!

Leftovers for coffee hour. Glad to be able to help Sue while she has pneumonia.

Grateful to Rae for decorating and setting the tables for the funeral.

Funeral dinner today. I do not know the deceased but I’m grateful to do the Christian thing.

Grateful to sing a joyful song at Church, twice! These Feet Got Joy!

Two people answer -Why FCC Stow? Touching. Grateful they were so open.

As  we sang the Benediction it was the end of singing under the direction of Ralph and Cheryl. Grateful for the music. Grateful for their friendship.

A kind word turns away wrath. Feeling my anger melt when I see tears of apology from a sister Church member. Church family!

New week. New month. New adventures! Next….

You got this!

Grateful to those who encouraged me when I said I think we’ll have a tea.

Grateful to those coming tonight to cut up all those fruits and veggies.

Will be grateful when I get the screen for the photo booth up.

Grateful for Hubby as he accompanied me. Especially grateful as he chopped four cups of celery.

Making chicken salad from scratch.(Takes longer than you think!)

Grateful to those who are helping tomorrow. They got my back!

Grateful to those attending.

Sue and Tony for setting up the room.

Taking time to check with Helen who is having tests and Dennis who is melancholy. We are in this life together.

Texting such a nice way to touch base.

Now take a deep breath and strap in and remember- You Got This!


Grateful for my health. I push a little too far then rest revives me. Thank you Lord!

Grateful that hubby is stabilizing.Grateful for our walks. Posting pictures of the places we go.

Praying for the success of the tea. Success is defined not by how many come but on what they experience and what they take with them.

Grateful for a logical mind that can handle details. The fine tuning is in the details.

A prayer for those who are having medical tests today. May the outcome be good and their spirits calm.

Adding a thought to Carol’s blog Celebrate Possibilities.

Flowers are planted.( Well almost. One flat is waiting). Isn’t it miraculous how we put them in the ground and with a little attention they thrive.

Hanging Baskets. I love how easy they are to care for.

Praying for all my friends-the travelers,the weary,the suffering,the worried,the joyful,the spark plugs,the worker bees and the overworked!

Busy Brain

I woke up early and my brain is pumping out ideas of things I must not forget for the tea. Grateful for the event. It has been fun to plan.

Meanwhile the sun just arose behind me. On vacations I worship the sun’s rising. It is a peaceful way to greet the day.So I pause. I can hear a mourning dove cooing “Good morning”.

I forgot I have a tea set. Mother-in-law long gone has provided a tea pot for the photo booth.

Raiding the drama room for hats and scarves even a fur stole. We will be making memories in pictures.

Making copies of the game. It will be fun. Cheryl is in charge of other game. Grateful for her in so many ways.

Thanks Kathy, although you are weary you helped me make copies.

Finding out our friends we have had for 45 years may come to the tea. Be still my heart!

One by one people RSVP. Yes,no,maybe. Grateful they are letting me know as I try to figure out how many to plan for.

It is good to be busy. I’m braver than I think , stronger than I think and smarter than I think. Thank you God!


Decoration Day

My mother called today Decoration Day. It is for remembering veterans  but we would go to the cemetery to plant flowers on the graves of our family.

Skipped the parade because it was  so delicious to sleep in.

Heard the planes go by that signaled they had arrived at Oakwood cemetery.Saluted mentally!

Thanks that many gave their all so all could be free.

Searching for Hubby’s glasses. Found them! Downstairs.

Reading a book recommended by a member of my reading club.

Nice Sunday except for tummy miseries when I drank a bottle of marked down Bolthouse.

Steaks on the grill today with pasta salad and a tossed salad. I’m having a baked potato.

Next week will will be last songs of the year and the last song directed by Ralph and Cheryl. I’m predicting tears but grateful for the melodies of memories that linger in my mind.

Finding just the right study to share at the tea!

Decorate you life today with togetherness, gratitude and joy!