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ATMAN. Soul Sister. Great Mother. Body Image Guru. Tree huggin' nature lover. Lifelong Learner. Yogini. Creative Spiritual Entrepreneur.


New students full of grace

Seeing the truth in my own face

Learning to love by letting go…more

Letting a compliment really sink in

Feeling good in my own skin

Walking barefoot in the river

Stepping stones

The long road to hoe

Transforming fear

Being HERE


1. Soul sensations.

2. This body, this breath.

3. Sleeping girl.  Growing, knowing, showing me the way.

4. Birds chirping at 4:25am.

5. The smell of spring.

6. My family tree. Training.

7. Hip release.

8. Journaling. Clarity.

9. Getting lost.

10. Being found.

BIG Gratitude

1. Life.  This gift of this journey even though it is often a bumpy ride.

2. My daughter Elle.

3. Sacred friends.  The ones that can be present with my ego and help me remember my wholeness.

4. Family.  The kin that help me reveal and heal myself and raise my daughter in light and love.

5. My “business.”  Currently one of my greatest teachers.

6. Community.  In it I see my true reflection.

7. Plants: grass, ivy, tulips, dandelions

8. Animals: horses, owls, eagles, turtles, dogs

9. Trees: pines, oaks, maples

10. This breath.