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Feeling grateful…

  1. …to be back here
  2. …for little miracles
  3. …that I have support
  4. …for a higher resonance
  5. …for my brilliant partner in creativity
  6. …for restored health
  7. …for ideas that come out of nowhere
  8. …that I’m following through on those ideas
  9. …that I’m pushing myself in good ways
  10. …that I know everything’s going to be okay

Thankful Thursday

  • My beloved Nature
  • The Baltimore Orioles who visit my yard and bring me cheer
  • All God’s creatures
  • Consistency
  • An amazing partner in creativity
  • Using time wisely
  • Prayer
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Small gestures that bring joy
  • Rest
  • Infinite love and gratitude

Some June Resolutions

  1. To live each day with an open heart
  2. To move my body more
  3. To eat what makes me healthy
  4. To spend more time outside in my bare feet to stay grounded
  5. To publish something online every day
  6. To send at least one card or email each day to someone different to let them know I’m thinking of them
  7. To focus, focus, focus
  8. To be present
  9. To practice random acts of compassion & kindness
  10. To be grateful for everything in my life

Today’s treasures

  1. Sweet memories of my mom, whose birthday is today
  2. Planting some daisies in my sunny garden in her honor…
  3. …with dozens of zinnias to follow this weekend
  4. Taking at least 10,000 steps – a goal I set this morning
  5. Two nature walks – one this morning and one this evening
  6. Running into a new friend (whom I’d never met before:)
  7. Recognizing that he, too, was a birder (the binoculars and camera were good clues:)
  8. Finding the Lark Sparrow, because two pairs of eyes are better than one
  9. Sitting outside with my hubby and enjoying the perfect evening
  10. Surrendering to slumber

Earth Day

  • Trees
  • The ground under my feet
  • The sky overhead
  • Fresh air and clean water
  • Wildflowers and butterflies
  • Birds, birds, birds
  • All kinds of marvelous critters
  • Rocks and stones
  • Mountains
  • Lakes, rivers, oceans
  • And so much more…                                                                                                                                                #cswshare