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I Am Happy With…

How I spend my time

The insights experienced

My latest art interest expressions

The rainy weather

My boundaries with people

How my WRAP is going lately

The little things that make up my safe world

Dark black, waterproof pens on bleached white paper

You Tube videos showing how to make artistic creations

Cold Play’s enthusiasm

My red car that goes Zoom!

Flowers that are still blooming

My kids’ choices for themselves

My choices I have made for myself

Shifts in thinking

Practicing Gratitude



Love, Love, Love

Free days

Cooking for the staff  Thanksgiving party

Watching Louis CK on TV

Watching “how to” art videos online

The feeling of movement

Hummingbirds feeding

Reading inspirational books

Remembering kind words spoken to me

My husband’s compliments


Black and white checkerboard patterned floors

Red doors

Automatic ice makers

Indoor plumbing


Seeing the progress I have made in my life

Making handmade books






I Appreciate…

I appreciate inspiring ideas in the night and getting up to work on them

I appreciate seeing that he is imperfect and totally devoted to me

I appreciate connections with those with similar views

I appreciate collecting walnuts just before the rains came

I appreciate the first rain in many months

I appreciate accomplishing projects

I appreciate sharing my passion with those interested

I appreciate paper to create art with

I appreciate healing

I appreciate those who share their story with me

I appreciate color, textures, images

I appreciate my comfortable schedule

I appreciate healthy homemade soup

I appreciate shifts in my thinking

I appreciate my daughter’s responsible ways

I appreciate the feel of my body the next day after I exercise

I appreciate dark chocoate

I appreciate the neighbor who watches out for all of us in a comfortable way

I appreciate the ordinary little things that make up my world

I appreciate the joy that gratitude brings when practiced

I appreciate a clean art studio to start fresh in again




I’m thankful for:

Empathy – given and received
The first rain of the Summer just as Fall arrives
Seeing the harvesting of tomatoes in the fields
Physical therapy is working
I always have a choice
My kids are self supporting and wise
Watercolors blending together on Yupo paper
My best friend is my husband and he adores me
Mantras that remind me of what is important to me
Inspiring people

Love, love, love


Seeing great art and copying it to learn the technique like Kandinsky

listening to the same song over and over all day long

funny You tube videos

free summer concerts in the park with little kids dancing to the music

that no matter how tired my husband is, he always loves watching me undress at night

Twinkling H2Os shimmering watercolors

___________ delights me

being able to log in successfully to WordPress finally

ice cream with whip cream and nuts


handmade quilts


humming birds feeding

intense colors of blue, green, purple and yellow together

free days

my art room

spending the afternoon with my husband watching TV while getting my feet massaged

another  person “getting” me


I am surprised by:

unexpected calls from friends sharing happy news

my wisdom

the beauty in nature

how persistent the bird is who keeps returning to the location I blocked off months ago on the corner of the overhang so no nests can be made there. She/he comes everyday and chirps and chirps seemingly trying to understand what happened.

the consistency of bananas, coconut and ripe peaches

how much our childhoods still affect us decades later

cloud formations

what people chose to wear

my dreams where dead relatives come back for a visit as if nothing has changed

I Appreciate:

My 32nd wedding anniversary.

Mudbaths in Calistoga.

Two massages this week.

Good therapy sessions.

Authentic friends.

Hot tub soaks.

Watching good deeds unfold in others.

Cool breezes.


Responses from others on the internet.

A good night’s sleep.




New ideas realized.