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A view from the porch

Crazy dog! Cooler weather has perked him up.

How wonderful to feel safe on my porch(in my pajamas).

Bad cat! What did she catch? It isn’t black and white thankfully.

Pale blue morning glory.

Silly squirrel! Almost falling off the telephone wire!

Ice cream sandwich.

Glorious Day! Gdaughter feels better. Making plans.

Hey everybody! Be calm and enjoy!


August Already?

Quiet companionship with my Sunshine. She picks the TV shows. Jerry Springer?!

Urgent care today because coughing broke a blood vessel in her eye.Looks horrendous but I know it is benign. They need to hear it from an expert.

The vibrant colors of July are fading in the August sun.

Skunk in the neighborhood. Haven’t seen any but I smelled one.

Silly cats must come in at night.

Buy tomato juice.

Hubby’s crock pot swiss steak. Tasted delish!

Mashed potatoes and gravy. A request for twenty years.

Resting up. Recharged. Ready to go. Where?

Happy August A-Zoo

Animals at the zoo. Sleeping in the sun. Children at the zoo. A day of Summer fun.Us at the zoo under the sun.

Singing soft kitty to the big cats as they twitched flies off their ears.

The otters and the penguins were the most active. There was a cheerful effect from watching them.

You never realize how hilly a zoo is until you are pushing your Sunshine in a wheelchair.

Dipping Dots are so refreshing. Mine were blueberry lemonade. Yum!

Our zoo is autism aware. I enjoyed a few minutes on a bench in the quiet spots.

Air conditioned areas unveiled wonders like bats and  an octopus.

Watched a chameleon change from red to green.

Feeding the goats crackers. Here little one. None for bully goat gruff!

Thanks for the memories!



Last day of July

Safe travels for my daughter and her friend Nicole. From pictures they look like they are having a great time.

Safe arrival for my sunshine under the moon. (My grand daughter)

She doesn’t feel well. Not 21 anymore but about 7. Mimi, I need chicken and stars soup.

Grateful there are Urgent Cares if she needs an antibiotic.

Found the Buckeye Ice Cream and bought sugar-free popsicles for a sore throat.

The realization that sometimes you have to wait fifteen minutes and it is good even golden.

A beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art” at Church today.

Our pastor’s well thought sermons.

The wagon full of back to school donations.

Planning a hymn sing for August.

Listening because some day I may need a listening ear.

Shared laughter soothes and smooths.

Telling Barb I hope we are friends  when we are old because we will be a comedy act. We are so funny  together!



Almost August

Safe travel to airport at 3:30 a.m. Just the Uber this time!

Thinking our meet up time was 2:30 a.m. Bells and whistles went off at 2:00 a.m. up and ‘attem.

The joy of drowsing for an hour till it’s time. The highway lights in the night. Bright blue and flashing red. So many orange barrels.

Last day for Summer Reading club.  Summer is going fast.

August 6th is Undie Sunday at Church. We will collect underwear for the boys at Cleveland Christian Home.Happy National Underwear Day on the 5th.

Giving into exhaustion and realizing it is Ok. A nice dinner out was more important than anything else.

Follow the directions,step by step and by tonight you will reach your goal.

Adjusting your expectations.



Comings and goings

Grand daughter is coming tomorrow. Everything  for weeks has revolved around this.I was grateful to talk to her for a minute last night.I will enjoy her being here. We were making plans.

Going on a search for her favorite ice cream -Buckeye.

Mattress for her bed  is being delivered this morning. Grateful they are delivering it so quickly and cheaply.

I sensed she may still sleep on the couch because there is an air conditioner and a TV in there. At least she’ll have a choice.

Megan is flying out in the wee, wee hours tomorrow to visit her sister in Las Vegas. So her dog has come here to stay. Hubby and Van Gogh are buddies.

Thank you Ann for picking up the chicken to get it cooked for our  food assembly time tomorrow. When I think about the Battered Women’s Shelter and it services, it makes me appreciate the good solid man  I chose forty some years ago.

Off to work I go. I will come home to put up six pieces of wall paper. Out for dinner.



Mom, I have to work in Cleveland Friday. Boo! 

But then she’s on vacation. Woo Hoo!

6:00 a.m flight. We will be up at a quarter till 3. Glory be!

Making a meal for Battered women’s shelter. We have a plan! Whoopee!

Grand daughter arrives Saturday. Joy!

Still some work to do! Oh boy!

I didn’t break Erika’s stove. Whew!

So much to do and so little time. Phew!

May every response that comes out of my mouth be a tribute to my amazing,astounding brimful life! La Chaim!


Early morning gratefuls

A cat that decides 6:00 a.m. is the time for loving. Rise and shine Mama!

Paint on walls of bedroom looks great. Paint on the floor doesn’t matter.

Two walls papered in the bathroom. Saving the hard wall for when I’m sharp. Glad to have times I am.

Finding towels and wash clothes in the right shade of purple. Towel rack isn’t up but we have towels.

Perfect temperature out this morning. There was a hoodie advisory yesterday.

Everyone is counting down to something. Anticipation is fun.

The jobs that pay for the things I want. The people who I work for.

The morning glory is blooming. Purple on  the porch and fuchsia in the garden. From the same pack of seeds.

A good book. A good nap. A good Hubby who had made pulled pork. Have a good day!




(Today is my daughter Jane’s birthday. I woke up early and scenes from her life began floating through  my head like viewmaster images.)

How proud we were to be expecting! My mother said “my baby’s having a baby!”

July 25th- Christmas in July you slowly and leisurely made your way into the world.

An easy baby content with her thumb-thumb. An active toddler. An early talker. You liked to run  away and talk,talk,talk.Arguing was even more fun.

Brothers arrived and you were the princess. Daddy’s girl. The pride of the grand parents.

No car did not keep us from doing everything! Story hour, Summer reading club,swimming at the Nat, baseball at Bolich. preschool at the Y, wading pool at Oak Park,crafts at Dewitt, movie nights with sno-cones.

So many school memories.Off to school in a Strawberry Shortcake dress, Goldilocks, Sugar Plum Fairy,floor hockey, National Honor Society, Key Club, graduations. Best friend Sarah.

Surprise! A sister! Someone to dress. Another surprise! A niece! More love!

Jamie loved by all. Now and then.

Dave is the one. White dress,calla lilies and promises. A wet and wonderful wedding.

A phone call that cause us to shriek. A baby. My baby is having a baby!

Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for the tears. Thanks for all the memories throughout the years! Happy Birthday!


Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Drama Sunday had no drama. No stumbling or bumbling.

It was a wonderful worship with acting,recitation,poetry, improv, singing, humor and pathos and even rap.

In one week we created a meaningful Message. Love in Action -a call to action.

We built a city of man. Blocks reminding us to be loving and kind.

The twenty five people who took the time to share a vision.The guidance of our directors.

Thank you Gabe, for your solo. (A Beautiful City from Godspell)

It was also Christmas in July at coffee hour. Christmas cookies,rice krispy treats cut into shapes, red and green grapes with a snowman decoration and snowman plates.Spirits were bright as we sang Christmas songs.

God created us to His satisfaction . We are made to serve ,made for action.                  Through this worship may we come to understand that we are His feet, His eyes,His ears, His voice and His hands .                                                                                                                                                       Be with those who are burdened . Be with those who share that load. May you always guide us as we travel down Your road.                                                                                                                            M.E Neitz