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Tired but still grateful :)

friends who will

1) put away stuff for you 2) lend u socks 3) lend u a hair tie 4) lend u their cellphone 5) get u bubble tea 6) put up with ur crap

7) failures, for the lessons they teach

8) smiles

9) music

10) whoever/whichever greater entity that healed manny malholtra’s eye so that he can play tmrw night

Monday List

1. mondays (new week, fresh beginning, ready to get some work done…well, we’ll see)

2. anonimity

3. music

4. little sisters who will love you for eternity just because you gave them candy

5. cameras

6. donuts

7. sillyness

8. iProcrastinator

9. doodling

10. sleep

newly discovered gratitude

1. parents

2. lists

3. the something store

4. time management

5. internet

6. comfy mattresses

7. skechers shape-up shoes (pretty sure the shoes themselves dont do anything at all, but when i wear them i feel like i should walk around…and then i do)

8. ice tea

9. allowance money

10. stupid things that make good stories