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New day

Grateful it is rain not snow.(Thunder- Do I really have to leave?)

Grateful for a tissue when I need to blow. A swig of cough medicine then I’m on my way.

Dennis says give frustrations space for a time then let them go.

Talking about the Avoid-dance. Step up instead. One,two ,three,four.

Do it today because I love procrastination.

Leftovers when I need a nibble. Eating healthier. Feeling a change.

Grateful for friends and family and four legged felines.

Empathy,sympathy and understanding.

I even will pray for those who frustrate me. True gratitude if I can mumble through clenched teeth that they have a right to be themselves and I can accept them.





Grateful I can work so we can have money to choose.

Grateful to have so many clothes to choose from.

I choose to eat out. TGIFriday’s. Waiter explains the special isn’t a lot of food and that  is perfect.(Still bring some home.)

I choose to be generous. Tip well. Donate to causes. Little unexpected gifts.

Choose to rest. Choosing down time before activity. Ahh!

Making good choices in thought ,word and deed. Thinking before I express myself.

Choose my food wisely. I’m going to make some soups today. Batch cooking so I can eat it all week.

Choose to exercise comes harder. Need to make it part of my routine. Where there is resistance,there is room for improvement.

Make good choices. Choose the day.

Sing Out Sing On

Hubby picks Peter Rabbit as the movie to  see. Not my Peter Rabbit but enjoyable.

Free movie due to Movie pass and a gift card. Hubby wants popcorn and a drink. $15. Grateful I’m watching what I eat.

Poking Jim by text to see if he is singing at choir. When he is, I go to choir. Grateful he is there!

Easter music is so powerful. I love our choir. The director was exhausted  but he remained patient.

Listening to a CD of the songs until I realize I have the man next to me watching me sing.

Dinner waiting for me at 9:30. I love that man!

Losing a little weight by changing portion  and choice.

Challenges and accepting the challenge.

Liking being the comic relief. Laughter and singing are essential to me.


I remember making up words to the song “Let It Snow” when I was having trouble letting something go.

“Let it go” is a Frozen song.I’m going to ask Alexa for it when I go down for coffee.

Today I’m releasing irritations I’ve held on to. I picture them as balloons floating away. Anger, Disappointment,Resentment,  Frustration and Sadness.

So many memories that still have an emotion with them when it is years gone.

I feel lighter as they float away.Now  there is room for new things.

New ‘do is paired with a smile. You look so different my friends comment. I am releasing the Winter mental doldrums.

Giving things up for Lent but replacing that which you have released with action.

Phone calls, texts, cards and a listening ear.

Donating some clothes is a release. They are not important to me but will find a home.


Release.Replace. Repeat.


All you need is Love

So many types of love and I’m grateful for all of them.

A cuddle with a kitten. Like an teenager she seems to indicate “hurry up I’m starving.”

Concern for a friend. Sharing our joys dividing our troubles.Prayers.

Laughter and more laughter as I trying to explain why we’re laughing.

There is a love that  is solid count on companionship and comfortable talk.

If he bought me chocolate it would ruin my eating plan. Flowers are expensive. Cards have never been our thing.

But he cleaned the bathroom while I was at work. My man!

Going to Texas Roadhouse at 5:00 p.m. No crowd. Great service. Home by 6:00 p.m.

Thank you Tyson for the gift card. Happy Valentine’s Day gson.

Kora , I’ve enjoyed your calls lately. Happy Valentine’s day Sunshine!

May love watm you if you are reading this.

Gratitude for small things

The sun shines behind me casting shadows on the wall.Don’t be deceived. It’s only 16*

Haircut today. Don’t know why I worry  it will grow out.

Packing some snacks as time will be tight between work and haircut. Ten almonds, five cubes of cheese and one orange. Add a bottle of water.

Cheerios with blueberries. Christmas coffee.

The original furnace in this house keeps us warm. Hubby needs a little heater but I am always warm.

Hubby likes to do laundry. I have clean clothes and rags to take to work.

A cat who decides at midnight I should get up. Callie It’s not morning!

Listening to the breathing of Hubby next to me as I drift off to sleep.

For all of this I am truly grateful!


Forty days can change your life.

The time before Easter officially begins on Wednesday but Mondays are better for starting new things. So I am proclaiming it a mental Lent. Lent means Spring.

Fasting figuratively and physically. Meditation and action. Prayer and promises.

A time of change. A time to renew. A time of vision. A time of hard work.

Each day I will ponder a word . May even get a poster board and make it into a collage. Take note Carol ,collages are fun. (CelebratePossibilities)

CHANGE I need to. I fear. I can. I have begun.

Things I can change. What I eat. What I do.How I spend my day. Changing my attitude.

Theme of coffee hour yesterday was butterflies. Happy Birthday Betty. She gives those she cherishes butterfly pins.I’m honored to possess one.

Look for changes that indicate Spring will come in the next 40+ days.

Make a change everyday and you will be different by April 1st.

I’m grateful for the sunshine this morning. I’m grateful for things accomplished and a gift of time and CHANGE in front of me.

Gratefully Woven Service

Grateful to those who participated in Laity Sunday.We wove a wonderful worship.

Chuck sang a hymn I chose so beautifully despite his cold.

Listening to the little voice that said “if you extend an invitation expect to extend a hand of welcome”. Welcome to F.C.C Cate Porter. I will never forget you!

Each person brought their style to the pulpit. Some made me smile. Some made me proud.

All gave their best. It was an amazing tapestry of talent.

Even the children sang a song.

The message was both funny and spiritual. My favorite kind of sermon.What is your story?

Snow,Snow Go Away!

A blanket of white leads me to a blanket of blue . Move over kitty!

Love your neighbor. I’m picking up a prescription for one.

The precious gift of listening. She is upset to be ill.

An offer to pay for the meds has Hubby frowning but we are here to help each other.

Would not make a trip to Acme but if I’m there what can I buy?Making it fun instead of a drudge.

Checking in with people who are sick or sad makes me glad I’m not.

Adjusting the format of the Sunday service. Thanks to those who stepped forward to fill spots left vacant.

The weather prediction says rain next week. I’ll be saying rain,rain go away.


Snowy Day

A voice announces her presence downstairs. Meg had the good sense to hang out here for ninety minutes before trying the roads to Cleveland.

I wish her well! Traffic but no adventure!

In about an hour I’ll expect a text. Texting is efficient!

Watching clips of the  warm and wonderful things she will see on her cruise in May. It’s good to see when our world is frozen.

My reaction was “No Way” for cleaning today. Tomorrow is another day.

Nothing I have to do that can’t be postponed.(Hubby has a meeting tonight. He says he won’t cancel.Bless his stubborn soul!)

We have food. We are warm. All good!