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Frigid Feb. List

1. Boots that David got me as a Christmas present which keep my feet warm & dry!
2. Crunchy California Roll from Wicker Park at O’Hare – great place to wait for a flight
3. Weekends when David comes home from Athens
4. Remembering where I was when I bought a scarf or piece of jewelry each time I wear it.
5. Engagement Parties!
6. Cooking a new cuisine – Indian is the 2014 cuisine with which I’m experimenting
7. Wally Lamb books – We are Water was superb.
8. Coffee with Almond Milk

Snow Day

Well this is fun! Despite a few challenges today, I kept considering what to add to my list and it is brimming… Hope you all are enjoying our Winter Wonderland… and staying warm & snuggly….

1. Candles
2. So happy when my son is happy – if all is well in his world, all is well in mine.
3. Jewelry
4. Thrift Stores and the giant treasure hunt they hold
5. My iPad! I have had her one year and have never had a pleasure device that I use and rely on more.. Words with Friends, Netflix, streaming network shows, Facebook at my fingertips…
6. Kimpton Pens in a Kaleidoscope of colors: Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow and more….
7. Snow Day! I was looking forward to going to the office today but given the dire weather predication and my ability to Work from Home, hunkered down and appreciated technology and a company that embraces it.
8. Snow – it is beautiful, fluffy and fun when all you have to do is watch it come down and trek to the mailbox! So nice to have everyone home the whole day & night….
9. Never fail Pasta e Fagioli recipe with Hot Turkey Italian Sausage and Cannellini beans – soup on a snowy day is perfect and this is a great snowed in recipe as everything you need is most always on the shelves or in the freezer.
10. Going to Richmond, VA next week – so while Ohio will be in single digits, I’ll be enjoying 30 and 40 degree weather…

Happy Happy 2014

Looking forward to this new year. Want to pay more attention and appreciate more… much like my inspirations on this site: Ruth and Kylia Radney. Here we go. A late Dec / early January gratitude list.

1. Friends who loan you money for lunch and dinner when you forget your purse at home.
2. Secret Santa Luncheons
3. Pine Scented Candle chosen from a friend who knows we have an artificial Christmas tree.
4. Garlic Wings
5. Castelvetrano Olives from Sicily, with a distinctive bright green hue and meaty, buttery flesh. Delivering just the right amount of salt and not a hint of bitterness this is olive nirvana and one of my favorite fruits.
6. Accomplishing many items on a to-do list
7. Cushe Waterproof Boots that David (my son) got me for Christmas. Keep my toes toasty in the delicious, fluffy snow that has blanked the world.
8. Running / Walking on my elliptical while watching DVRed episodes of The Biggest Loser
9. New Beginnings
10. Dear Friends