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Express yourself

Never miss the opportunity to tell someone they are special and why. Sincere compliments only.

Listening is important.Hugs are essential.

Working on a tribute to Pastor. Gratitude lists are easy, expressing eight years of relationship was challenging. Grateful to call him Pastor and friend.

Writing longhand . I shake so he may not be able to read it. No A in penmanship but A in effort.

Prayers to the night sky while watching for meteors. Serene and surreal!

Handling a complaint without stepping into nastiness.

Texting “need anything ?”to daughter with bronchitis.

Time to check in with hubby. He has been working with plumber and probably needs a word of comfort.


An epic Fall day with the sun casting shadows and the crisp cool air.

This is  what I wished for as I was sweltering this Summer.

Church events are coming. The season of thanksgiving and giving only weeks away.

Goodbyes with no regrets. Work  to take my energy.

Son says he will paint the house. We look unfinished since neither of us will go to high.

Packages in the mail.

A hand written thank you note. Precious!

Singing Christmas songs in choir.

Many coffee hours coming just as I’ve given up cake.

God be with you till we meet again!


A day of change

Unexpected day off. Hours of possibility. Nice blend of obligation and me time.

Prescription of a walk a day. Where shall I go this morning? What will I see?

Beautiful time of the year. I love the cooler weather.

Wildlife walk. Even the mushrooms should be colorful.

We have a new to us washer and dryer. Pick up went smoothly. Not quite time to turn them on though, step by step.

Thinking ahead as to what I’ll eat for the day helps me control portion and ration.

A trip to the produce store for good food. The secret is to prep it so when snack attack attacks you have ammunition.

Can’t get my head around Cheryl’s leaving.Memories wash over me. She may leave but she is not gone.

As I help her sweep the corners of her house let me remember it is not her home but a shell. Someone else’s dream home. What an exciting time for them!

I am privileged to call her friend. I admire her strength and talent (and wit).” I will go Lord if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.”


Apples don’t apologize

An apple a day makes the Dr happier than poor food choices. Time to eat more apples.

Honeycrisp. Local grown.

Grateful for my doctor. She scolds me but knows I will process her input in my time.

Why do people tell you “Oh that medicine causes such and such…” I prefer to have faith in Dr’s wisdom.

New medicine. I hate it but if I was more careful it wouldn’t be necessary. Amazing variety of drugs out there.

She took time to listen to my story though she was behind.

There are things I can change and I will work on that.

As for the rest take me as I am. I am a rare type.



We reflect rays of God’s love to those around us.

The love circles back to wash over us. Memories of kindnesses and unexpected serendipity.Amazing and awesome.

Why am I always surprised?

The power of a smile. Reflecting and remembering then laughing at myself.

Sunshine and shadows. Autumn reflections.Light diffuses differently. Shortening days means more time for inner reflection.

Deep thoughts that lead to a tranquil spot where you feel cherished and empowered.

The reflection of the trees on the water is a rendering of the original. So our reflections are but are only ghostly images of what is true.

So in all this reflection is a challenge not to just watch but experience it and use it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Love is our story

Am I full of trepidation or excitement ? I can’t decide.But I see Carol’s welcoming smile and I am energized by Crystal’s hug and Linda’s welcome.

Who are we? For we have been chosen. There is no coincidence that we are here.We are the unsure, the fearful, the challenged, the creative, the wise, the seekers, the grieving, the diligent, the insightful and the hungry. We come to absorb all we can from ourselves and each other.

Peeling off the realities of our outside world , we have gone through a doorway where we can sit down and converse with ourselves. Hello beautiful soul.We begin to express the inner me to ourselves. Always astounding what pops out when the psyche is free to speak.

Tears and fears,triumphs and stumbling blocks. So many blocks! Roadblocks,writers blocks and the bitchy inner critic.?What next? Who knows?

I am grateful for Rubin for his bravery to be in a room of emotion. May his inner child be lulled to sleep to awaken as a twinkle in his eyes.

I am grateful to Diane who attempted the steps though her soul was brimful with loss.

Mary Beth I nodded at so much of what you said. How important to laugh at yourself.

Kathy. Your commercial impacted my “handling” of a long overdue reunion. Can’t wait to read your book.

Carol in the corner is my shining star. She radiates joy and fun. I can’t wait to come to your book signing.

Many asked about this site . I hope you are visiting. I picture your faces and will always remember our shared story in a safe place on a magic afternoon.



ME,Myself and I

Grateful to have the time and money to attend the writing workshop today. The talent will be self supplied in time.

Crystal’s reassurance that I will breeze through it.Carol’s that I am a writer -of gratitude lists.

Putting myself first no excuses. Stepping out to do something that makes me nervous.

Knowing everything else will all get done. And if it doesn’t it can wait.

In the middle of a really good book. I am not here when I read it.

Beautiful Fall day. Next week is peak. Wake up and look around.

Grateful to determine an answer from insurance company. Those phone calls are frustrating. I picture someone smirking as I yell “a person” “a person.”!

Friday the 13th holds anticipation for me. We buy lottery tickets. No winners here.

Happy Sweetest Day! Always thought it was my parents special day because their anniversary was around then. We will go out to eat but just because we will be hungry.


Looking forward

Looking toward the writing workshop with confidence and composure. Embrace the experience!

My sister’s birthday. I’m trying to arrange something special.

All she really wants is fast food. I will make that happen.

Anticipation of her reaction to my surprise.

No present like the time.(Hope she likes her watch.)

Baby clothes are so colorful and cute these days. Picking out an outfit with a big hair bow. (I’ve never seen a picture of McKenna without one.)

Frosting is the reason for cake.

Making arrangements to get a washer and dryer someone is getting rid of. Plans are ready. So grateful they thought of it.

Today is full of  details to prepare for the weekend. The universe is unfolding as it should and I’m in awe.

Grateful four

  1. My hubby. Not feeling well I realize how much I appreciate him well. His humor is snide and his stride is slow but I miss his companionship.Glad medicine keeps him well. I wish  it could let him be him.Get well faster!
  2. Laughter The musical score of my life is giggles and guffaws. There has been too many tense notes and dramatic pauses in the melody.I wish for the part of the symphony where it becomes light and airy. Happy people who laugh even as they cry. Shared laughter. I will tell you the story of the spider again.
  3. Firstborn.First loved. First in her achievements. My practice child. Too many battles over trifles.How many mistakes I made yet she fights for me when there is something I want. Fights hard, teeth bared and claws out. I will wear my leggings with pride admiring the  strong spirit who scored them for me.
  4. Autumn. The season of change. So much is changing or has changed. We recognize the beauty of change in nature but fight it on a personal level. But distractions are fewer from outside activities so creativity can make us as industrious as the squirrels. Not quite yet though. A few more rainbow walks without distraction. A few more afternoons of catching leaves.
  5. Four and more today.

Sisterhood and bonfire

Lovely evening for a bonfire. I didn’t even need a jacket.

Well behaved fire that did not send out smoke or belch sparks.

Bugs that bother but don’t bite.

Sisters around the fire in quiet conversations. Consolation and communication.

Praying for the one who chose not to be there. She needs time to grow.

Many were talking about the sermon on forgiveness. The power of a guest ministers words.

Traditional bonfire fare. Why does a hot dog taste good cooked over coals?

I wonder  who first thought up a s’more?

Women in a circle. A circle of togetherness, love and strength.