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Grateful for being able to make Cookies

My Mom’s german Recipies

Taking Cookies to Church

The Smell of the House from all the Cookies

Making Cookies for Friends

Making Cookies for Clients

My Shiatsu Massage after making so many Cookies

My Friends who helped decorate my Tree

Being able to go to Mass daily



This wonderful Christmas Season

Making Cookies from my Mom’s german Recipies

Giving Cookies to Friends at Church

Giving Cookies to Clients

My Kids and Friends who came to help decorate the Tree

Making more Cookies

Being asked to help decorate the Church

The smell of Pine


Beautiful Morning!

I am grateful for God’s Guidance

Seeing a Sky full of Stars when I got up

54° Degrees, while the Rest of the Country is in a deep Freeze

A great Cup of Coffee

Being healthy

My Children, Grandson and Great-Grandsons

Beautiful Sunrise now

Finally having a Car that runs

My Dog Angel

All my wonderful Friends