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Thank you for greater things

  1. Gratitude is always here when I need it
  2. Space in our home, space in life, space in my thoughts
  3. Going through boxes and choosing what will be part of my life going forward
  4. Discovering things about myself that needed 2 years in boxes to be revealed
  5. Coming from a different place
  6. Slow change, yet decisive change
  7. Understanding the why behind the what
  8. The loves of my life, my family
  9. Showing up
  10. This moment


  1. Everyone who’s patient with me
  2. including myself
  3. being more patient with others
  4. even when they lose their patience (breaking the chain reaction)
  5. Coming from a place of peace
  6. so much more often
  7. feeling the way I want to feel
  8. and allowing the other feelings their space and time
  9. moving forward
  10. even this

Thank you

  1. Good news from great people
  2. the Mothersbaugh exhibit- have to admire such prolific creativity
  3. soft eyes, calm mind
  4. noticing what helps, what doesn’t
  5. Martha Beck’s integrity cleanse
  6. H when we get to hang out solo
  7. A when we do, too
  8. the warm summer
  9. M won tickets to a concert for later this month
  10. this


  1. Imagining the wonderful aroma of Mary Ellen’s coffee percolating while she wrote her list
  2. Hearing a voice I haven’t heard since a vacation, long ago!
  3. The comfort in knowing we all experience the same things, on so many levels
  4. and the empowered feeling that we can choose our responses to everything
  5. Finishing things
  6. Even when the going gets tough (that’s when it gets interesting, right?)
  7. Manageable steps
  8. Cookbooks (I found a whole section on Provence cookbooks in the library, and checked out the shelf.)
  9. The passion and love of Alice Waters
  10. β€œTo know a species, look at its fears. To know yourself, look at your fears. Fear in itself is not important, but fear stands there and points you in the direction of things that are important. Don’t be afraid of your fears, they’re not there to scare you; they’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”
    ― C. JoyBell C.