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Thank You

  1. Realizing so much of life is just showing up for the things you want, and going through the motions. You might not always feel amazing or chipper or even remotely glad to be there, but when you keep showing up, day after day, magic happens- and by magic, I mean: what you truly want comes to pass
  2. The sparkle in children’s faces
  3. Giving and giving and giving when you know that’s what someone else really wants
  4. The power of knowing what you want
  5. Flowers, always flowers, may I be forever surrounded by flowers
  6. Christmas decorations and sparkles and lights
  7. Joy in all things
  8. Self-honesty
  9. Sunlight
  10. Birds

Thank you

  1. Yesterday, my daughter needed stitches. I am reminded of this:”Fred Rogers often told this story about when he was a boy and would see scary things on the news: “My mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.”
  2. The man who was standing near us and went immediately to get tissues and a bandaid
  3. The EMTs who showed up quickly and were so calm and kind
  4. My husband, who took the afternoon off work and got to the hospital before we did
  5. And held my hand, strengthening me as I held my daughter’s, while she was in the worst parts of it
  6. The wonderful crew at the hospital who love kids and did an amazing job
  7. And again for my husband, who stopped on his way home to get a balloon and a teddy bear and playdoh
  8. To God, that she is okay, and we had access to everything she needed to get help quickly
  9. To my daughter, for her strength and courage and sweetness
  10. For even these experiences, and all they give us

35 things

  1. The anniversary of receiving my body
  2. The way the Earth stays on that perfect path around the sun, year after year
  3. The cooler temperatures of the tilt-side
  4. My mom, for birth and everything after
  5. My dad, for holding me always
  6. My grandparents- a photo of my grandpa carrying me and everything he’s taught me, my grandma who is my heart within my heart
  7. All the times I’ve been rescued by family- when I knew it or not
  8. Including tonight, when I overloaded the wood stove and the “too hot” alarm sounded- Mark walked me through it on the phone
  9. My husband, who I love more deeply than I knew possible
  10. My daughters,  who teach me everyday, who I love more than I can ever comprehend
  11. My friends. I am a billionaire in the wealth of friends. From business friends, creative friends, moms, homeschool moms, old friends, new friends, I am honored to be in such amazing company
  12. For my work in the world, I am humbled I get to do work that is so life-changing and helpful, and fun
  13. For the cat, who has become my little shadow and a joy in my day
  14. For this amazing house, which I gratefully didn’t burn down tonight (knock on wood) and which is cozy and beautiful and peaceful
  15. For the years life sucked- to make the contrast this much better
  16. For understanding now that even if everything was lost, I’d still be capable of having peace and happiness
  17. For all the teachers who led me here
  18. For all the teachers who share what they know, to everyone who needs it
  19. For books and resources
  20. For the internet, which opened more worlds to me than I can fully comprehend
  21. For Ohio- my new home, a place of opportunites and possibilities, of amazing people and places
  22. For Montana, my forever home, for her beauty and ruggedness
  23. For the stepping stones along the way – everything that taught me the slightest thing
  24. For intuition, which never leads me astray
  25. For creative ideas, fast typing late at night
  26. For the technical skill to execute them
  27. For my heart, which reminds me so quickly if I’m on the right track
  28. For Wordlessness, which allows me to connect with my heart
  29. For the family life we’ve created, and continue to create
  30. For taking care of myself, exquisitely
  31. For the open spaces and great unknowns of the future, where something better than I can imagine can come in
  32. For God, who’s in us all, giving us this experience of life
  33. For options, and the awareness to see them
  34. For obstacles, which propel us forward
  35. For this: gratitude, openness, moments of reflection and joy

Retreat Thank You

  1. A room full of familiar faces I know and love
  2. Brilliance of these women and men willing to go deep
  3. The bravery of those who shared, and cried
  4. Linda, whose help, support, compassion, joy, and wisdom is unparalleled
  5. Mid-session delight thanks to Carol’s silliness
  6. My MIL and babysitter A, who both went out of their way to help with the girls for the long stretch
  7. Taking everyone through an exercise that reduces stress- and therefore we spent the day recharging our batteries instead of draining them (thanks Martha Beck!)
  8. Testimonials that made me nearly cry with happiness- everyone who got what they needed so deeply
  9. Kathy, who not only attended but helped with the building and directing traffic, a wonder and a joy
  10. The opportunity to serve such amazing souls


  1. The train rumbling by- all the things being taken to where they need to be, swiftly, easily
  2. My daughters- I could do endless gratitude about everything about them. Today I’m grateful for their laughter, their deep play, their smiles
  3. A long-distance friend went above and beyond with kindness
  4. My husband
  5. Grey fur kitty

Thank You

  1. My youngest daughter’s face a bright sun rimmed in gold as she woke up this morning
  2. Feeling strength in my limbs, and resolve
  3. Calming all fear, one fear at a time
  4. Depth of peace
  5. The way the woods are a deep dark green and brown, soaked with moisture and light as the sun rises
  6. Rhythms- the washer, the rocker, the day
  7. Autobiography of a Yogi
  8. My girls’ wit and wisdom and deep questions (“Who made God?”)
  9. Deep breaths
  10. This moment

Thank you for greater things

  1. Gratitude is always here when I need it
  2. Space in our home, space in life, space in my thoughts
  3. Going through boxes and choosing what will be part of my life going forward
  4. Discovering things about myself that needed 2 years in boxes to be revealed
  5. Coming from a different place
  6. Slow change, yet decisive change
  7. Understanding the why behind the what
  8. The loves of my life, my family
  9. Showing up
  10. This moment