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In a bulb there is a promise

Picking out bulbs to plant at Church. Daffodils,tulips and crocus.

Deer resistant variety.

No ,No squirrels!

Boy scouts to plant them.No neat rows but tossed salad.

Defeating the Virginia Creeper.Donna was determined.

A gorgeous variety of pastel hyacinth bulbs for me.

A bag of blue tulips has shipped.

I have no boy scouts to plant mine.

The faith to look at a bulb and picture it will be a flower. There is hope for us!

Joy in the morning

A cinnamon bagel with honey nut cream cheese.

Honey crisp apples.

Change in the choir leadership. Some are worried. I just want to sing.

Standing up for myself.

Enjoying the last of the time I have with Gdaughter.

A deep and meaningful talk.

Realizing that the leggings I want are the one Jane bought. Laugh! we are more alike than we think!

October blues are predictable but annoying. Letting joy take the wheel.

Would be a nice day to…

Sleep in just roll over for a while.

Finish my book. Halfway through and intrigued.

Go out for a big breakfast.

Go to the library. I love those stacks.

Shopping for nothing and finding something.

Watch a movie with my Gdaughter,

But off to work I go on this rainy morning. Discovering the honor in being needed and the joy in achievement.

Later to return home.

Bright spots

Having my grand daughter here is a ray of sunshine in a bleak week.

Her text. We are near!

New carpet area rug makes room look better and no splinters.

House is more picked up than usual because of her visit.

Car cleaned out as I look for a necklace that I found cleaning for her visit.

Deciding to stop looking and let it find me worked.

Steak of such quality Hubby almost cooked it wrong.

Feeling good enough to work. It will be OK.

Chicken pot pie for dinner. Comfort food maximus!


Not feeling it

Too much emotion yesterday has left me depleted. Suffice to say. I am here. I feel better. My family is safe.

The world needs fixing and it must be demanded. Grateful for the eloquence of those who call for it. Prayers that it happens.

Amazing how one can go from happiness to despondency in a day. Hope means I will recover after processing.

Terrible time for fleas. Thankful for treatments and spray. Gdaughter will not want to sleep on the couch.

Getting out my toolbox to work on depression. What can I do to find a way?

Social media can be helpful but in the case of tragedy it must be avoided. See you later!


Those four letters fill my soul with relief for my daughter and her family live in Las Vegas.

She knew I would worry. So glad to see her marked safe.

Grateful for their physical safety but pray for their confidence and calm.

How do  you explain violence to a ten year old? Grateful he is not a brooder and if they tell him he is safe he will believe them.

Strong arms to hold me as the world feels shaky.

Feeling more sound today after a quiet queasy weekend.

The healing properties of Vernor’s ale and  Chicken.N.Stars Soup. Comfort food comforts.

Wherever you are be safe!



Grateful to feel better. Funny how sleep, fluids, rest and simple eating can make a virus feel unwelcome. So  grateful the aches and headaches are gone. And I will feel even better soon.

I feel like I have so much to do. I am grateful I don’t have to do it till I’m better.

Room for improvement. Grateful for second chances.

Our best effort on the altar decorations for World Communion Sunday. Time to stop. It can’t look better!

First day of October . Here’s to a month that just gets better and better,

Thirty Days Hath September

Looking back at the month I have much to be grateful for.

Most were sunny days a few rainy. More warmer than colder. In fact that 90* was a record breaker. Cooler now which I love!

The eclipse was fun. Everyone seemed to have  an eclipse story.

Lots of drama. No trauma. Solutions.

Retreat weekend. Good weather. Good studies. Good discussion. Good times. Good food. Good behavior.Good God we give thanks!

An impromptu gathering of nieces and husbands.Nice night. Loquacious people.

Mine eyes still seeing glory. No glasses yet. Hubby’s eyes healthy. New glasses.

Gson has settled into being ten. He is a tween. I love hearing stories about that boy.

Church activities keep me hopping. Things coming in October keep me hoping.



Cool it!

The heat grip has let up.It feels sublime though in May we would have said today was hot.

School calling off because of heat. One for the books. Stay cool kids! Stay cool parents!

Air conditioners and fans. Siestas.

Finding what you need when you  are shopping. Lovely to be able to stop.

Eating out to avoid creating heat. Tastes better too and no dishes.

Letting go of frustration. Realizing that petty things are not important.

Making plans for a gabfest meal. We will have to tip well for we are family and will occupy that table for a while.

Saw a hot air balloon in the distance at sunset. I haven’t seen one in a long time. Peaceful!