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I am a 51 year old widow who lives with her son, dog and cat. I work as a Sterile Processing Assistant at a local hospital here in town. I have been sober since April 18, 1982 and have not smoked since September 8, 2005. I am a Born Again Christian who loves Jesus and am grateful for each day I wake up. I have found that even in the hard times, like after my husband's suicide that I can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little things. God always has my back.


Able to enjoy the peace of the morning as I could not fall back asleep.

My dog, Jax, being so adorable.

Not feeling rushed.

God in my life.

Being able to wake up slowly and just enjoy my coffee, the news and my Bible.

The smell of rain coming.

Feeling like Fall is near. 

My grief support group who are awesome.

Love of friends and family. 

My son. 



Waking up feeling kind of down but able to pick myself up as the day went on.  Thanks God.

Paying attention at work and making less errors.

Working one a favorite coworker for a little bit. 

Calming myself down when I get agitated or nervous.

Beautiful weather as the day went on. 

My dog and cat.

My son. 


Coming home where peace is.  

A good cup of coffee. 



Grateful for the husband of a friend I met online over a decade ago texting me to let me know she had passed away.  I am sorry she is gone.  I was thinking of her yesterday.  I am glad she is not suffering her health issues anymore, however.  RIP Dhana Ann.  I will miss you even though we had not had as  much contact the past few years.

Life….it can end so quick.  Don’t take it for granted.  I know how easy I can do that.

My family and friends.

God and my church.

My pets who are always there for me.

A roof over my head, even though it has needed to be replaced for awhile.  One thing at a time.


A job to go back to for paying bills and keep me busy.

Good Christian music to raise my spirits.



Thankful for another day God has given me. 

Slept in a little more than I planned this morning but woke up when my son came home early this morning and grateful he is safe. 

My dog, Jax, eating all his food right away this morning.

Skeeter being his cute self just like Jax. 

The beautiful morning outside.

Enjoying my protein shake.

Attending and chairing my home group A.A. meeting last night.  I had not been there for a few weeks and was happy to be back.

Sobriety and not smoking cigarettes.

People at my meetings that I have known for over three decades.  Awesome.  It works if you work it.

Having  the weekend off.


My Bible and Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A new phone (my son’s 9 month old one) but new to me.  He upgraded and I am fine with that as mine is so much nicer than the old one. 

That I did not let the salesman pressure me into making decisions I was not ready to make. 

Lunch with my son yesterday. 


I had a chance to get the day off due to low surgery schedule today.

Spending time with my son today and purchasing a new phone as my phone still is not 100% recovered the being soaked in a rain storm a couple weeks ago.

The beautiful summer day after lots of rain off and on recently.

I get to go and chair my A.A. meeting tonight… least I think I signed up for tonight. ;) 

God being in my life today and everyday.

Waking up sober and nicotine free another day.  Life is good!

Being able to wake up slowly this morning and not have to run off to work. 

My son and family.

My dog and cat and their antics.  They are hilarious some days. 

Being able to get up this morning and enjoy a nice shower.  Yes, I know I wrote about that this week already but I will never take that for granted again after the month of demolition and construction. 

My Bible.  I decided to start reading it cover to cover as I have never done that before.  It will take awhile.  I have read many passages as our church always refers to and reads from it.  We are on Revelations right now.  Awesome. 

Good people in my life who out weigh the bad.  



Thanking God for another day on this earth.  Thanks God for loving me.

A gentle breeze off the lake this morning.

That I GET to go to work.  It is amazing what we can take for granted.  Today I will look at what I GET to do, versus what I always assume I can do.

The look on my dog Jax;s face when I pretended to eat his food to get him to eat it LOL. 

I am open to change, even if it is something so simple as starting to shower in the morning after decades of being mostly a night bather.  

Good coffee.

That I can open my Bible and find just about any answer to an issue or problem.  The same as my Big Book from A.A. 

I remain teachable.  Just because I am closing in on my 52nd birthday in a few weeks does not mean I know everything and I am always learning.  Thank God. 

The beautiful and yet mysterious Lake Superior.

My son and the rest of my family. 

Jax and Skeeter.  They are my four legged kids. ;)


Grateful to have a job to go back to.

Grateful to be feeling better.  Still tired but I can work through that.

My dog ate his food with some coaxing this morning. 

I got in a nice shower this morning.  Still marveling at that LOL.


My Bible I read from on the way to work on the bus.

A wonderful coworker I worked with.  Getting to know her better.   I have known her for many years but because we worked on different floors, we did not get to know each other as well as we have recently. 

Sobriety and not smoking cigarettes.

My son getting home safe last night after having some drinks at a friend’s house. Thanks Natasha for being the designated driver for him and Alex.  

Being able to sleep in a little as I work at 10:00 a.m.

Although it rained, it was not pouring as hard as is has been recently.  I had my umbrella still.

Clear thinking even though I am tired. 

The song going through my head all day, “Word Of God Speak” by MercyMe.  One of the songs I played at my husband’s funeral.  Although it tugs at my heart a little still, it makes me feel closer to him at the same time.  

Thanks God for another day….

Grateful for another day to rest away from work.   Trying to keep my chin up after such a wonderful weekend.  Did not plan on not ill  following those wonderful days.  However thankful to God for another day on this earth. 

My sweet dog’s sweet face to wake up to.  

My cat and his sweet meow as he came to find me to feed him this morning. 

Beautiful weather outside.  Wanting to go outside and hang so bad but have to stay in and take care of myself. 

Being sober another day and not smoking. 

My sis-in-law for texting me this morning and checking on me. 

My son for buying breakfast food last night. 

Being able to relax and read my Bible.

Peace and Quiet. 



Woke up not feeling well this morning.  I am grateful to have sick pay at my job so I can stay home and rest.  I am still tired from this past weekend and a bit achy.  

My dog, Jax, for being patient enough to let me sleep in.

Skeeter being able to sleep in his own room since our house project is finished. 

A beautiful day outside.  I might sit outside this evening but will be resting most of the day.

A good cup of coffee to start off my morning. 

My Bible, which I plan on reading this morning.

My son getting home safe last night.  I am always grateful for his safe homecoming.  He will move out someday and I will not always know when he gets home. 

Talking with my mother-in-law last night.  I love talking with her.  I will have known her for 28 years this coming November 3….longer than I knew my own mother, may she RIP.  

Being able to walk across the hall this morning and use my bathroom.  Still getting used to that. It is amazing what you can live with.  Thank God it was only a month. :)

God.  Always there for me. 


Having a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of people (some I know and lots I didn’t), feeling the holy spirt at the Festival, followed by church today.  

Coming home dog tired last night and being able to walk through my house and not feel frustrated.

The beautiful church sermon today by one of our elders.

Beautiful weather with a nice breeze off the lake today.

My son getting our lawn mowed last night. 

That God has given me today to live, love, laugh.  

My hoodie that came in the mail Friday.  It is navy blue and reads Love God, Love People.