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Love is in the air

Happy Birthday Barb! Her face radiated joy in the pictures!

Meaningful Church service. Music, message and a baptism.

Watching the kids perform their musical. Such joy!

Reception went well. Many hands= much love.

Jessica’s giggles.

My friend Erin is engaged. How wonderful!

Pulling together ideas for a tea at Church. Counting on my friends and knowing they will come through.

Texting. (Quick way to check in.)

Grateful to be surrounded by love.


April 22

I met Hubby at a party 45 years ago on April 22nd. It’s been a series of amusing rides since. (Roller coaster, merry go round and you drive ’em.)What if I’d stayed home that night?

No celebration this year. Upset stomach. Grateful for time to relax,

Homemade Chicken noodle soup.

Earth Day. Beautiful and wondrous world.

Northeast Ohio Rocks. Rock on! A simple concept providing joy and comfort.

Children’s play tonight. Unselfie!

Taking fresh fruit as my contribution.

Solar lights the same color as our house.

Thank you for the world, my world and our world!



  • Our crazy weather…hail, snow, winter advisory, sunshine, green grass…you choose :)
  • Furnace was out…1 night without heat but temp was warm 40-45 that night, and we were okay
  • Gson’s awesome skiing video at Big Sky
  • Commenting on a lady’s name of “Gloria” and how lovely…she said we don’t see that name often any more….I said that mine was “Jean” and don’t see that one a lot either….she smiled and said, “My middle name is Jean”….fun :)
  • Talking with a WWII Veteran who is 92….looks more like 72!! A fun guy…he’ll be around for a long time:)
  • Raking the yard of pine needles and pine cones…great to have it finished
  • Picture of the Orchid, Flower of the Holy Spirit, amazing!
  • GPa has me laughing for several days…he decided to do a “MacGyver” and fix some aluminum foil as an “antenna” on the top of his ear phones, to eliminate the static…it worked!      He looks like an alien from outer space :)


I’m grateful for all I have and all I am.

Always a choice to look at the downside or the bright side. Choose to look up!

The amazing amount of info available when you have a problem.

Looking forward to painting rocks with Carol. It will be funner than fun.

An intriguing idea at Bible study makes me say Wow!

Grateful for music which soothes and comforts.

Helpful bank teller to sort out details of fraud.

New checks. Right numbers this time!

I promised to mention the man who demonstrated his  singing telegram at Laughing club. I was the recipient and I laughed so hard.


Gratitudes April 9-15, 2017

  1. Sun Apr 9, early to meeting, conversations with friends, good meals, sunny day, great haircut, good walks, progress at work, bed early.
  2. Mon Apr 10, early to hearing aid appt., on time to class, good meals, good walks on a sunny day, good advice from co-worker and boss, progress at work, good meals.
  3. Tue Apr 11, good meals, cheerful help from and conversations with co-workers, helpful chat with boss, progress at work, good meals, good walk.
  4. Wed Apr 12, good walks, pleasant day, progress at work, early to appt., helpful info on internet, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals.
  5. Thu Apr 13, good walk, helpful chat with boss, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals.
  6. Fri Apr 14, good walks, cheerful help from co-workers, helpful conversation with boss, sunny day, inspiring music on internet, good meals, progress at work.
  7. Sat Apr 15, good walks, conversation with co-workers, sunny day, good meals, inspiring music, progress at work, insights into my belief system.

It’s Good Friday!

Memories of Easters past float through my brain and make me smile.

Coloring eggs and painting rocks. (We were ahead of our time as there is a craze to hide painted rocks in N.E Ohio.)

I’m going to take a picture(s) of the rocks taking up room in my closet and set them free .

Easter egg hunt and safari breakfast. (Hunting for small boxes of cereal.)

Easter baskets and of course Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

New outfits.  At least Spring colors.

Family get together. Food,fun and frenzy.

Accepting mellow is not hollow by embracing new traditions. Church,music, dessert at daughters.

No matter how you celebrate. It is a new beginning. Welcome Spring!

Here we go

Grateful for energy. My life is a series of events. Let me see them as opportunities not obligations.

Using the last Christmas gift card. Yum!

Grateful for a nap. The need to unwind.

Evening service tonight. Music and message will inspire.

A response on Facebook that makes me feel acknowledged.

The amazing fact that you can order something and have it in four days.

Pleasant people.

Laughter and contentment.

Happy Easter every one!



The trees burst with buds. Daffodils waving in the breeze.

Grass is growing. Neighbors are mowing.

Children excited about the Easter bunny.

Tyguy painted Easter rocks. Looking good!

Figuring out Easter plans. Love to see my local kids! (Though it makes me miss the others.)

Cheesecake or trifle. Lazy or ambitious.

The full moon left me sleepless. Was it pink? Not when I saw it!

Jackets instead of coats.

My own bed. My house. My stuff. My mess.


Look closely

The pace of life that takes your breath away and leaves you breathless.

Holy Week .The music of Palm Sunday. The children sang there part and waved the palm with joy.

Many activities at Church leading up to Easter. Holy Thursday service, Good Friday. Easter Prayer Vigil.

Embracing change  instead of resisting it.

Pacing myself.

Healing and acceptance.

Grateful to make money so I can be generous.

Ordering my Grand daughter’s birthday present.

Planning my daughter’s birthday cake.

I was looking for signs of Spring with three precious children yesterday morning. Amazing what you can see everywhere when you look closely.