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Thankful Thursday

  1. I can smell Friday…lurking sweetly around the corner.
  2. My husband bringing home dinner so I don’t have to wonder what to cook.
  3. Doctors who try to help the ones we love.
  4. Hot coffee, cold coffee, morning coffee, afternoon coffee. Coffee.
  5. My amazing friend Susan.
  6. The hope of solving a problem that will make things better.
  7. The car wash.
  8. Warm, fresh bread.
  9. New magazines and catalogs in the mail.
  10. A clean kitchen. As soon as I get busy in just a sec…

Almost Friday…

  1. Mornings when we don’t have to scrape the windshield
  2. Perfectly sweet Pink Lady apple
  3. Free downloads on iTunes
  4. Finally seeing Spring buds on the trees
  5. Making little updates to the house that make a big difference
  6. Anticipating visitors
  7. Hershey’s Drops…Mmm…yum
  8. When my husband fills my coffee cup for me
  9. The rare mornings that I can figure out what to wear without agonizing over it
  10. When people say thank you

Yup…we DO love gratitude

  1. Belle for being awesome.
  2. Looking forward to Spring REALLY getting here.
  3. The way my dog looks all peaceful and cuddly in his bed.
  4. Lightly salted almonds from Trader Joes…Mmm…
  5. When people at work get along and treat each other with kindness.
  6. Seeing the landscape supply store re-opening for the season, and lining up new trees.
  7. My in-laws, the sweetest most loving people I adore.
  8. Events to look forward to.
  9. When I make my husband laugh out loud.
  10. The 15 minutes of zen before the day begins.