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Going Home

1. Flying high above the clouds

2. The smell of my island

3. Mosquito bites in December

4. The melodic coquis

5. Beautiful and helpful strangers

6. The Spanish language

7. Puerto Rican food

8. Falling snow inside a mall

9. Love and laughter like you never left

10 My beautiful Godmother

Grateful for Wednesday night

1. for the courageous voice with the bad news

2. for the time to listen to the facts

3. for the resources for the choices to be made

4. for the fear that gripped my soul

5. for the pain that ravaged my heart

6. for the patience to sit with it all

7. for the tears that flooded my eyes

8. for the presence to know what to do

9. for the friends who surrounded me with Light

10. for the love that saved me that night