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Sunshine Today

  1.  So excited that I stayed with the zumba class and followed along pretty well!  Yipee!!!!
  2.  happy to see a few pink blossoms on my cherry tree
  3. cheerful birdies singing songs
  4. unity chapel prayer list;  feeling like you are helping when you add names to this list
  5. thankful that Carol keeps us informed of the new additions
  6. Friendship with the Island girls warms my heart and is comforting in times of need
  7.  Best friend “friendship”  I could not live without that
  8. Thankful for the gift of this day
  9. thankful for each one of you and wish you blessings, joy, and peace

Delay in downton

  1. Finally watching the conclusion of a wonderful tv srries
  2. so grateful for the warm temps today
  3. lovely walk Iat The nature realm smelling the creeping fir trees; listening to the birdies, and watching a mom and daughter feeding the birds.
  4. Reading portions of the ‘power of now”. So much practical advice.
  5. thznkful for the gift of this early spring day.
  6. Love to each of you.

blowing Thursday

  1.  Fun watching the big white flakes moving east to west/north or south;
  2. happy spring is only 23 days away
  3. feeling peaceful due to taking time out for meditation
  4. getting go of fear and releasing to faith
  5. paying attention to food intake; much too easy to increase intake and add the pounds
  6. As stated by TUT, thoughts become things.  It’s important to create positive thoughts
  7. I visualize joy, peace, love, abundance and thankfulness; very simple, but effective
  8. Thankful for the gift of the day
  9. Blessings to each of you


  1.  Sunshine today and over the weekend, gives you a BIG boost of energy
  2.  love to read Mary Ellens’ thoughtful posts;  an amazing person
  3.  celebrated my anniversary in Cleveland with a good play called If/Then;  the theme was interesting – if you hadn’t talked to a person at the bank, at the store, etc, then something else would not have occurred.
  4. Listening to the birdies chirping today
  5.  Eric Baker’s weekly posts, he is very create and interesting
  6. kind people like my pal Carol who always has time for others
  7. meditation helps me relax and look at the good-very powerful
  8.  Thankful for the gift of this day
  9. Love to each of you

it’s almost here

1.  heading out to california for the holiday and look forward to meeting my son and his girlfriend; and i am praying to meet my older son who hasn’t had contact since June.

2.  Blessings to all of you wonderful, wise fellow gratitude people for a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for in spite of the news media and world events.


sunny day

1.  so grateful for good friends, happy time celebrating in the big city of Cleveland

2.  Jumbo colossal shrimp with a spicy sauce and JUMBO green grapes; both – compliments of generous Carol

3.  a staff of helpful, kind people available to meet your every whim!

4.  prayers for the entire country of France with God’s grace and healing energy

5.  Today, at the gym, a stranger said “Good morning.”    This happens very infrequently.  Made my day.

6. Grateful to share weight training classes which make the time pass so quickly.

7.  New hair stylist that I liked personally and professionally.  Very grateful since I have tried at least 4 others.   She is  a traveler which I find very interesting.

8.  Thankful for each Gratitude participate, whether you are a reader or post.  This is a great forum to learn and share.

9.  Thankful for the gift of yet another day.

wind and leaves

1.  enjoy the red birds flying around in the wind; they aren’t the least bit bothered

2.  Happy Birthday to our creative, insightful Mary Ellen!!

3.  happy to spend the night with Island Girls exploring Cleveland and just hanging out together

4.  thankful for my customers

5.  thankful that I will see my youngest soon very soon – and pray maybe the older one

6.  grateful for a less evasive  diagnosis on my foot

7.  Thankful for the gift of this day, each moment – it is all GOOD

quote for Thursday

Whether one believes in a religion or not,
and whether one believes in rebirth or not,
there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.”
Tenzin Gyatso (b. 1935)
14th Dalai Lama
This is a great message; nothing else for me to say except THANK YOU!
and of course, grateful for the gift of this beautiful day

wednesday perseverance

1  spreadsheet work with the help of my husband; lots of columns, must stay focused and forge ahead to completion

2.  meditation required to stay focused; such a wonderful way to clear your mind

3. talks today; so interesting  sandrine thuret: you can grow new brain cells.  Here’s how.  very interesting and enlightening

4.  another TED talk that is worth listening:  Martin Pistorius: how my mind came back to life–and no one knew   very inspiring how one statement made a difference which is a good reminder for me

5.  living with an open heart

6.  why greed when some have plenty but want more

7.  my son managing his team of 22 year olds–8 out of 11 are female; he said he feels like their sorority leader.  too funny

8.  thankful for the gift of this day, for each of YOU!!!!