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Act One, Scene One

Grateful to go away for a while but grateful to come home.

I am not a shopper but it is fun to wander aimlessly, savoring the many things I see.

Anticipating wearing what I bought. oh la la!

Dosing off while watching TV. It takes me so long to fall asleep at night but afternoon naps I drift into.

Making copies of coloring pages to color during Easter vigil service.

I picture myself happy and relieved that the meeting I dread is done.

Simple foods for upset stomachs.

I go away to the land inside the book I’m reading.

Grateful that there are solutions to all my problems.

A wander in the woods.


Lifting the burden from my shoulders

Hubby reconnecting the Internet when a naughty cat unplugged it in the night.

Advising those struggling helps me with mine.

Chatting with a neighbor and feeling blessed.

Relief from shoulder pain.

Watching cartoons when the grown up world is too much.

Hubby does the dishes. If marriage is supposed to be 50-50, he’s carrying at least 70%.

The amazing amount of info on the Internet. Finding those things that ring true.

Making a connection.

A new idea colorful and creative.

Waking from a vivid nightmare and having someone to share it with.




I realize the danger of stress and choose diversion and joy. Breathe.

Thinking about the many things you can do to help you relax. Breathe.

Carol suggests her blog. Celebrate possibilities. Touching base helps me center and breathe.

The power of gratitude and attitude. Breathe.

Filling my toolbox with fun.Smile.Laugh. Whisper. Breathe.

Taking my energy and using it to accomplish things. Be careful not to to overdo.Breathe.

Coloring. Cleaning. Music. Reading. Breathe.

Thanks to patient people who explain things until I understand it.Breathe.

Thanks to the week. I know it will be stressful but I will surmount the  obstacles. Breathe.


A cup of coffee.

Three hungry cats.

A bite to eat for me. A few cans for them.

Clean clothes.

Job. Let’s see if I go to the right one today.

Choir tonight.

Choosing some music to listen to in the car.

Found my eyeglasses case.

Claimed the cinnamon roll that caused the argument and ate it.

The sun is shining!


I am usually eloquent but today it’s down to basics.

Friends who care if you are struggling.

Those  who give advice.

A hug.

A supportive email.

A phone call.

Forgiveness for me and from me.

Trying to see the humorous side of a situation.

Trying today not to be so self centered. There’s a world out there and on the way to sign our taxes we saw interesting things. Who knows what I’ll see today if I’m not staring at the ground.

New shirt from Drug Mart. Better than the cinnamon roll anyway.




There is still snow in spots and the wind was was cold when I took the dog out but the air smells like Spring.

S Strong daffodil blooming in the snow.

P Pup sniffs the air and can smell the changes.

R Runners have emerged from their Winter caves to run bare legged in the sun.

I Free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen today. I’m getting twist.

N  New clothes reflect the colors of Spring.

G Growth Flowers are waiting to blossom. Plants are waiting to burst through. I grew so time to check the intake and exercise output.

Find someway to welcome the day for the day brings the season.

A wicked week

Pressures from around me and even within me. It was a week of snow and changes in plans. Meetings that left my head spinning. Frustration. A general feeling of defeat but gratitude was there.

Grateful to say, H snow I won’t go.

Grateful to recognize I am not feeling well and I need to rest.

Bananas. Cinnamon bread toast. Gatorade.

Getting a whole book read. Starting one written by an acquaintance.

Greetings from my laptop wrap me in hugs.

Grateful I am feeling better.

Grateful I’m a few steps closer to handling my sister’s financial change.

Grateful the TV is working. I can be happy reading but Hubby needs his electronic friend.

Advantage to being sick is less laundry. I lived in PJs.

Ousting the negative persona who took up residence here the last week. Goodbye-Weary, Dull, Mad, Feisty, Martryann, Pessimisma, Confusionista,  and Maniacia.


I’m feeling so- so which is  50-50 mathematically.

The  odds are in my favor that I will continue to improve.

The amazing body which resets to normal.

Finding enough get up and go to get up and go.

Cleaned our room so cable guy can exam the modem.

We should be millipedes for all the socks we have yet I would be grateful for a pair. I will settle for two that resemble each other.

Hubby is cleaning downstairs. (50-50)

He is putting things away . (High percentage of chance I won’t find them but I’m glad he is helping out.)

Out TV isn’t working (It’s the cable box.) I’m contented he is distraught.

I choose to be happy.

Here’s to a 100% happy day for  you!


Snow day

The snow came down with authority last night. (It asserted that Spring is not yet here. I, Winter am King!)

Dance of Spring is Friday (We will wear our scarves instead of waving them.)

The snow is over. (Can you dig it?)

No more snow. (Shovel it!)

Snow day for me.(Ironic that I’m feeling nasty.)

Thankful for the bed and books and emptiness of the day to restore my body. Tea and toast. Broth and jello.

Memories of snow days past when the house would be filled with homemade soup and the smell of baking bread.Fun and games that filled the daylight hours. Every house had a snowman. Cardboard for sledding if the snow was right. Skating if the ice was thick. Snow days are days of memories.