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The balance of knowing when to change, and what to choose. <3

Grateful for possible solutions in front of me. It has been a long few months of pet issues and I felt like I hit a wall. But seasons change and new possibilities present themselves. Each gives  a sense of hope.

Thankful for the rough weeks, as they quickly remind me where my priorities lie. Working from home, things sometimes become muddled. I’m learning to focus on where I want those boundaries to lie. Making more time for what counts.

Having people in your life that understand when you are short on time or energy – worth its weight in gold.

A sunny day on your two days off in a rainy week. Nature is beckoning and I hear the call.

A cookie at the end of a tiring day. Someone handing you a precooked meal at the end of a long week. Love is in the simple gestures and greatly appreciated.

The feel of a job well done at the end of the week. Guilt free rest on the days off.

The overwhelming joy of cats by my side at the end of the night – a reminder of the importance of work/life balance. #1 focus and I’ve been missing the mark.

Kind words from like-minded strangers showing me the gratitude I sometimes overlook. A constant reminder that perspective can turn a day around. <3

Changing Seasons

Grateful to be done with rattie intros. The girl was an expected handful, but intros were a success. Two lovely little critters now have a full time companion, and I have the mess in my room back in order again. Clean space, what a wonder it does for my spirits. Feels like a fresh start.

Thankful that the rainy week happened last week, while I was too busy to do anything. Feeling optimistic for a bit of free time, and lovely weather to enjoy it in. Time for some hiking, fresh air, sunshine and time to reflect.

Thankful to still be on track for my next financial goal. It’s comforting to finally see ongoing forward progress, even when the bills keep piling on. I’m thankful for the financial lessons that got me to this point.

Sometimes all those pieces you were struggling with finally line up for awhile. That never lasts forever and I plan to soak up every drop. <3

To new days…

I’m grateful for uneventful rattie intros. It’s an amazing experience to watch these little creatures as they learn to trust one another. Each intro is different than the one before, and you can learn so much from watching how different personalities adapt to one another. These two seem well matched, and Monster is loving and passive to bitey girl’s fear and huffing. He’s winning her over, and I’m ready to tackle round three of intros tonight. :)


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

“Every now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be happy”

Those rare and perfect days you wait for…

Every now and then there is one of those perfect days – the type of days you would have given anything for on rough days before… the ones that remind you why you started and why things are worth it. Anyone who has animals knows the value of those *perfect days*.

A few months  ago I unexpectedly lost both of my pet rats. Nine weeks ago I rescued another very sick rat, unsure if he would make the night. Six weeks ago I took a chance on a biter girl. Couple that with maintaining six cats with special needs, and it’s been an emotional ride.

But tonight… well, tonight I am reveling in watching the final night apart for these rats before intros begin tomorrow – one of the absolutely sweetest boys I’ve taken in, and a girl who is slowly learning to trust again (both fixed).  Days like these, when things seem to fall into place again, are rare and worth treasuring, and I’m ever so grateful for this one.


Three things I’m grateful for…

I’m grateful for the health (and patience) of my companion animals. So many are here for only a year or less, but each teaches me new lessons on how to love what we have while we have it, and how to accept letting go of what is not ours to keep. My little ones have many daily treatments, and I’m thankful that they love me despite them. These animals are my world, and they’ve taught me to appreciate the difference between a hard day and a truly bad day.

I’m thankful for the bright side of anxiety – how it forces us to examine what isn’t working in our lives, and prompts us to make positive changes each day to keep improving. I no longer beat myself up over baby steps in the right direction. I may not always hit the mark, but at least I’m aware of when I miss it.

I’m thankful for a wonderful new blog to follow. It’s nice to have daily reminders of things to be grateful for, especially during times when I’m not feeling all that grateful myself. Sometimes we just need to see the world through a different set of eyes.

Thank you for welcoming me to your group. :)