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Creative Outlets

1. Going 2 be a G-Ma of a grandson~ Wyatt!
2. Being asked to design & make a crib quilt for Wyatt!
3. My daughter is healthy and turned 21 yesterday!
4. Writing block released, writing poetry again!
5. Gorgeous fall day!
6. Finished my internship almost a week ago… Bachelor’s coursework done in 1 more week!!!
7. A hubby who is taking care of me while sick!
8. Opportunities to be helpful!
9. Rule # 62…. Smiles
10. Friends


  1. Serendipity
  2. Daily Challenges to help me grow!
  3. Trying new goofy things!
  4. Retreats- silence, silence/laughter.
  5. Valleys provide rich opportunities to grow and try new things!
  6. The color purple!
  7. All foods purple…
  8. Taking time to reflect
  9. Laughter
  10. Allowing others to be a mirror to me!



  1. I am enjoying my life and am beginning to enjoy the pauses!
  2. Life is wonderful and beautiful!
  3. I am grateful that I can experience it and pass on hope to others!
  4. New challenges like singing to reduce stress!
  5. Meeting new like minded friends!
  6. Letting others be who they are!
  7. Lots of clean water!
  8. Walking our dog.
  9. Quotes that challenge me to reflect!
  10. Life is meant to be enjoyed fully!

Change and Action

I love a post I read today that is more of a letter or poem than a list. On Sunday, Father’s Day I signed up for the Healthy Challenge on FB.  Oops, I mean Monday, yesterday. I was able to share about this list as well, so we might have new friends. Last week, joined Sparks People and realized that I am beginning to enjoy my life, instead of just loving life.This is a deeper commitment to change, I trust. We really are truly blessed with homes, cars, clean water, peace of mind, and freedom. Much of what we have can be taken for granted. So I am choosing to practice awareness. Part of  my exercise routine is to walk the dog, this practice is giving me lots of opportunities to be aware in the moment. I love how the consciousness is being raised and how we can become a part of that movement.

Room for Growth

  1. Learning from my mistakes.
  2. Making an effort not to repeat the same errors.
  3. Knowing there is always room for growth!
  4. Giving  latitude to myself and others as we change.
  5. Responding instead of reacting.
  6. Semester is winding down!
  7. Getting a much needed break!
  8. Paying it forward with experience!
  9. Sleep

Quips and quotes

  1. Living, breathing examples of the change I want.
  2. Listening to their experience.
  3. New people to serve
  4. Being able to use my gifts and talents to assist others
  5. Using our brand new grill for the 1st time
  6. Planting a garden
  7. Writing more poems
  8. Inspirational quotes…. keep them coming!
  9. Close friends
  10. Practicing the suggestions given!

Love and Grace

  1. Today is our 3rd year wedding anniversary!
  2. We are a great team; God, Jerry, and I!
  3. Celebrated our anniversary with Nigerian Food (Fufu) & Madea’s Big Happy Family!
  4. Not missing work due to illness.
  5. Taking care of myself.
  6. Being able to stay home and watch “Beyond the Blackboard”.
  7. Laughing and crying which revealed a problem I didn’t know I had.
  8. Access to health care and treatment
  9. Rest!
  10. Lots of time to read and reflect!