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end of weekend gratitude

tonight i feel grateful for:

1. this weekend.

2. the beach. playing with my kids in the white sand.

3. ron’s humor.

4. a trip to the south.

5. morning fruit shake and pancakes.

6. mid day snooze.

7. afternoon breeze.

8. afternoon ice coffee and cake with efrat.

9. aircon.

10. my kids good night blessings…:)

11. beautiful inspiring mails and links.

12. this blog!

my bed is calling my name…..z….z….z…..

wishing all a great week!

{big smile}


sunday morning and some of yesterday’s gratitude

this morning i feel gratitude for:

1. me- got up at 6:30 and went to the pool to do excersizes for my knee.

2. me {again} for enjoying it and for feeling relaxed as if i was on the beach in thailand.

3. ruthi who advised me to come to the pool at an early hour- thanks!

4. a morning hug.

5. me for writing my thanks!

some gratitude for yesterday too:

1. me- for asking my mom to take the kids for a while so i can relax.

2. my mom watching over my kids yesterday and by that allowing me and ron to enjoy a quiet day for two.

3. ron for the great relaxing day we had.

4. an afternoon snooze.

5. ron building the mud oven in our garden. yesterday we tried it for the first time and it was beautiful!

6. my kids for going to bed nicely and sleeping well.

7. amit for getting us some yummy cookies…

8. me  for writing in my blog.


thanks for reading and hope your week is lovely!



mid week gratitude list

today i am grateful for:

1. my physiotherapist- who said my knee is improving, and encouraged me.

2. my mom’s birthday who made me creative.

3. my big sister who reminds me to focus on the end result and not on the details.

4. me- i feel creative and i try to spread light and fairy dust all around.

5. me for also reminding myself by doing that to keep up my optimistic feeling.

6. my sick friend who’s better a little each day and who gave me a chance to be helpful and generous.

7. my little sister who i’m going to tomorrow and it brings me a smile just thinking of it.

8. to my dad’s wife who’s babysitting for us tomorrow so we can go visit my sister and hubby.

9. my dad and his wife for all the nice gifts they got my kids in the usa, especialy Buzz Lightyear, who’s making shachar so happy.

10. shachar for his imaginary games.

11. alma for just being her.

12. me for writing all of that.

13. you who are reading it.

have a great day!


gratitude before coffee

this morning i feel grateful for:

1. my kids sleeping through the night.

2. all of us sleeping untill 8 this morning! {never happens}

3. ron for buying milk {needed for the morning coffee…}

4. me for having happy thought on this sunday morning,

and being efficient and focused about my TODO list of the day.

5. being able to find out how to link to this site from my personal blog!

6. for the himming bird at my window.

hope i made you smile!

have a great day!