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a productive saturday

grateful for:

the energy to dig up a large part of the garden to make room for a beautiful blue hydrangea

spending time with my mom

taking a beautiful drive in the country on a beautiful day to get some peaches at the orchard

wesley fixed my car and it didn’t cost anything!

a friend who likes to get together early in the morning like I do – we had fun sketching in the woods this morning


tri-C – for giving me a refund on some textbooks even though I had lost the receipt

finally got the paint scraped off the back door and it is ready to paint again

my son who gave me his old I-touch and my daughter who helped me load my favorite songs

crossing things off the list!



thursday thoughts

the possibilities of a four day weekend

looking forward to coffee with a friend

a son who is skilled in car repair and is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to fix mine

reconnecting with some old friends even if  it was at a funeral home…

which brought out some tears and memories of our own dads

lists which makes me actively appreciate why I should be grateful rather than negative

the feelings I get when I see babies and young children – sometimes my cup runneth over!

Ruth’s posts on WLG, FB, etc

appreciating the special qualities of each of my kids

teens that turn into amazing young adults



It’s The Little Things…that make me happy

Peace signs and tie dye

The perfect pen

A brand new paper journal found in the clearance section

Finding the right calendar

The school supply section of a store – there are so many possibilities!

My clean frig

OK I admit it – a good donut

A favorite coffee cup – one hand made by my sister

Seeing the felt lined shell on my dresser everyday where I keep my earrings – my son made it for me when he was 10 (he’s 25 now!) and I still love that shell

Happy Sunday,




Love the Weekends

That wonderful feeling Friday evening knowing I have the whole weekend ahead of me.

The “what I want to accomplish this weekend” list I make Friday night.

The good feeling checking something off the list.

Getting up early in the morning Saturday to do all the mundane things I don’t get to do  during the week – drinking coffee out of my favorite cup, spending time on the computer, or reading a book, before I start attacking the list.

Planning a nice meal for Sunday.

Baking cookies and writing notes to send to my adult children – I know how fun it is to get something, especially a taste of home, in the mail.

Being thankful I get another weekend to dry my clothes on the line – I know those days are numbered come Fall.

Early morning grocery shopping before the crowds hit.

Doing nothing.

Having time to make a grateful list.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!




A Day With My Daughter

1.  Yippee – a day off work!

2.  Leisurely out to breakfast with Claire to a place we’ve never been that had great food and better coffee!  No hurry – time for lots of conversation.

3.  More conversation in the car while we drove to her college so she could get her books, then drove farther to see the school where she’ll be taking an evening art class.  I was grateful we took the time to do this because it was hard to find!

4.  I think we talked more today than we have in the last two months as our schedules never seem to mesh.

5.  Had enough time before she had to be at work to go shoe shopping!

6.  So lucky she still wants to spend time with me and really talk.

7.  All this wondering about her future plans makes me nervous, but I’m pretty good at taking it a day at a time.

8.  Spent the last part of my day off cooking with my husband and taking a walk with him in the cool evening (wished I’d had a warmer sweater!)

9.  Actually had time and evergy left to work on my art project.

10. Now back to work mode…