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Listening to Madeleine P. sing in french.

-sitting down and resting.


-the kitties on my lap.

-teaching A. to knit.

-finding the candles and matches.

-my new job.

-my conversation with JoAnn…inspiring

-eating out a alone with no fear.

-reading for pleasure.



-Not warring against the present moment.


-Eating better or at least eating complete meals.

-Not accepting self-limits.

-Asking for help.

-Not hiding my situation and struggles.

-Friends{online and face-to-face}.

-Trusting in the journey.

-Trying to see the Good in each situation.


-making cookies for J.

-catching up with N.


-Semi-planning meals for the week.

-Realizing that I still believe.


-Eating breakfast. It really does make a difference.

-Feeling almost ready to date again. Didn’t think I would even get close to this for years.


-Beginning a running practice.

Here I Am

-Pen and paper.


-Rejection. It stinks but it won’t kill you.

-Fear. Sometimes, it can be a great motivator to do something different.



-Accepting and honoring where I am.

-Feeling hopeful.




1. Making a breakfast to carry to work

2. Listening to some really inspiring tunes on the way in

3. Feeling renewed

4. Following my heart in small ways

5. Not trying to be popular but real and loving

6. A good interview prospect

7. Being kinder to a certain person who has annoyed me in the past

8. Buying a few groceries on a super tight budget

9.Cooking simple meals

10. Feeling like God is with me carrying my breath

11. Knowing that she/he “works all things together for my good”

12. There is nothing to fear