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Good Morning Sunshine

Texting my Gdaughter. Goodnight Moonpie! Now I need to find sunshine! Fill my life and it drives out darkness. Good Morning Sunshine!

Seems like the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. keeps popping up. Dark cannot drive out darkness only light can can.

Working on a gratitude list for Sunday Church service.People have been telling their story of why they go to our Church. My turn for early service.

Local sweet corn. Sunshine in a bite!

Doing for others is the best way to stop a pity party.

Getting back on track with eating. Ate what I wanted when Sunshine was here. She went to the gym on returning home. I need to practice pushing food away.

Trip to produce store. I can’t wait to eat the best of summer. Melon,grapes,fruit salad and salad creations. We are so lucky to have the variety of foods available.

Realizing I can make my own sunshine. Yes my Sunshine went away but my life is still full of brightness.

New day

Safe trip to the airport at 5 a.m. . Then nap when we returned

Started counting things we hadn’t done while Gdaughter was here but switched to things we did.

She’ll be back in October

Morning glories so beautiful I had to take a picture.

Feeling down but fighting it. Life is good!

Tired but day off.

Trying to figure out my phone. Fixed one problem will live with the other. No Dennis a hammer is not the solution.

Off to Church. Huge Rummage Sale there this weekend. Time to price.

Glad I’m not in charge of it.

Glad I’m in charge of Hymn Sing. It will be wonderful!

Word from Atlanta . She is safe!


Last day

Can’t believe it is the last day  my Gdaughter will be here. Everything seems so precious today.

She wants Swenson’s .Who can  blame her? Their hamburgers are so good.

Mailing the things she bought back so she won’t have to pack a suitcase. Thank goodness for Postal Service Priority boxes.

Looking over the last three weeks I’m grateful for TV we watched together, the zoo and mini golf. Talks and walks.

Seeing my family  was a bonus. We enjoy each other.

A disappointing meteor watch was memorable  because she came. Shower? No. Just a few drops shooting across the sky.

Still I love the Perseid meteor showers and will return to their magic next year.

Purging the house of foods we enjoyed and getting back to better eating. Ir was fun while it lasted.

I’m vowing to text her often and grateful she is as near as my phone.

Up early tomorrow to get her to the airport by 6. Can’t promise I won’t cry. SO grateful she came. SO happy we have a connection. Here’s to October when she’ll visit again.


Look up

The Perseid meteor showers. Always part of anniversary time. Maybe tonight we will go look for streaks of light.Looking up!

Rainbows.Sunshine and rain, a lesson there.

Rainbows on a birthday cake.

The to-do about the coming solar eclipse. Tell your children not to look up at it without eye protection.

Look it up.

Jamie and Becca excited when they find out total viewing is just 5 hours away.

Need to tell sister she is in total area but  don’t look up.

The moon and the stars.

Look up. Hope things are looking up for you!

New day

Changing plans when it makes one person happy.Mini golf instead of swimming.

Traveling a road you have not been on for years.

Pizza and ice cream cake. Easy celebration for grand daughter’s birthday.

Playing a game that gets more ridiculous with each play. But we laugh!

The peace of family. A toast to us who welcomed them all! (Was there any other choice?)

Being together. Happy talk. Catching up.

I pray the new days will bring many more days like this.

The deer in  the dark watching our car car. Hello deer!

Home. Family. Peace. Bed.



Grateful for a busy day

Going swimming today at Waterworks. Rain stay away!

Finding my swimsuit and beach towel.

A bag full of snacks and a trip to the concession stand.

People watching. Everyone is full of joy.

I have to swim in the lazy tube river. Grateful I’m not self conscious.

A nap before evening plans.

Pizza and ice cream cake at Megan’s. Happy 21st Birthday K.

Be brave and breathe deep! Sometimes joy and concern leak down my cheeks!

Family together.We will miss Ben.

Memories and making new ones.



A little rough around the edges but sweet inside. The man that I married. Forty three years ago. Wow!

My companion. My comrade in arms.

Remembering the adventures of raising four kids and a few we picked up on the way. All good people.

He does dishes and goes to the laundromat.He is cooking tonight.

He mows. Here and at Church.

He puts up with me. He worries about his family. He expects nothing.

I saw him through the Church window while I was at a meeting. He was riding the lawnmower and I wanted to capture the image.

” For what am I to do for I can’t live with him and I can’t live without him.”

Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more! Love ya!


Another day of life

Grateful to the people of our Church who donated so much for the Back to School campaign for Good Neighbors. Now counted and delivered. Three boxes and two bags.

The morning glories delight me. Different colors and different number of blooms every day.

The cooler mornings. Breathe deep the less humid air.

Enjoying my Gdaughter’s company. We take a walk then we rest. We watch what she tapes. We eat Buckeye ice cream.

A walk along the river. Ducks and geese and three hawks overhead.

The cool breeze once we are back under the trees.

Hiding some painted rocks as we walk. We wonder who will find them?

Busy night tonight as Hubby and I both have to be at Church. Think the kiddo is looking forward to alone time. Grateful for her flexibility.

Meg pops in for something to eat. Leftover taco meat fills the bill. Amazing we always have left overs. Blessed abundance!

The weekend will be busy. Family togetherness with no negative chaos. We are lucky!




When frustration turns to joy! Let go of anger and living in the now! Be calm.

Asking people to be part of the Hymn Sing on the 20th. A volunteer.(Hurray!) Knowing when to to say thanks anyway and move on. Sensing someone wants to be asked. Soothing troubled waters.

As the message four people telling why they love our Church. All eloquent, all funny, all sincere, all professing their love!

A day of rest and relaxing! A long walk the day before wore us out.

Joyful music to calm and center me.

Planning the week so Gdaughter can see people and they can see her. Texts will be sent. Efficient communication!

Meg safely home. Dog was so happy to see her. Gdaughter and I think we dreamed their coming back.

Reading Dennis’ s list of gratitudes. Good job !

A view from the porch

Crazy dog! Cooler weather has perked him up.

How wonderful to feel safe on my porch(in my pajamas).

Bad cat! What did she catch? It isn’t black and white thankfully.

Pale blue morning glory.

Silly squirrel! Almost falling off the telephone wire!

Ice cream sandwich.

Glorious Day! Gdaughter feels better. Making plans.

Hey everybody! Be calm and enjoy!