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1. A little girl walking home from school and upon seeing her dad up the road calls out to him, “Pappa! Hello Pappa!”

2. The glimmer of hope in a teen’s eyes who just watched two hours of a movie about a famous bull rider, aspiring the same for himself.

3. The angel of the Lord who is encamped around us.

4. God’s promises for our future.

5. The blessings that come with obedience to the Word of God.

6. John Osteen and his victory filled sermons on YouTube. Even though he is no longer on this earth, his sermons continue to bless many. Glory to God.

7. The peace that comes with settling in the heart that God’s Word is true.

8. Coming to the understanding that everything really is orchestrated by God.

9. Inner knowing of God’s perfect plan and how He uses pain to get those of us who are rebellious on His path to blessings and peace.

10. The realization that everything in my life right now is the result of God’s love for me.

11. Peace.


1. Time for prayer.

2. Time for Bible reading.

3. Time for reflection.

4. Time for healing.

5. Time for planning.

6. Time for flowing in God’s Spirit.

7. Time for quietness.

8. Time to hope.

9. Time to trust.

10. Time to receive.

11. Time to give.

Small Town Living

1. Watching 5 deer graze in the neighbor’s front yard early in the morning…with no noise.

2. Walking one block to the grocery store.

3. Walking across the alley to enjoy an evening with friends.

4. Watching a patron unknowingly drop $5 on the floor, and another patron reach down to retrieve it to hand it back to its owner.

5. Making new friends from all social rankings.

6. Receiving an employment recommendation for the courthouse which is half a block away.

7. Putting the dogs out and finding the neighbor had let them back in.

8. A friend lost his wallet at the rodeo and it was returned to him with all the monies intact.

9. After complimenting a friend on her t-shirt, she found another and took hers off and gave it to me. The shirt has “Boulder, MT – Where everybody knows your name.” inscribed on the front.

10. Receiving a phone call from a friend to inform me the sunset is beautiful – of course I dashed outside to watch it. :)

Answered Prayer

1. Getting a bill in the mail for half of what I thought I owed.

2. New boots for a boy who so desperately needed them.

3. Confirmation of God’s promise of provision.

4. Friends who love Jesus.

5. An understanding smile.

6. Cooler temperatures.

7. Physical healing from God’s touch.

8. Meeting someone who knows someone I used to know.

9. Peace restored.

10. God’s presence.

Renewed Experiences

1. Loving friends who accept me just the way I am, faults and all.

2. Playing pool for the first time in several years…and winning.

3. Seeing the mountains outside my bedroom window when my eyes open for the first time in the morning.

4. Answered prayers.

5. God’s protection.

6. Being blessed with a daughter who is so incredibly special the mere thought of her brings tears to my eyes.

7. 80+ degree weather in September…oh God is good!

8. Memories of blessings past.

9. Stuffed animals.

10. God’s healing presence.

Today Is My Mother’s Birthday

1. Knowing that at 76 years of age, God still has plans for my mother.

2. How the love of God shines through my mother’s face always in His perfect timing.

3. The youthful appearance that refuses to leave my mother with each passing year.

4. Witnessing selfless choices made by my mother day after day, year after year.

5. Knowing that when my birthday comes around, there will always be something to receive from my mother, regardless of how poorly my behavior may have been.

6. The natural class my mother possesses…she doesn’t even have to try.

7. Her famous words, “Stay Marketable.”

8. Her ability to behave in a loving manner, no matter the circumstances.

9. How she taught me to show love even to those who don’t deserve it.

10. The sparkle in her eyes when her phone rings today, hoping it is someone calling with a birthday greeting.

I do love you Mom…Happy Birthday.