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  • I am grateful for the most beautiful sunset over the river last night.
  • Grateful for the new fishing spot so close to home.
  • Grateful for LB always checking in on me.
  • Grateful for the rain today.
  • Grateful that Maia is such a grateful 11 year old.
  • Grateful for my new office space.
  • Grateful for today.


  • Grateful for my grandparents willingness to stand close by and support everyone in our family, no matter what.
  • Grateful and envious of  my older brother and his confidence.  I’m so proud of him for achieving extreme happiness.
  • Grateful for my younger bother for caring so much for everyone in our family.  He is the most caring and kind person that I know, in his own subtle way.
  • Grateful for my beautiful Mom for supporting me always and never judging any of us. She is always there for us and we are very lucky to have her.
  • Grateful for my Dad for our forever friendship and our conversations about life. Music is his life and I’m grateful for him passing on his knowledge.
  • Grateful to be alive and healthy.

Happy Admin Assistant Day!

Thankful for my job.

If you have support staff who help you every day, take a minute to tell them how grateful you are for all the hard work they do. OR thank them and buy them flowers :)   If your work day is done and you forgot to express your gratitude, tomorrow is not too late. They will appreciate being appreciated :)



  • Lots of work to make the work day fly by.
  • JO making din din tonight.
  • Campsite opening up this weekend.
  • A good day spent with  dad at the lake on Sunday.
  • Lots of car detailing calls.
  • Friendship with LS.
  • Seeing KD tomorrow.  Happy we keep in touch.
  • Gravol for sleepless nights.
  • Red wine
  • Today


  • Grateful for little Maia and an invitation to her school play tonight
  • Grateful for the rain last night and the sunshine today
  • Grateful for walks
  • Grateful for my job
  • Grateful my family has good health
  • Today


  • Grateful for the beautiful weather we had all weekend.
  • Grateful for the extra money made cleaning cars and the referrals.
  • Grateful for the day spent with Grandma on Saturday.
  • Grateful to see EW and KS this weekend and for their support.
  • Grateful for Dads help.
  • Grateful for Today


  • Thankful for JB
  • The sun shining today
  • The weekend forecast
  • Thankful for my grandparents
  • Thankful for work getting busy
  • Thankful for friends showing me how to use the machines at the gym.
  • Today


  • Walking aps
  • My work mates genuine concern for me when I left sick yesterday
  • My dentist and her assistant…cant thank them enough.
  • Pain pills
  • Snow didn’t last
  • The goose nesting in the bushes near my car. Neat to see.
  •  My family
  • Waking up pain free
  • Today