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Struggling with Gratitude today. Working. Vacation tomorrow. Grateful for Vacation time available got me. Car that works. Adult children that actually want to see us. New Yarn Ministry at church that members are excited about. Anxious about long time directors leaving….who’s coming,? Hot tea at my desk. See………I got there.

Family day

Been awhile…haven’t taken the time to sit and post. Grateful for safe travel to Youngstown and back…. Grateful for my daughter and her 3 kids driving to Youngstown as well to be there… Grateful for 5 grandchildren…. grateful they enjoyed their time together today… Grateful for my neice who hosted… Grateful for the 92 year old great Grandma who was there supervising and laughing the whole time…. Grateful for a family spread fro Akron to Lakewood to Atlanta to Brooklyn who all love each other, with an abundance of peace and calmness….. Grateful for grandchildren who eat whatever you put in front of them and who fall asleep quickly and sleep all night long. Been a great week. Also grateful for calm and loving coworkers in times of change and confusion. Amen


Grateful to still have a job, despite the changes…new roles, new work flow, different computer program to learn and master, new work schedule, trying to see the good in all of it. Grateful for coworkers completely willing to come over and help me out of the digital corner I painted myself into…. Grateful for less fluorescent lighting on the weekends…Grateful for the weekend comeraderie that makes it be ok… Grateful for the Sermon today and the realization that I think I really love my Shepherd at our church….a comfortable feeling as I get older.. Grateful to see a group of women surround a member who lost her husband only 3 days ago , and comfort her. Grateful to still have my husband, who snores, grumps, farts and sneezes so loudly the dog jumps…still I’m Grateful. Our turn will come.


Just finished sorting,folding,keep or donate , the entire linen closet of my mother in law Audrey (she’s 87 now). Sheets, pillowcases, curtains of all kinds and colors. As my husband shuts down the old house so that it can be sold, certain thoughts come to mind. Grateful for a family by marriage that was always loving and supportive of the young couple……grateful for spaghetti dinner and the best meatballs ever made….grateful for Christmases spent at Grandma’s that were all about the kids….Grateful for her acceptance of my night shift life and the naps I would sometimes take during visits….Grateful for the occasional money that would secretly change hands during visits…Grateful for leftovers sent home that meant a meal that a tired working mom did not have to make…Grateful for the grandparents that they became…. Grateful for the memories of her rooting for her favorite SF49’rs. The sight, feel and smells of those linens brought so many memories and they are good. Amen

Grateful for overhead fans that cool without dehydrating… Grateful to have a Saturday with no obligations other than at home…Grateful to speak to my daughter in Georgia and hear her voice so upbeat and happy, on their way to a BBQ….Grateful to Cell Phone technology that allows us to access so much so quickly….Grateful my leftover discomfort seems to be going away. Amen