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Grateful for folks who open doors. Folks who walk with me along the sidewalk into work, holding their own umbrella over both our heads as walk the long sidewalk into the building. Sometimes I enjoy walking in a rain…..but still grateful for the gesture. Grateful for being able to clean my house myself…although dusting is a job sent straight from Hades….hate it. Grateful for going into my elder years still motivated to work out and stay strong….why are some people so willing to sit down ? I’m sure they have reasons, I will pray for them. Grateful for Thunderstorms…reminding me of my Mother, reminding me that we are really not in control of things. Grateful for massively large cream filled doughnuts that my husband brings home..I eat a tiny slice and am happy. Grateful for just about everything this morning. Amen

Nothing special..

Grateful for sunny skies as I drive to work. Grateful for Ability and unspoken permission to knit quietly at work…..this will see me through the next 15 months. Grateful for friends that I know are there , even though I don’t see some of them often


Grateful that the thunderstorms of life and in life take so many forms. Literal ones that are gray, silver and white clouds accompanied by sheeting rain and wind. Visible signs of God’s glory and power. Others are more intangible, things in life that don’t go your way, decisions you don’t want to make but ultimately have to. Both will wash you clean and leave you newborn, vulnerable and needing to *move* ..somewhere different than where you are. The Gratitude enters here. Grateful for new opportunities that you didn’t know you needed or wanted. Nothing bad, just different I’m still in process……I’m grateful for my thunderstorms.


Grateful for work, despite the drama and difficulties. I have achieved the age that the paycheck is the least of the benefits. Grateful for enjoying grandkids in residence for 48 hours without incident. Grateful for Pappy and his patience and good suggestions. We are still a good team. Grateful for children who have grown up well.


90 degree day in Northeast Ohio…grateful for air conditioning at work and overhead fans at home. So hot. Blessings and protection for those without cool today. Grateful to go to work and grateful to leave. Grateful for my husband.

Family thoughts

Grateful for family near, able to see them regularly and keep in touch. Occasionally worship with them. Spending time with grandkids. Enjoying our in-laws. Grateful for family far, invited to retirement parties now (instead of weddings and baby showers) that remember and love us. Grateful for family gone, a good upbringing and good memories. Remembering Mousie, Grandpa Bill and Chester. Grateful for overhead fans and washer/dryers. Grateful for Jesus, who loves me all the way to redemption and beyond.


Thankful for a gaggle of 2,3,4,and 5 year olds running in the sun, laughing with joy, cousins and friends together. Not often enough. Grateful for younger, loving parents watching and taking care. Grateful for everytime one of the children came up to me for a hug, a drink, a question or a balloon. Love and friendship in the air. Smells so sweet. Amen


Grateful for thunder that clears the air and reminds me of childhood…..A new lamp that arrived today, and hubby didnt mind my buying…..a job that is increasingly tiring but i still can manage….grandsons birthday tomorrow…. out of town son sending me pictures on my phone…so many blessings today when i stop to count.

More old friends

Grateful and lifting thanks for friends within friends within friends, circling closer to each other as the years go by. Grateful for leaders who love. Grateful for grandchildren who hug and kiss me, even at 13 months of age. How early our creator invests us with the ability to love. Grateful for the ability to shop without ever leaving home. Just Grateful.

Old friends

Thankful to have known Kay Seawight, wife of Dick, who was Pastor of Shepard Road Christian Church in Macedonia Ohio during my tenure there as Organist and Choir Director. Kay loved to laugh, and make others laugh. She has a Clown Ministry and a Puppet ministry as well. I will miss her and am Thankful God put us together for a short walk.