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Thank you God for December 2, 2015!

  1. Got paid to get a new haircut and a haircut that I love!
  2. Fresh fruit and vegetables at work!
  3. I had the best day ever at work today!
  4. Being able to work and do what I love for work
  5. Making people laugh by being jolly, quirky, and goofy!
  6. Wearing the cutest purple polka dot dress I’ve ever seen!
  7. My body is losing the weight gained from taking medication!
  8. New friends
  9. The prayers of my friends for my healing
  10. Unexpected checks! Whoo hoo!
  11. More blessings for my mom!
  12. Going out to dinner
  13. Fragrance-free lotion
  14. Meeting well-behaved and very polite children

Thank you God for November 24, 2015!

  1. Bible study party–being with lifelong church friends and family, celebrating with a feast of homecooked dishes, looking at photos from 25 years old, and sharing memories with one another!
  2. I’m so happy God has assured me of His calling for me and that I get to do what I love for a living!
  3. God helped us get our car to work after a snowstorm!
  4. Winter hats, boots, scarves, gloves, and coat
  5. Celebrating a new birth in the family with everyone!
  6. Eggs
  7. Mom’s homecooked soup–makes my body all warm!

Thank you God for November 7, 2015!

  1. Health and being able to walk without pain, eat without being on a medical diet, help out around the house, work, and speak
  2. After taking a 9-year break, I joined the church choir again! It is such a blessing and wonderful feeling to be able to join with my brothers and sisters in Christ in singing to the Lord in worship, praise, and thanks!
  3. God’s continuous providence for us

Thank you God for November 6, 2015!

  1. The Food Network
  2. Health Insurance and health
  3. Remission
  4. Food
  5. Birthday gifts!
  6. Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies!
  7. Being able to go to Mass and the Holy Hour prayer service afterwards to pray one of my favorite prayers–the chaplet of divine mercy!
  8. Gumbo, mac and cheese, chips and guacamole, organic coconut chocolate bar, chicken noodle soup, and quesadillas!