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1.  Time. Now. Here.

2.  Winning the lottery of life. Privilege unfathomable to most.

3.  Crafting a shared dream, enjoying the process

4.  So many avenues of inspiration

5.  Safety

6.  Choices. Having choices.

7.  Mini epiphanies that help shape decisions

8.  Friends, all kinds

9.  Astoundingly efficient public transportation- clean and updated

10.  Street artists- musical, colorful, conspicuous or clandestine


  1. Surprise checks in the mail wootwoot!
  2. GSD- getting *stuff* done!
  3. Staying ahead of a big project
  4. The way I feel after a workout
  5. Spot-on timing, when things just click into place
  6. Teamwork- particularly when a teammate reads my cues and picks up the slack when I’m not playing my best (or playing nice)
  7. Dates- the kind you meet and the kind you eat
  8. Thoughtful gifts, made with love and lots of time
  9. My grandparents
  10. Mary Ellen’s consistent lists- sometimes sassy, always honest

  1.  An empty parking spot out front when reaching the restroom was an emergency
  2.  Unexpected gift of a handmade quilt
  3.  Good trades
  4.  Healthy body
  5.  Sound mind
  6.  Warm home
  7.  Safe travel
  8.  Dreaming
  9.  Thoughtful friends
  10.  Surprises that make you do a happy dance

  1.  I woke up this morning
  2.  Friends who inspire
  3.  Literacy
  4.  Preservation of history
  5.  Reality checks, even the painful ones
  6.  New old ideas
  7.  Challenging myself to be more devoted to justice than to order
  8.  Striving to prize the presence of justice over the absence of tension
  9.  Working to deepen my understanding
  10.  “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”  ~Dr. King, Letter From Birmingham Jail, 1963

  1.  Cooler weather
  2.  Go-to recipes I know I can count on
  3.  ATP!
  4.  Beating deadlines early
  5.  Extensive database access
  6.  Readability (you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone!)
  7.  Genuine praise, delivered sweetly
  8.  Seeing her when she was well
  9.  Snail mail
  10.  Teamwork

  1.  Yes! to “checking things off”
  2.  Sweet hugs
  3.  Tried and true dinners
  4.  Sweating it out- together
  5.  Accepting an opportunity outside my comfort zone
  6.  Getting into a rhythm
  7.  Bananagrams
  8.  Ride-sharing
  9.  Courteous neighbors
  10.  Libraries. Always libraries.