Start off early then end late.

I hear the sound of the lawnmower as Hubby mows before it gets hot.

Finding some sinus medicine as my head says it will rain later.

I will be wallpapering as soon as as I express my morning gratitude. Lilac with the illusion of bubbles.

Grateful for the parts I can play in the Drama on Sunday.

Thankful I found the dress I will wear.

Good cast. Laughter. Figuring how I will not laugh when I’m supposed to be serious.

Dealing with the negativity without losing my cool. (Shoo fly!)

Gathering my thoughts and writing my prayer.

Every day lately has been full. Getting off my feet and into bed is ecstasy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Being able to work with people I wanted to today.

Learning some interesting things at work.


My pets.

My son.

Being able to get off early tomorrow as I work early.  Nice way to start my weekend.

The beautiful partial moon this morning when I got up to go to the porta potty.

Good food.

Love of family and friends.

A.A. and church.  Thank God for them both.

Monday, July 17, 2017 to Tuesday, July 18, 2017

God is with me and guiding me today.

A nice coworker who was willing to work for me today so I could take the day off.

The contractor who came out and put the drywall up in my bathroom and discussed options with me.  Thank you Curtis for keeping me in the loop.

Seeing some progress in my house.

Being able to relax a bit after my cat catching two mice on Saturday and Sunday evening.  Ughhh.  I have not seen anymore since Sunday night.

The sun coming out after a good rain overnight.

Enjoying a nice bath this morning.  No shower yet, but I love my baths anyways..

My A.A. program and church.

My boss for understanding and letting me take today off and letting my coworker come in on her day off.

Being able to laugh through the stress and anger when the work was being stalled on my house.  Having a forum to vent and people who care.

My pets, although they can drive me a little batty sometimes, truly are nice to wake up to.

My son.


Day of possibility

A day off just when you need it.Deciding what to do first.Letting others go first.Getting ready. My turn.

Keep it simple.Make it meaningful. Express yourself. This applies whether it’s a decorating project, a prayer or a memorial luncheon.

Remembering the wit and wisdom of Mary.She was loved!

We should greet everyday with the joy of a day of possibilities!


Like a prayer

For our Drama Worship next Sunday, A group will be doing a prayer based on Love In Action.

Grateful to get a chance to express myself.I will format it like a gratitude list.

Drama Workshop. Learning the basics. Improv and Impromptu. Action and Reaction.

A tribute to my feet. On a busy day I am on them till they throb but they keep me moving upward and onward. (Upstage,downstage, stage left,stage right.)

A tribute to my shoulders. Sometimes they ache from looking up but keep me from looking down on people and situations.The burdens I share with others seem to settle there. Peace to my friends and release the tension I have accumulated.

Dear Lord,Bless this mess! The amount to do seems overwhelming I confess. It’s time to get down to business.

When I say I don’t have time.remind me that that that response is not fine. If I organize wisely, I can do all I want, all that I should and all I need with time to breathe. Amen!


1. God
2. Remembering to breathe
3. The tears accompanying the story
4. A thriving garden of flowers and vegetables
5. Cherries
6. In fear for the cherry tree along the slope
7. Good neighbors – sorry to see they are selling their house and moving
8. Jacquelyn

Sunday, July 16, 2017…..God grant me the serenity

I am grateful to have a roof over my head, even if the house is not fixed up the way I want it.   Saying the serenity prayer lots.

Going to church, always a good thing whether I am in a good mood or not, as feeling closer to God is always good.  Also, reading scriptures.

My pets.

My son, who disposed of a mouse that my cat caught outside.  It was still alive some how.  I think my cat was going to toy with it and then kill it eventually.

The nice day weather wise.  It is cooler but that is okay. ;)

A working computer to type this on.  My keyboard was acting up yesterday morning on this laptop and I was a bit worried.

A job to at my bills, even if there is one person I am not fond of at work.  I will have to pray for them.

That I realize there are always people who have it worse than me and that on most days, I am very grateful to be upright, breathing, walking and talking.  That getting older is not a bad thing as some people are not lucky enough to do that. ;)