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Rain Rain do not go Away!

It’s been a real scorcher in Manila for the past few weeks.  Today, while travelling to the office,   it started raining.   Now everything looks more vibrant and alive.   I can’t wait for tomorrow because the patches of dried grass and wilted foliage will be vibrating with life and new leaves will appear.

Thank you God for the rain…for the promise of providence in our lives.   We know that whatever we need you will provide… in Your time.

Now the air is cooler and fresher.   Can You make it rain this weekend too?   I haven’t played in the rain for quite a while :)

Unplanned Adventure

A grateful life is a life well lived. I don’t know where I heard this, maybe Oprah, but I totaly agree. Life is more colorful and wonderful if we have a grateful heart to see it with.

Today, I am starting this online gratitude journal because I want my life to be more fruitful and more empathic towards others. I am thankful today for taking the wrong public conveyance and ending up having an adventure.

I now know how to commute to a popular pet and retail store. At the end of my unplanned commute, I was greeted by a bevy of cut flowers on display. The sun was high in the sky but the steady breeze was cool. I couldn’ take a cab because I only had coins in my pocket but the adventure was so worth it!