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Back Door

Sometimes Gratitude sneaks in the back door, like a teenager 20 minutes past curfew that doesn’t want Mom to know. Over night I had a intestinal bug, i was up half the night doing you know what. Woke up this morning weak, slightly nauseated and this old body still complaining. I decide to stay home from Church, and I had things to do this morning do i did not feel good about it. But as I slowly have come to feel better, I realize that being home by has allowed me to prepare and rearrange for next weeks responsibilities. Calm myself and focus. It Sometimes unexpected things happen, and in this case I’m grateful for my illness. Amen


When faced with challenges, I am grateful. Grateful that I can be mostly successful. Grateful people give me room to try. Challenges make us grow, make us stretch, make us try harder. Make us improve. Lots of challenges lately. Grateful I have friends around me to help.

Last day Vacation

Gratitude for good books, internet that allows me to find good quotes and touch base with family…baseball game this afternoon…hot dogs and nachos…..sunshine and open air instead of air-conditioning… grateful for my friend who is moving somewhat far adventures for them! Will miss seeing them every week. Opportunity to write letters! Grateful to have a job I can go back to tomorrow 😃🏨 Amen

Moving on

Grateful for Ralph and Cheryl. New things ahead for them. They will continue to be blessings wherever they are…Grateful also for simpler things, clean sheets, clean windows, the time available to sit quietly planning Sunday school lessons for the new year. Baseball on TV, we’re winning! Sunny out the windows. Breeze coming in, floating gently on my cheek. Airplanes overhead, a comfortable sound. Dog asleep on the chair. Living in the moment today. Amen


Grateful to be almost home after 1,032 mile 1 week Vacation to NYC. Profoundly grateful fora reliable car, affordable gas prices and a husband who drove the whole way. Grateful that our son and his partner in life Liz, are in a good place of life and happy together after ten years. That gives us peace. Grateful to still have a few days Vacation left to relax, do laundry and see the grandkids. Grateful to be almost (not quite) home.


Grateful for feet and legs that carried me today….. grateful for the many NYC Cooks and servers that treated us do well this week…. grateful and loving my son who had let us take over 6 hours of his day each day for this week. One more day, then home to Ohio. Grateful for all the rescuers in Texas. God protect them all. Amen


Grateful for lots of time with son Charlie and his Liz. Accommodating to the old folks, happy to see us and show us their city again. Grateful for Wlter, the dog, who accepted us again with one sniff and a lick “Where ya been?”… Prayers for Texas and grateful for all those present who are helping the weakest among them. Grateful for a big city that while different, is still the same with people on porches , kids on bikes, and everyone welcoming. Amen


Grateful for friendly people in new and different cities. Continental breakfast free!!! All the raisin Bran I can eat . Prayer for Texas, keep folks safe. Grateful for a workout room in hotel….free water bottles everywhere. Grateful to see son Charlie and his Liz and dog Walter. Fully integrated residents of Brooklyn. Please God, help someone find him for a job. Grateful for the churches I see everywhere around me. Someone hoes there, and I’m grateful. Amen


Cold diet Coke with ice. Cable TV on. Napping husband. Great lunch. Grateful beyond words for these simple things that so many do not have. Birth has put me in this position. God and hard work has kept me there. “There but for the grace of God , go I”. Never forget, and be Grateful.