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My weekend list

A hibiscus bloom in the middle of a deep freeze

my car that starts every morning despite sub-zero temps

a car that passes echeck – yippee!

Finding and reading an article about the town of Yakutsk Russia in Siberia -they cancel school when it is -55C (-67F)!

a productive day

weekends -LOVE them

our pellet furnace that keeps our house toasty

people willing to trade services

music – and the emotion it elicits

the simple things in life

Hi ruth

I had a visit with Ruth this morning

i read all her WLG lists

then all her blog

then looked at all the pictures on dance for ruth

and watched the flash mob video

so grateful these things exist

she’s still inspiring me

i love weekends

a clean house

pot of homemade soup that we’ll enjoy for several meals

apple crisp that makes the house smell wonderful

projects completed

excitement of things to come

being inspired

my son’s friend with a snowplow

my son’s dog who is his “family” when they’re far away from home

young adults with passion for life

reading other people’s lists

a new start

a new year – having a reason to examine things and decide where to make some changes

had all my kids home at the same time this year – it’s so fun seeing them together and hearing about their adult lives – all so very different from each other and unique in their passions

it’s sure going to be quiet around here when everyone finally has to leave

finally some snow – so much better than mud season in December

feeling motivated to tackle some of the piles around here

creating lists for the near future

looking at old pictures to see “the way we were”

accomplishing something small that makes a difference


my son’s positive nature

you’ve got a friend

My health

The beautiful days the last few weeks that allowed me to work my gardening job

Plants that hang onto their colors till the bitter end

The smell of pine needles on the ground

The smell of lavender

My health insurance that allows my husband to continue with physical therapy

My sister who is always there to listen and give advice

Friends that call out of the blue for a coffee date just when I need a friend

Having the motivation to walk instead of watch TV

Reading other people’s lists

a short list

today I grateful for

our extra bedroom, so when our kids come for a visit they actually have beds

anticipation of a family get together

chocolate, in any form

my first sip of coffee

good communication

blessed quiet

physical strength

when the dog decides it’s not worth barking at every car that comes down our road

that’s all





this beautiful day

this beautiful day

I got to work outside all day – a pleasant change from my desk job

I still had energy left at the end of the day to tackle a big job outside at our house

A sweet visit with my mom

My daughter trying to take charge of her life

Mixed berry muffins

Putting a flower bed to bed for the winter – cutting back all the plants until it’s neat and tidy

The double rainbow I saw last night – I haven’t seen a rainbow in years – it seemed like I was driving right into it

Someone loaned my daughter a car when hers bit the dust

Flowers that don’t bloom until late september/october


my saturday list

people from our homeschooling days who remain friends

a friend who gives me “hand-me-downs and leftovers” from her gardening business – it’s how I built my garden

art supplies

good soup recipes

my daughter’s car that keeps on ticking when it really should have fallen apart a long time ago

sour dough bread – yum

my beautiful hibiscus plant

my oldest son – a great conversationalist who loves to share his opinions

and his dedication to his chosen profession

my old journals – i love looking back and reading what was important in our lives 3, 5, or 10 years ago



i’m grateful for:

pouring down rain – even if it makes the hallway ceiling leak, i keep forgetting to water our new hydrangea so now maybe it won’t die

the strength to actively work at letting my youngest child (19 years) stretch her wings and be more independent and as she says “let her make her own mistakes” – after all, I was married when I was 19 – but it’s still hard

circumstances that will bring our oldest son home next week to stay with us for a month – it will be fun to have him home even though I’m gonna have to cook more regularly!

spending time with my mom trying to help her figure out new technology

getting up early to soft rain and a good book

and staying in my PJs until 10:00!

my daughter agreeing to let me help her with something – I thought she’d put up a fight!

color – the blue blue sky against the green leaves, the purple flowers against the lime green vine

allowing myself to relax after a long, hard week

reading other people’s lists



have been married 39 years today

we worked together on a few projects today

i think our daughter called her brothers to remind them to call us

didn’t have to cook dinner – enjoyed dinner out

even got a decadent chocolate dessert to split

talked about some goals for the  next year

well, mainly for the next few months

enjoyed some sweet comments on facebook about our anniversary

brought each other up to date with our recent phone conversations with our kids

back to normal tomorrow – normal is good, too