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Day 7….Picking up from where I left off :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the amazing time with friends last night..

for the compliments I got !

for the feeling of walking on a cloud from the sheer attention I got from people..

for feeling that I count, that I exist..

For the new friends that I made..

for being able to deal with my shyness and inhibitions   and talking to new people..

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


Day 6…On Top of The World.

I would like to recollect three instances in my life when I felt on top of the world and give thanks for those times..

  1. That time I got through an  audition and voice test and was selected as a compere for the local radio. I was in my late teens but was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I was jumping around the house like a bunny..much to the amusement of my parents! Oddly enough being accepted at the university simultaneously didn’t bring the same amount of joy! I am so very very grateful for that moment and the thrill of  being able to host a local radio show! Thank you soooo much!!!
  2. The time I first started running and realised how much I had under estimated myself! It was such an elated feeling the first time I ran with people my own age and understood I  could far out beat many of them. Indeed this was a revelation as all my life I have been  used to undermining myself and my heart swelled with pride and happiness as the others heaped very very happy and grateful for that joyful moment !

Last night when I was listening to a recording of  some feedback my course facilitator had given me. I initially did not take it seriously when she kept repeating the word ‘excellent’ many times. I needed to go back to my assignment and compare it with the others ‘ assignments in order for me to understand and accept that my work really was excellent! What a revealation! Feeling on top of the world and so very very grateful for that moment. Thank you!!

I would like to thank my body…

Thank you dear body for the impeccable sense of smell which allows me to enjoy all the sweet and lovely fragrances around me from the beautiful jasmines to amazing food.

Thank you for my eyes which make my life worth living for all the beautiful sights I enjoy each day like the green neem tree outside my window swaying to the gentle breeze..

Thank you for the amazing ability to has given me countless hours of enjoyment in tasting delectable and delicious food.

Thank you for my ability to’s given me the pleasure of listening to beautiful and uplifting music and the ability to listen to and understand my people..

Thank you for an awesome voice..because I love listening to my voice and loosing myself in my singing! Thank you!


Day 5…going strong…

There is Gold in every relationship, even in difficult ones…

I’m grateful to have S in my life…

  1. because he takes  care of all my financial needs in every possible way…
  2. for not imposing his wishes and views on  me no matter how badly he feels otherwise..
  3. for pushing me to do things  beyond my comfort zone ( I wouldn’t have grown so much if he hadn’t!)
  4. For not standing in my way when I said I want to focus on building a career.
  5. grateful for the fun and laughter and the good times we share…
  6. the numerous holidays and fun trips
  7. for introducing a whole new world of amazing  friends after I got married..
  8. for teaching me to be caring and considerate towards others around me and looking out for them..
  9. for the two amazing children I treasure more than anyone in this world..
  10. for being a fan of my cooking inspite  of the food I put on the table :)
  • Today I’m feeling so so grateful that I finally started back  work to complete my course. So grateful for the inspiration and motivation being provided by the new group. Thank you!
  • grateful for being able to connect with my  course facilitator , because the chat we had helped boost my confidence and gave me a sense of direction.
  • Grateful for listening to  the old  recording  when I was coaching someone. so grateful for the feedback I got from my course facilitator… ” excellent”  gave me a sense of pride and  elation..dang! am I that good?! :)

I am so very very grateful for the old recording because it gave me much needed confidence, in myself,  as I listened with disbelief to my own work!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!





Day 3…beginning to feel the Magic…

I’m so very grateful…for the comment by MaryEllenNeitz!

..Reminded me of my Gratitude practice during an exceptionally busy day…

..encouraged me to come to this page to declare my gratitude..because she said she was looking forward to my next list :)

Thank you! Thank you!!

So grateful for the wonderful time at the Landmark Seminar because…

I left the place feeling so inspired to take action..

Felt confident and safe that I was in good hands..

was touched by the commitment and dedication shown by the seminar leader and his team..

absolutely loved the new friends and the inside jokes we shared..

am feeling positive I will achieve the goals I set out to reach..

So happy and grateful to be writing my gratitude journal today because...

I’m proud that I didn’t break the chain by skipping a day..

I feel I’m just getting the hang of this gratitude thing  :)

I managed to steal some time for myself while everyone is sleeping..

I can already begin to feel the magic of Gratitude working .. ( day 3)

A fantastic and awesome end to a  busy day!

Thank you!!!






Day 2..feeling great!

  • The amazing videos on Gratitude! ( link below to one)
  • Breakfast out with the family and the jokes and laughs shared
  • loving this wonderful feeling of elation and excitement gratitude seems to bring!
  • watching the movie with my son and catching him stealing looks at me to see if I’m laughing at all the places he is :)
  • Hugs  with my daughter and as she insists that I don’t praise or acknowledge her enough..we laugh together..
  • that look of relief on my husbands face as he realises that I’m not going to carry on the fight we had yesterday..surprised to see a bubbly me this’s a new day!
  • The delicious food left over from yesterday which we all relish and enjoy at lunch!

Grateful for this first post..

So thankful for the 30 day Gratitude challenge that’s come my way!

For the hot cup of coffee over which I’m typing this..

My two kids in the other rooms who I love dearly..

Laughter and conversation I shared today with unexpected visitors..

Grateful for being able to give support to someone who needed it..

The visit to the beautiful Buddha temple..just quiet  and peace..

For the quiet time in front of the Buddha…the tears, letting go of the pain and  sorrow..

grateful for  the wonderful  freedom I felt after letting go..

For being able to speak up in the group and allow myself to be “seen”

The steps I’ve finally started taking in creating the life I want..

The extra help I got with the dishes ..

The delicious meal I cooked for lunch..

For Keith and his  wonderful posts and  his fantastic site that keeps me going..

For the beautiful video on gratitude…

For finally kick starting my Gratitude practice!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!