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  • A fender-bender being just that with no harm
  • Staying calm because mom wrote out lists of many things for my sister and I this year.  One of them was “What to do if you’re in an accident”
  • Taking the high road
  • Insurance!  Finally I get to use that thing I’ve been paying so much for so long!
  • Another chance, then another.. infinite chances every day for something better
  • Strangers who smile
  • Two customers saw my coworkers giving me hugs (because of losing my mom) they also gave me hugs without knowing why I needed them.  I love my store
  • A small gestures to brighten someones day (must easier to do once you’ve been abundantly hugged)
  • One of my favorite customers gets many prescriptions and is sometimes clearly not feeling well, yet she always goes out of her way to smile or something something kind to everyone they meet in my store.  If you ask how she is “blessed” is always the answer. Wow.
  • Sharing the excitement of snow with a great friend in Texas.  He’s appreciating it from a place that’s 60 and sunny
  • Always finding a reason to smile

Wishing you smiles like sunshine and hugs with love in your heart

Cowgirl Up

  • Reading all of these lists and remembering to be grateful
  • A new routine of listing as many things as I can think of that I’m grateful for while I drive
  • Watching the NFR (rodeo) with Dave, “Cowboy Up” is the new motto around here
  • Seeing the cowboys thank Jesus …and their horses after every ride
  • The one cowboy who wiggles his butt after a good round
  • Friends helping, always
  •  Trusting the experts
  • Moving forward no matter how hard it feels
  • Sitting in my mom’s room surrounded by reminders of her
  • Being anywhere and knowing my mom is already there

Wishing you the strength to hang onto the rope no matter how rough the ride, until you can throw your hat in the air in victory.  Yeehaw!


Support.  Thank you Garrett, Crystal,  Helen and of course Dave for dedicating lists to my mom.  They are so comforting and help us to feel surrounded by love

This morning I read over some of moms lists from the past few months.  She always had an attitude of gratitude, positivity and joy.  I’m so grateful for her lists right now

Sticking together as a family.  So grateful mom found Dave

Soon after mom was diagnosed there was a huge hailstorm.  Through the pounding hail the sun streaked through the sky making everything beautiful.  I told mom then she was like that sunshine.  Relentlessly brilliant through any storm.  Yesterday morning the three of us watched the sunrise and Dave said he knew it was mom.  This morning I opened the blinds like mom always did and the sunlight came streaming in.  Good morning mom!

There aren’t enough words in the world to express my gratitude for my mom

Wishing you sunshine that touches your heart

Our hospice nurse Kristy making and delivering a ham for my family for Thanksgiving on her day off, we live miles and miles away but she insisted it was no trouble at all. Also no trouble to make the potato salad and cheesecake

Kari making the most delicious turkey! All by herself and it turned out beautifully.  I’m so proud of her!  Plus rosemary mashed potatoes. Rosemary is moms favorite

Visiting with mom

Dave always putting mom first, without question or concern

Songs, foods, smells that remind me of amazing times with mom

My favorite picture of mom and I from Kalahari waterpark. We’re both poised with the same huge smile. We spent the whole week together as the best of friends visiting, dancing, cooking and laughing the whole time

Realizing this Thanksgiving how much mom has always put into making every holiday special and all about family

My friends and family who are always here to support me when I need them the most


Wishing you a beautiful sunrise ahead


Still grateful

  • “The Chippy”, the yummy chipped ham sandwich from The Green Leaf Restaurant
  • Having a warm place to stay.  As the weather gets colder I’m so grateful to have heat.  I would have made a lousy pioneer
  • Spending an evening with two of my friends eating great food, all cuddled up in a giant bed surrounded by cats and dogs
  • Deciding when I need a break
  • Visiting with mom
  • Reading the Uncle Remus story of the Tar Baby to mom like she used to read it to me
  • Doing a little something each day to make myself feel better (red lipstick, a hot shower with Vicks, calling a friend..)
  • Reading a list of my favorite things when I was 9.  “#3, my almanac”.  My almanac?! haha
  • A visit from my Aunt Faun.  She makes the most delicious foods like creamed corn, potato soup
  • Watching the video Dave took of the benefit for mom.  it went by so quickly it’s great to relieve it

Wishing you a million more wishes

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

  • Friends who work hard to keep in touch when I’m too scattered to respond
  • My friend Christine surprising me with a hot dinner after work
  • Everyone who came out to support my family at the benefit for my mom. Wow.  So very overwhelmed with love
  • My friend Jadwiga who literally gave me the shirt off her back when I forgot my jacket yesterday
  • Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones
  • Crisp autumn days, perfect for football games
  • Having a reliable car when friends need a lift.  It’s come to the rescue for several people this week
  • Giggling with my mom over touchdown dances
  • Kari, my little sister, always being willing to help others
  • This (copyright Crystal ©)

Wishing you a feeling-good-pass-it-on kind of day


The strength of my mom’s choices for her well being

Dave’s strong love for my mom

The strength of my mom’s body through this process

My mom’s strong will to keep moving, going forward, no matter how high the mountain seems

My strength in letting only positive, helpful people be around me

The strong friends and family that lift us up when things get tough

Our strong hospice team, they all work together and make it seem effortless

My mom’s strong love for Dave

My sisters motto of “Dig Deep” (copyright Thibodeau, haha) when you need a little more strength

Good, strong laughter

Wishing you the strength of diamonds, silk and pure love

Keeping It Together Tuesday

  • Joining my friends for a downtown scavenger hunt
  • Collaborating for new ways to solve problems
  • Writing letters
  • Discovering a new vintage gallery + shop which is not only awesome but awesomely affordable
  • Being over 2/3 finished with my goals for the year.. only two months to go before 25 new ones
  • Computer commands in everyday life.  Can you refresh?  Why not restart?  No worries, everything is backed up, saved and ready for you to reboot
  • The excitement of gearing up for Christmas at work (I work retail, please forgive)
  • Considering all of my options
  • Watching movies with my parents
  • Rediscovering the magic in everything

“Let’s not be afraid of anything that can’t really hurt us.”-FLB

“You’re meant to have whatever your heart desires. Did you know that? Whatever your heart wants that much is already a part of you.” -FLB
Wishing you conscious connection to everything good, pure and made of love in the Universe

First Draft Tuesday

  • Reading my WLG friends gratitude lists in their voices
  • Deciding to ask for help when things are too big, scary, difficult or some other troublesome word
  • The diversity of my stores clientele: all ages, races, genders, backgrounds, whatever.  Makes the store so much more fun and interesting!
  • Seeing someone stop a stranger who had just dropped $100
  • Today a woman was studying the magazines for ages, picking them up, putting them down.. Then she moved to the candy aisle looking over every option… finally she came to checkout with her choices.  Her granddaughter was in the hospital and she wanted to choose the PERFECT things.  So touching the thought she put into it all.
  • Hearing about my mom’s visit with my uncle, aunt and my cousins.  They are all hilariously funny, it was nice to live vicariously through her
  • Planning a fun weekend with friends including a wine tasting
  • Friends who help in so many ways.  Wish there was a stronger word than “thank you”
  • Finding new ways to appreciate people
  • The many farm animal filled routes I can take to my mom’s house.  One has goats along the way, another miniature ponies, another three dairy farms

Wishing you a smile that hangs on like Indian summer


Dealing with grief can feel overwhelming.  Here are some of my favorite outlets I’ve discovered to help me find the good in everyday-it’s always there when you know where to look.

  • Laughter.  I’m so blessed to have amazing friends and family to help me through everything
  • Music. For any mood, any time
  • Art.  Zentangles are terrific (thank you Carol Bailey Floyd) and I’ve recently discovered I LOVE to paint.  Who knew?
  • Crocheting.  Very meditative
  • Cooking.  Also meditative, plus you get to eat at the end, yay!
  • Visits.  Something to look forward to is so motivating
  • Helping others.  Sometimes it’s easier to help others in small ways than figure out what to do to help yourself
  • Louise Hay’s audio CDs
  • Aromatherapy
  • Exercise.  Getting just a little sunlight everyday is so healing

Wishing you the perfect medicine to heal you right now