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Grateful for overhead fans that cool without dehydrating… Grateful to have a Saturday with no obligations other than at home…Grateful to speak to my daughter in Georgia and hear her voice so upbeat and happy, on their way to a BBQ….Grateful to Cell Phone technology that allows us to access so much so quickly….Grateful my leftover discomfort seems to be going away. Amen

Pappy’s Day Care Day #5

Grateful that the week ended with Bubbles, a bath for the new plastic set of Dinosaurs. Hugs all around and off home with Daddy. Grateful for Mommy coming home tomorrow. Gratitude for returning to work, the mind numbing sameness was calming for once. Grateful for a safe delivery of a coworkers baby. The miracle of safe childbirth supported by technology. Welcome baby Louella. Grateful for Friday’s, except for having now to go to work on my first Saturday in 19 years. Grateful ! No Sundays yet. Amen

Pappy’s Day Care day #4

Grateful for burning painful feet at least I know they’re there. They’ll be better in the morning…..grateful for hugs and wet sloppyy kisses that almost make up for today’s temper tantrums and dirty diapers….grateful for an hour spent playing Dinosauers with the 5 years old. A set of plastic dinos and plastic trees become a new world for a time…..grateful for a husband who drops everything to go to Acme for Sausage patties for dinner because the 5 year old asked for them…grateful to go back to work tomorrow…Very sad to have to go back to work tomorrow…will miss them and pray that my husband will find some way to interact directly with these little people. Grateful for this semi private list to vent and express my gratitude. Amen.

Pappy’s Day Care day 3

Grateful for the 90 degree heat that God sent today. Keeps us inside for a quieter day. Grateful for the 2nd hand toy stores , new toys to play with ! Grsteful that Japan chose to make Godzilla a kind monster that helps humans, although he can kick Mothra’s butt 12 times to Sunday. A monster movie that kids can watch and adults enjoy. Grateful for my grandkids who amaze me every day. ..

Pappy’s Day Care day 2

Grateful for our house of 24 years that allows children to run around inside, a deck just big enough for a table and baby pool for toddlers , a yard big enough to stretch their legs and tire out,a larger inflatable pool for the older kids, neighbors kind enough to allow the kids to run around their property also…..grateful for the sound of trains as we drift off to sleep, tired as all get out from those kids.

Pappy’s Day Care

3 kids under 5 with 2 kids over 64 for 5 days…… What a movie that would make… Grateful for the reality that Love trumps impatience, fatigue and irritation every time. Grateful for a 12 year old dog who loves those kids as much I do. Grateful for the tolerance and patience that 38 years of marriage brings. Grateful for the fact that their food preferences are simple and pancakes are universal. Grateful for the peace that descends during naps…. Grateful for a Dad who walks in to earsplitting cries of love from his children….grateful for their mother who is at a church camp this week being a Counselor..grateful for the Holy Spirit that led her there. Grateful for a life well lived, a legacy left in his son who is our Pastor. Tears and pain at the leaving, joy in the arrival home. Grateful to be off work till Friday. Nuff said. Grateful in the calm and peace that my knitting brings. Grateful for movie time with the husband. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful. A good day. And 4 more to go!

Pizza night with the Grandkids….being allowed to keep them all next week in our own “Pappy Daycare” while mom is chaperoning at Church Camp for the week…Dad picking them up every Evening from Pappy Daycare so we can rest up for the next day….Vacation days so I can be there too. Grateful for Family, as always.


Grateful for overhead fans. For working in the house, on my feet, then that wonderful moment of sitting down. Grateful that the Sermon this morning spoke to me directly about a committee that I’m going to be rearranging…a blessing in advance. Grateful for Jess who always makes me smile on Sunday mornings. Grateful that I was born in the USA, with many freedoms. Grateful to see younger generation taking on more tasks at Church…. Grateful for this blog, to actually sit and consider my Gratitude…..