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…and then I remembered to say thank you

  • For Spiritual Transformations–because I know where we came from and I see where we are now–and I know that only Divine Grace can be responsible
  • For my dear, sweet, amazing husband, who lovingly calls me “Bunches” and regularly brings me dark chocolate and Earthfare Maple Creme Cookies
  • For a vet who has become smitten with the same dog that I have
  • For our head custodian, who not only masterfully maintains the church that I adore, but has helped to create a space in our own home that nurtures and comforts our family
  • For my tiny drafty cottage home which is, quite literally, my dream home
  • For being able to have not only a supportive and encouraging boss who is a personal hero, but also have this be the same man who inspires me to move deeper into my faith
  • For my passion to be my work and my work to be my passion
  • For the hard work and genius of the man I married, and his success that has given us a surprise monetary cushion for the Holiday
  • For my eldest, who is the only person on earth that makes me double-over in laughter and has taught me how to love unconditionally
  • For the children and youth in my RE program, who so graciously share their lives with me each and every week and for inspiring me at every turn
  • For my father’s fiancé as she cares for him post op–and for finally getting over myself and forgiving her for not being my mother
  • For the fervent creativity of my middle child
  • and the fierce mind of my youngest
  • For Ruth, who reminded me to be grateful
  • For finally being able to let go
  • For being the luckiest girl alive