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Just So Grateful for . . .

Ending a year-long silence between me and a close friend.

Not having to venture out in the bad weather today!

Knowing how to pick my battles. Having peace is more important than winning the argument.

Being able escape my problems when my favorite soap opera is on!

Seeing the shining example of the love shared between my son and his wife. It gives me hope that kind of love is still possible – perhaps for me.

I Woke Up Grateful for . . . .

Surviving  another day of heartbreak.  The end is near.

A fresh smell in my house after a four-month battle of trying to remedy a sewer gas stench in my bathroom. Props to my maintenance guy who discovered and repaired the real problem!

Repeat episodes of last week’s Scandal – so that I am caught up and ready for tonight’s new episode. Go Gladiators!

Completing my last appointment of dental work. My teeth look gorgeous!