• Hooray! Rain at last!
  • Soakers for several days…
  • …will help on the fires and clear the air from the ash (remembering Mount St. Helens)
  • And, yes, snow!..we have winter storm advisories for 5,000 ft. and up, mountain passes, all within a few miles of us…we are welcoming this weather to put out the fires.
  • What a variety of weather patterns in the U.S…..
  • ….Prayers for those in Houston (my cousin was not flooded)…for those and our friends in Florida and path of the hurricanes (thankful that Garrett’s friend is safe)…and those in Montana, Idaho, and the states where the fires have been out of control, some having to evacuate and can now return to their homes. Praise God!

1. God
2. Hearing from Oliver, who just moved to Florida, no damage to his new home, he said. From some others I know, heard damages were minimal, some still without power. Praying for all those affected.
3. Pink lantana and pink zinnias together in a pot. Virginia told me lantana do not like vases. We’ll see.
4. Pegasus for just being here, whether he’s just scratching or resting. Sometimes he walks across the keyboard and inevitably launches iTunes. Wonder what he wants to hear.
5. Jane and the things we share. May a doctor figure out what’s causing her son’s health problems.
6. Talking with Dottie again. We were close once. She was very kind and visited me and took me places when I broke my ankle. I’d forgotten she has a son who’s had trouble, two daughters I think who have managed well. It was good to reconnect if only for a moment.
7. Cats in the lit windows like bookends.
8. Perspectival lines fold the sky into the trees

“life is not a dead end, not something to be endured or mastered” – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions


Finding out the Indians won their 22nd when you were told they had lost.

Finally understanding a concept I have to present. Aha moment!

Sweet watermelon. Surprisingly good!

I will buy one for the Community meal on Sunday and they will be surprised.

Finding the right words to say.

Change is good. Change can be a catalyst to a better level.Welcoming change as a breath of fresh air.

Grateful it is Friday though the weekend looks busy. Step by step. Adventure by adventure.

Grateful that though the cats wouldn’t come in they were not sprayed by skunks. That would be a nasty surprise!


Those rare and perfect days you wait for…

Every now and then there is one of those perfect days – the type of days you would have given anything for on rough days before… the ones that remind you why you started and why things are worth it. Anyone who has animals knows the value of those *perfect days*.

A few months  ago I unexpectedly lost both of my pet rats. Nine weeks ago I rescued another very sick rat, unsure if he would make the night. Six weeks ago I took a chance on a biter girl. Couple that with maintaining six cats with special needs, and it’s been an emotional ride.

But tonight… well, tonight I am reveling in watching the final night apart for these rats before intros begin tomorrow – one of the absolutely sweetest boys I’ve taken in, and a girl who is slowly learning to trust again (both fixed).  Days like these, when things seem to fall into place again, are rare and worth treasuring, and I’m ever so grateful for this one.


Time for everything

I woke up late feeling a little anxious. I have much to do and am feeling behind schedule. Breathe. Reassure myself. Find a grateful center.

For a good night’s sleep I am grateful.

Grateful I have finishing reading and rereading the chapters I must present. I can do this!

Grateful that I have been making copies for weeks.

Grateful the committee will help me assemble the folderrs.

For my work today. Thanks for income.

The fun in spending it.

Pork roasts on sale when I need them. (Pulled pork at the retreat.

Knowing when it is time to slow down by signs my body is giving me.

Realizing we are all given enough time to achieve what we set out to do.


Day 6…On Top of The World.

I would like to recollect three instances in my life when I felt on top of the world and give thanks for those times..

  1. That time I got through an  audition and voice test and was selected as a compere for the local radio. I was in my late teens but was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I was jumping around the house like a bunny..much to the amusement of my parents! Oddly enough being accepted at the university simultaneously didn’t bring the same amount of joy! I am so very very grateful for that moment and the thrill of  being able to host a local radio show! Thank you soooo much!!!
  2. The time I first started running and realised how much I had under estimated myself! It was such an elated feeling the first time I ran with people my own age and understood I  could far out beat many of them. Indeed this was a revelation as all my life I have been  used to undermining myself and my capabilities..my heart swelled with pride and happiness as the others heaped praise..so very very happy and grateful for that joyful moment !

Last night when I was listening to a recording of  some feedback my course facilitator had given me. I initially did not take it seriously when she kept repeating the word ‘excellent’ many times. I needed to go back to my assignment and compare it with the others ‘ assignments in order for me to understand and accept that my work really was excellent! What a revealation! Feeling on top of the world and so very very grateful for that moment. Thank you!!

I would like to thank my body…

Thank you dear body for the impeccable sense of smell which allows me to enjoy all the sweet and lovely fragrances around me from the beautiful jasmines to amazing food.

Thank you for my eyes which make my life worth living for all the beautiful sights I enjoy each day like the green neem tree outside my window swaying to the gentle breeze..

Thank you for the amazing ability to taste..it has given me countless hours of enjoyment in tasting delectable and delicious food.

Thank you for my ability to hear..it’s given me the pleasure of listening to beautiful and uplifting music and the ability to listen to and understand my people..

Thank you for an awesome voice..because I love listening to my voice and loosing myself in my singing! Thank you!


Day 5…going strong…

There is Gold in every relationship, even in difficult ones…

I’m grateful to have S in my life…

  1. because he takes  care of all my financial needs in every possible way…
  2. for not imposing his wishes and views on  me no matter how badly he feels otherwise..
  3. for pushing me to do things  beyond my comfort zone ( I wouldn’t have grown so much if he hadn’t!)
  4. For not standing in my way when I said I want to focus on building a career.
  5. grateful for the fun and laughter and the good times we share…
  6. the numerous holidays and fun trips
  7. for introducing a whole new world of amazing  friends after I got married..
  8. for teaching me to be caring and considerate towards others around me and looking out for them..
  9. for the two amazing children I treasure more than anyone in this world..
  10. for being a fan of my cooking inspite  of the food I put on the table :)
  • Today I’m feeling so so grateful that I finally started back  work to complete my course. So grateful for the inspiration and motivation being provided by the new group. Thank you!
  • grateful for being able to connect with my  course facilitator , because the chat we had helped boost my confidence and gave me a sense of direction.
  • Grateful for listening to  the old  recording  when I was coaching someone. so grateful for the feedback I got from my course facilitator… ” excellent”  gave me a sense of pride and  elation..dang! am I that good?! :)

I am so very very grateful for the old recording because it gave me much needed confidence, in myself,  as I listened with disbelief to my own work!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!





Safe and secure

I have a car.I have a home. I have a bed. I have time to rest.

I have food in the refrigerator. I know what we can eat tonight.

I have people who are part of my  life. The dust is settling. I have a plan.

Finding my way whether it is behind the wheel of the van or on a personal level.

Time to organize my thoughts. Encouraging people to organize theirs.

P.U.S. H. Pray until something happens.

There is tragedy associated with Irma but people are giving generously.  Cousin’s grandson lost his pet pig when a branch fell on it. Poor pig!

The sun is shining! Fall is beginning to etch the trees.

Counting my blessings always!