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Hello all :-) I am 21 years old and currently working on a degree in Psychology! I joined this website because I love to give thanks and show gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life. I feel like showing gratitude will help improve my life in a way that will generate more peace and happiness, while also sharing it with others! <3

A Wonderful Day

Today I am grateful for…..

  • Waking up early this morning
  • Meeting a lot of interesting people at the Salvation Army Family Store
  • Receiving many wonderful compliments
  • Completing my 20 hours of community service
  • Having a really eye opening conversation with Chhai about God and living righteous
  • Getting a free meal from Bojangles
  • Enjoying time with my mom
  • The nice weather today
  • The food I purchased at the store
  • Winning an auction on Ebay
  • Finding this gratitude website
  • The Law of Attraction working continuously in my life
  • All the synchronicity in events that I experienced today

Ayodele <3