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I live in Norway I love all of life - that has some degree of enthusiasm in it:0) I am on this site because i want to focus on opening up for more enthusiasm by sharing and enjoing our common :0))

Fullmoon over us tonight

  • Still easy for me to make a superb meal for my teen son
  • This first swim in the sea this year was nectar for my whole body sytem, inc the happy heart
  • What a wondrous city Oslo is,, tha access to nature is for everyone almost everywhere.
  • Watched two giants meeting on tv last night,, Obama and David Attenborough.
  • Life is so good to us here in Oslo, we really have to try heard to invent some small knots – in order to keep the opposites going.

I guess this is all love

  • Having the ability  to truly enjoy good actions movies together with my sixteen year old
  • Enjoying quality pop music (Stevie Wonder tv show) and the latest summer hits together
  • Both feeling the ah relief when the right bus is showing up after hours outside
  • Letting him have late eve hours in the living room – while i appreciate Silence in my bedroom here.
  • Learning more about that life is far too big for controlling ..once again
  • Watching him while he is eating his new alltime favourit pizza

Meaningful holidaytime together

  • Obama singing “Amazing Grace” so so lovely
  • The Us supreme court’s Yes to gay marriages touches me with warm joy
  • First week in Oslo, vacation alone with my sixteen year old son  – it’s tough and rough fun and most of all lovely travelling together
  • The appartment suits us perfectly – so does the location in town  in a central and quiet area
  • I feel very well taken care of and able to enjoy our precious time together
  • Thank you again Crystal for this Oasis on the web:0))

Warm willingness to wait for the answer

  • Our former primeminister leading Nato in these times
  • My son teaching me the Goodness of relaxing, take it easy, enjoy more
  • My mother showing me how adversity may be met  secretly wiser
  • Realizing the Blessings in  being  playfully pragmatic
  • Suspiciousness is teaching me discernment
  • Hurray for the major progresses in cancer treatments – recently announced!
  • “Feel the feeling – drop the story” That is warm willingness to wait for God’s next step for me:0)

The ocean of more

  • less thinking
  • less holding to
  • calm and warm and protective
  • all inclusive
  • A taste of God ‘s rest on Sunday
  • The joy of that This is more Real and growing on it’s own
  • Thank you,, says the little survivalbraingirl.. more often :0)
  • California is for me the cradle of creative forces in this world – i wonder what wonderful solutions they show us through appreciating water more?

Relaxing more than trying

  • My old aunt calling me and share how wonderful she feels
  • Warm calm atmosphere in the house
  • Awareness taking softly care of my youngest son’s creditcard
  • Poping into Lola Jones ‘s site and feeling her love
  • I am grateful for being able to feel my heart in deeper dimensions
  • Blessings to you all:0)

Fresh rainy June

  • Hurray for my son’s result from yesterday’s exam. He deserved it.
  • Even more hurray for the bigger plan behind it
  • Gone through my stored things in mum’s basement – not much mess left – i had great fun laying out the “polar bear skin carpet” which i bought to my children years ago. Mum hasn’t seen it, so she will be “shocked” when she comes down. It looks authentic at first view
  • Blatter has to leave Fifa – finally something fresh can come into world’s most popular and fun sport – soccer
  • Linnea Johansson, who makes drawings of Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, Princesses showing their humaness, like going to the toilett, shopping, being a parent, crying, stomach ache etc. Great for children
  • Beautiful indoor day – full of meaning – Thank You all!

Welcome June

  • Francis Lucille webcast – a brother from home
  • My som telling my how good he feels after driving tractor and working in the field all day
  • Seeing my old aunt gradually lightning up when visiting her today. She is so easy to please, and a privilege to talk to.
  • The summer wind, so mild and gentle
  • Mum and dad having a good phone call – being able to laugh at they’re a bit outdated – after all
  • Summer night bright and mystic

Feeling good in inner cloudy weather

  • Sharing my 90 year old aunt’s appreciation for being so well taken care of at the hospital
  • Mum still manage to bake her own breads
  • Paying a visit to our local cemetery – it was so lovely quiet and beautiful nature sounds and colours surrounded us. Both mum and my sixteen year old son joined and seemed to feel this goodness too.
  • Tired body and lot’s of good laughing tonight watching Mr Bean movie
  • Thank you –  for  sharing all the  constant new perspectives of being grateful – we really do have so much in common:0)