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What I am grateful for in this moment

1.  The fun of a new year!

2.  The fun of a decision to move my body more this year than last.

3.  Cousins visiting from out of state last week.

4.  Baby noises and toddler pitter-patter that our house has not heard in a long time, (pure love).

5.  Beautiful blueberry scones I made this morning.

6.  The safety of our home during these extreme winds!

7.  Enjoying organic popcorn while I watch a television show, (that I taped so I can fast forward through commercials).

8.  Playing Settlers of Catan with family.

9.  My Apple computer that I am using to write this :)

10.  A sign in my office that says, “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches but to reveal to him his own”, by Benjamin Disraeli.


I am very grateful for…

1. Fun, safe travels to Butte, America with friends.

2. Spending a beautiful day hiking 4 hours up the backside of Baldy Mountain via White Sulphur Springs, MT in two feet of snow with my husband.

3. Early delivery of gifts purchased on cyber Monday.

4. Celebrating a friends new home at a housewarming party.

5. A safe drive home at midnight last night from a Christmas party (25 miles away) in minus 24 degree temperatures.

6. Always having vehicles stocked with emergency preparedness items.

7. Layers of warm clothing.

8. Finalizing details of a class I’ll be teaching at Helena College.

9. Fresh, new perspectives available to everyone at every moment.

10. The opportunity to have met Ruth.  Such a beautiful soul.  Thank you Crystal for that gift.  Ruth’s love lives on.





Life is good

1.  I am grateful for a trip to Spokane, WA with 5 girlfriends.

2.  Shopping, dining, laughing, site seeing & sharing.

3.  The beautiful Davenport Hotel.

4.  The gift of friendships.

5.  The gift of family.

6.  I am grateful for my husband and all that he is.

7.  I am grateful for my parents and their unconditional love.

8.  Enjoying every moment that David and Scott are here!

9.  The boys coming home to go elk hunting.

10.  Baking for the boys, big breakfasts, lasagna, cookies and other treats :)



Amazing Autumn

1.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the amazingly beautiful mountain sunsets from my deck with my husband.

2.  Mowing and weed removal  from our acreage for the last time until June 2014.  (It has already snowed here)!

3.   Final planning of socials for October :)  It is so fun to get together with friends.

4.  Pumpkin scented candles filling the air with an autumn aroma.

5.  Driving 40 miles to Townsend, MT to attend the Fall Fest.

6.  Octoberfest beer, bratwurst, talented bands, blocks of vender booths, a car show, getting to see and chat with old friends and acquaintances.

7.  Watching the elk and hearing them bugle.  Such powerful and mighty animals!

8.  I love the smile that overcomes my face when I see the orange, yellow and red colored leaves.

9.  A surprise visit from a friend from Las Vegas that I haven’t seen in many years!

10.  This beautiful quote:  “No man is a failure who is enjoying life.”  by William Faulkner.

World Gratitude Day

1.  World gratitude day is a wonderful thing!

2.  The Harvest Moon.  Mesmerizing.

3.  The harvest moon shining on my backyard in the very early morning making it look like the sun had already come up.

4.  A fun evening with 12 girlfriends at my house.

5.  Driving over 500 miles to watch an exceptional performance by my niece in Les Miserables.  She has an amazing singing voice!

6.  Enjoying that trip to Billings with a very cherished soul.

7.  The reminder that it is fall via the surprise of a bear dragging our garbage can down the hill and tearing the bags apart, spreading trash all over our property.

8.  Seeing a large fox running across the top of our circular driveway.  Relishing in the sighting of that elusive animal, it’s red coat and big bushy tail with a beautiful white tip!

9.  That familiar smell of the gas forced air heater turning on for the first time in several months.

10. A sign in my office that says:  True prayer penetrates beyond hope, and establishes itself in knowing.


My First Post

1.  I have joined We Love Gratitude as a direct result from being in the Magic Pine Forest 4 weeks ago and meeting Ruth, (as well as other beautiful members of this site) and being encouraged to join.

2.  I am grateful to see so many deer in my yard this morning – 3 bucks, 3 does & 6 fawns.  Wild, yet so precious.

3.  Montana’s fresh mountain air.

4.  The predicted last motorcycle ride of the year.

5.  My very generous spouse.

6.  My three sons.

7.  My first, We Love Gratitude list, on Friday September 13th of lucky (20)13.

8.  Attending a “We sold our house!” last party at a friend’s home.

9.  A sign in my home office that says, “Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight”.

10. Knowing that love heals.