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I am a 51 year old widow who lives with her son, dog and cat. I work as a Sterile Processing Assistant at a local hospital here in town. I have been sober since April 18, 1982 and have not smoked since September 8, 2005. I am a Born Again Christian who loves Jesus and am grateful for each day I wake up. I have found that even in the hard times, like after my husband's suicide that I can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little things. God always has my back.


Having a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of people (some I know and lots I didn’t), feeling the holy spirt at the Festival, followed by church today.  

Coming home dog tired last night and being able to walk through my house and not feel frustrated.

The beautiful church sermon today by one of our elders.

Beautiful weather with a nice breeze off the lake today.

My son getting our lawn mowed last night. 

That God has given me today to live, love, laugh.  

My hoodie that came in the mail Friday.  It is navy blue and reads Love God, Love People.





My house being done, except for a shower curtain being up this morning. Yayyyyyy!  No more satellite potty and I can walk all the way through my dining room, through my kitchen and around to my living room. :)  My bathroom tub, new toilet, sink and vanity and floor are beautiful.  Very excited chick here.  So nice to wake up this morning and just stroll across the hall and not have to go down 18 stairs to get outside to the satellite potty. 

My A.A. program and church teachings which helped me get through this past month.

Getting to go to the City On The Hill Music Festival last night and see some great artists, including The Newsboys!!  The spirit at the festival was fill with love of Jesus and warmth.  Lots of good energy there last night.

Going back today for a day long festival ending with MercyMe but with a lot of good artists before them also. 

The beautiful and sunny day. 

Being able to work with a favorite coworker this past few days. 

A good talk with my manager the other day and figure out what direction I want to go in my life. 

Good coffee. 

My son.

The good work the contractors and plumber did on my house, albeit it took later than expected.  I am satisfied with the end result.  



Waking up and feeling a bit of a cool down.  I like the warm weather but 70’s and a breeze is more to my liking.  Not so humid.

Going to work and getting to work with a coworker who has been off for a bit.

Having a good talk with manager yesterday.

Waking up sober another day.

Plans for the weekend….a great concert on outside to look forward to, Friday night and Saturday.

My dog, Jax, as he pushes his food dish around.  Just eat it boy! LOL.

The work crew getting some more stuff done on my house yesterday.  Fingers crossed, I have a bathroom by the weekend.

My cat meowing in my son’s room this morning.  Thanks Justin for taking him with you last night and giving me a good night’s sleep.

Getting up a half an hour early today and having a little more time to relax before work.  The next two days will early days.


A new month, with hopes of my house being done.

Getting back on track with my weight loss.  I have not been good the past month.

A beautiful day.

My dog Jax and cat Skeeter and their shenanigans this morning.

The contractor getting here bright and early this morning to work on my bathroom and dining room.

Getting into see my manager today hopefully and discuss somethings.

God having my back.

A.A. and church.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My son turns 22 years old at 12:18 tomorrow morning.  He is going to Valley Fair with friends. :)

Being patient at work.

Beautiful weather.


Good support system.

Watching a dear eat leaves up on the hill.

Getting off early from work.

The week going quickly.

Looking in my dining room and seeing a new ceiling.  It needs to be painted but I will take it!


A.A. and my church.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Getting early hours at work this week.  I like my later shift but it is nice to have a change once in awhile.

My pets seeming happy to see me and get out of my bedroom when I got home.

Patience with another coworker at work.

Beautiful weather.

God in my life.

Good coffee and food.

My A.A. program to keep me on track.

Good shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” to enjoy after work. :)  The Oldies but goodies!!