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Time off the grind of work is a blessing and I am grateful
Time to have breakfast with my husband
Time to read uninterrupted
Time to wrap a roomful of presents for family, and never met friends through Church
More time to spend with my best friends, one of whom is till working and not that social, one of whom leaves every winter for Florida and I’m about to miss my window…..
Time to clean my house in my order to my specifications (not that high) and with music blasting in my ear
Time to sit at my computer uninterrupted
Time to play the piano in my “never used as a dining room” dining room
Time to consider my upcoming retirement this year, how do I want to use that time?
Time to grocery shop, which I hate, but I do get to buy things I like…
Time to relax into being just “me” for a week, not the nurse, not the church worker, not the Mom, just me.
I think I’m going to enjoy this week.

Been a while

Grateful for my church family. Always leave feeling hopeful and happy. * I do usually arrive feeling the same way too! Grateful for Guest Preacher….great message and really nice approachable man. Looking for his first church soon….. Feeling accomplished, most Christmas shopping all done. First year. Week vacation coming up….feeling very grateful for that. Grateful for my house and husband, in opposite order. ūüėä

Coming home

Leaving daughter in Georgia today, to fly home. Surgical recovery going as expected. Husband is a blessed soul, and at 31 has had his first major life scare and seems to know what to do with it. He takes good care of her. They belong to a good church aNd have developed a support system there. Motherhood never stops. So I offer this prayer today , Lord protect my daughter and her family from harm keep them safe. Give them children. This time, I am asking directly. Your will always will be done, whatever happens in the future, I know you will be there. Amen


Daughter home from hospital. Looks g rest. Feed them chicken soup, and tucked she and husband both into bed for a nap. Napping sounds good…. But it feels like time wasted… Never been a napper. Sitting down with hot tea and a book for the afternoon . Home tomorrow. Then back to work. Where am I grateful in all this ? For just everything. Mostly that I could come and be a help. Thank you for this forum of prayerful people that will read and realize how Grateful I am.

Kitchens and Families

Grateful for my daughter’s independence, her husband, their home. Her stamp is everywhere in the house. Kitchens are so personal, we put things where we would use them, and stock them with what we like. Trying to work and cook in someone else’s kitchen is like trying to wear someone else’s shoes…..possible, but not comfortable. But it’s nice, I see her everywhere. She’ll be home from the hospital later this morning….went in for removal of Ovarian Cyst. God Bless Families.

Family’s needs

Grateful for 1. Christian, my son in law, for tolerating and loving a nervous mother in law 2. Kae, my daughter, gor bringing me along on her Surgical adventure, and still needing a hug from Mom , 3. My husband who encouraged me fly alone to Georgia to be here, and 4. Emory Medical Center that is currently right this moment doing her surgery. Not life threatening reasons, don’t worry, but necessary… I am so grateful to everyone and everything that worked, to get me here. Prayers for her surgery, please…

Sunday School

2 students. 1 came last week, not here today. Other student hasn’t come at all yet. Pray they both come next week. Grateful for the extra time this morning. Get some other things set up. Grateful for the 3 grandkids that spent the night. Good eaters, good sleepers, don’t fight much and they like each other. Blessings!! Gratitude!! Don’t feel well this morning. Grateful for football at 1 o’clock for hubby…I’ll nap. Struggling to be grateful for work….. Lots of reasons. I like to work, just not this job. Oh well. I will muster my gratitude by bedtime.

Back Door

Sometimes Gratitude sneaks in the back door, like a teenager 20 minutes past curfew that doesn’t want Mom to know. Over night I had a intestinal bug, i was up half the night doing you know what. Woke up this morning weak, slightly nauseated and this old body still complaining. I decide to stay home from Church, and I had things to do this morning do i did not feel good about it. But as I slowly have come to feel better, I realize that being home by has allowed me to prepare and rearrange for next weeks responsibilities. Calm myself and focus. It Sometimes unexpected things happen, and in this case I’m grateful for my illness. Amen


When faced with challenges, I am grateful. Grateful that I can be mostly successful. Grateful people give me room to try. Challenges make us grow, make us stretch, make us try harder. Make us improve. Lots of challenges lately. Grateful I have friends around me to help.