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ME,Myself and I

Grateful to have the time and money to attend the writing workshop today. The talent will be self supplied in time.

Crystal’s reassurance that I will breeze through it.Carol’s that I am a writer -of gratitude lists.

Putting myself first no excuses. Stepping out to do something that makes me nervous.

Knowing everything else will all get done. And if it doesn’t it can wait.

In the middle of a really good book. I am not here when I read it.

Beautiful Fall day. Next week is peak. Wake up and look around.

Grateful to determine an answer from insurance company. Those phone calls are frustrating. I picture someone smirking as I yell “a person” “a person.”!

Friday the 13th holds anticipation for me. We buy lottery tickets. No winners here.

Happy Sweetest Day! Always thought it was my parents special day because their anniversary was around then. We will go out to eat but just because we will be hungry.


Family’s needs

Grateful for 1. Christian, my son in law, for tolerating and loving a nervous mother in law 2. Kae, my daughter, gor bringing me along on her Surgical adventure, and still needing a hug from Mom , 3. My husband who encouraged me fly alone to Georgia to be here, and 4. Emory Medical Center that is currently right this moment doing her surgery. Not life threatening reasons, don’t worry, but necessary… I am so grateful to everyone and everything that worked, to get me here. Prayers for her surgery, please…

Looking forward

Looking toward the writing workshop with confidence and composure. Embrace the experience!

My sister’s birthday. I’m trying to arrange something special.

All she really wants is fast food. I will make that happen.

Anticipation of her reaction to my surprise.

No present like the time.(Hope she likes her watch.)

Baby clothes are so colorful and cute these days. Picking out an outfit with a big hair bow. (I’ve never seen a picture of McKenna without one.)

Frosting is the reason for cake.

Making arrangements to get a washer and dryer someone is getting rid of. Plans are ready. So grateful they thought of it.

Today is full of  details to prepare for the weekend. The universe is unfolding as it should and I’m in awe.

Grateful four

  1. My hubby. Not feeling well I realize how much I appreciate him well. His humor is snide and his stride is slow but I miss his companionship.Glad medicine keeps him well. I wish  it could let him be him.Get well faster!
  2. Laughter The musical score of my life is giggles and guffaws. There has been too many tense notes and dramatic pauses in the melody.I wish for the part of the symphony where it becomes light and airy. Happy people who laugh even as they cry. Shared laughter. I will tell you the story of the spider again.
  3. Firstborn.First loved. First in her achievements. My practice child. Too many battles over trifles.How many mistakes I made yet she fights for me when there is something I want. Fights hard, teeth bared and claws out. I will wear my leggings with pride admiring the  strong spirit who scored them for me.
  4. Autumn. The season of change. So much is changing or has changed. We recognize the beauty of change in nature but fight it on a personal level. But distractions are fewer from outside activities so creativity can make us as industrious as the squirrels. Not quite yet though. A few more rainbow walks without distraction. A few more afternoons of catching leaves.
  5. Four and more today.

Sisterhood and bonfire

Lovely evening for a bonfire. I didn’t even need a jacket.

Well behaved fire that did not send out smoke or belch sparks.

Bugs that bother but don’t bite.

Sisters around the fire in quiet conversations. Consolation and communication.

Praying for the one who chose not to be there. She needs time to grow.

Many were talking about the sermon on forgiveness. The power of a guest ministers words.

Traditional bonfire fare. Why does a hot dog taste good cooked over coals?

I wonder  who first thought up a s’more?

Women in a circle. A circle of togetherness, love and strength.

1. God
2. Bulbs, MaryEllen’s and everywhere, so many varieties
3. Warm enough for a candlelight dinner outside
4. A kind veterinarian took care of Pegasus, who snuck out last night
5. Trailing off
6. Letting things come and letting things go
7. Laura’s gratitude is something to marvel at, remember, and practice

Happy Monday.

Good weekend spent with family.

My credit score is finally decent again after three years of working at it.

It is a beautiful Fall day.


Waking up sober another day!

My son and pets.

My mother-in-law.  So glad she is alive. At almost 84, she is still kicking!

Gratitudes Oct 1-7

  1. Sun Oct 1, good music, inspiring music from internet, sunny day, progress at work, good meals, refreshing swim.
  2. Mon Oct 2, good appt with optometrist, good walks, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, pleasant conversation with boss, progress at work, good meals, inspiring music on you tube.
  3. Tue Oct 3, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, progress on resume, progress on taxes, good walks, good meals.
  4. Wed Oct 4, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good walks, good meals.
  5. Thu Oct 5, well rested, progress on resume, and finished taxes (thank God!), good walks, good meals, supportive call from friend.
  6. Fri Oct 6, well rested, good walks, good seminar, very helpful meeting with boss, progress at work.
  7. Sat Oct 7, good walks on sunny warm day, progress at work, tax refund, productive shopping trip, good meals, tears and prayers for people in Las Vegas .

In a bulb there is a promise

Picking out bulbs to plant at Church. Daffodils,tulips and crocus.

Deer resistant variety.

No ,No squirrels!

Boy scouts to plant them.No neat rows but tossed salad.

Defeating the Virginia Creeper.Donna was determined.

A gorgeous variety of pastel hyacinth bulbs for me.

A bag of blue tulips has shipped.

I have no boy scouts to plant mine.

The faith to look at a bulb and picture it will be a flower. There is hope for us!