35 things

  1. The anniversary of receiving my body
  2. The way the Earth stays on that perfect path around the sun, year after year
  3. The cooler temperatures of the tilt-side
  4. My mom, for birth and everything after
  5. My dad, for holding me always
  6. My grandparents- a photo of my grandpa carrying me and everything he’s taught me, my grandma who is my heart within my heart
  7. All the times I’ve been rescued by family- when I knew it or not
  8. Including tonight, when I overloaded the wood stove and the “too hot” alarm sounded- Mark walked me through it on the phone
  9. My husband, who I love more deeply than I knew possible
  10. My daughters,  who teach me everyday, who I love more than I can ever comprehend
  11. My friends. I am a billionaire in the wealth of friends. From business friends, creative friends, moms, homeschool moms, old friends, new friends, I am honored to be in such amazing company
  12. For my work in the world, I am humbled I get to do work that is so life-changing and helpful, and fun
  13. For the cat, who has become my little shadow and a joy in my day
  14. For this amazing house, which I gratefully didn’t burn down tonight (knock on wood) and which is cozy and beautiful and peaceful
  15. For the years life sucked- to make the contrast this much better
  16. For understanding now that even if everything was lost, I’d still be capable of having peace and happiness
  17. For all the teachers who led me here
  18. For all the teachers who share what they know, to everyone who needs it
  19. For books and resources
  20. For the internet, which opened more worlds to me than I can fully comprehend
  21. For Ohio- my new home, a place of opportunites and possibilities, of amazing people and places
  22. For Montana, my forever home, for her beauty and ruggedness
  23. For the stepping stones along the way – everything that taught me the slightest thing
  24. For intuition, which never leads me astray
  25. For creative ideas, fast typing late at night
  26. For the technical skill to execute them
  27. For my heart, which reminds me so quickly if I’m on the right track
  28. For Wordlessness, which allows me to connect with my heart
  29. For the family life we’ve created, and continue to create
  30. For taking care of myself, exquisitely
  31. For the open spaces and great unknowns of the future, where something better than I can imagine can come in
  32. For God, who’s in us all, giving us this experience of life
  33. For options, and the awareness to see them
  34. For obstacles, which propel us forward
  35. For this: gratitude, openness, moments of reflection and joy

I get it!

Despair to relief  to insight!

Yesterday I had misplaced a bag of Lularoe leggings I had washed. Not only expensive but treasured.I decided I had donated them to Good Neighbors because I had dropped off bags of donations from Church. I was inconsolable.I planned to go there first thing this morning but found them hanging in the closet. Hurray!

Finding things that are lost is a relief!

My conclusion is that I should not put so much caring into material things. My funds will go for adopting a family at Church. If I can spend so much on a hobby, I can  spend to give a small family a nice Christmas.

We are not rich but  I was enriched by the experience of thinking something was gone only to find it.

Ok God I get it!


Relatively speaking

Remembering all my cousins by the dozens when I was little.

Family gatherings meant games and adventures. Yet I have lost track of most of them.

Quiet talk at funerals. Grateful for their presence.

Reaching out through Facebook to the branches of the family tree I have.

Adopting friends to be my family. How are you today Cuz?

My sisters and brothers in Christ.

My sisters and brothers in Laughter.

Relatively speaking ,I have felt better but a jammy day and I will be OK.

Now you take it easy today I tell myself sternly. Yes Mom I answer.


Things that get me excited! A conversation, a challenge, laughter and a thought provoking discussion. An aha idea in the night!

The resolution of a conflict with both parties smiling.

Doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

A prayer purse is a new or gently used purse that we fill with practical and playful items. These will be a gift to the women and teens at Christmas. These downtrodden hardworking women light up when they see them.

Seeing someone get excited about that which I would do but not joyfully.

Delivering dinner to the hospital to my friend whose Mom of the heart is recovering from hip surgery.

We prayed over her. Then had a “picnic” in the room.It made me happy to see my friend enjoying my food.

Surely the sound of our laughter and quiet talk was a joy to the bedridden for she smiled as we talked.

Home in time to spend some time with hubby.There is always enough time to give.

Then sings my soul

Waking each morning with praise on my lips and ideas in my head.

The energy to fulfill those notions.

The new choir director Chuck. He is passionate, talented and meticulous.Thank you God for leading him to us!

A comment he made in jest at rehearsal upset me.

My friends tried to soften his words.They told him I was upset. My brother and sisters in Christ!

I mentioned I didn’t like his  choice of words. He came and talked to me before service. A calm word of explanation to soothe me. Thank you!

The song was never sung better by our choir. He will be a blessing to us!

Riding home in the expressway in a thunderstorm. The song on the radio calms me and brings me safely home.

Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee. How Great Thou Art-How Great Thou Art!


  • Remembering Montana’s former Governor Judy Martz
  • Our only female Governor
  • Among other things, she had been an Olympic speed skater…
  • …if she was told she couldn’t do something, she would excel at it
  • Our son was one of many people paying last respects to her at the Capitol rotunda
  • He wears a “turtle” pin from her…she believed “If you don’t stick your neck out, nothing will happen.”
  • RIP Judy Martz

October 29-Nov 4, 2017 Gratitudes

  1. Sun Oct 29, early to meeting, conversations with friends and family, sunny day, good meals, heard from old friend on email.
  2. Mon Oct 30, sunny walks, cheerful help from co-workers, lunch outside, progress at work, good meals.
  3. Tue Oct 31, well rested, good practice interview, cheerful help from co-workers, lunch outside, progress at work, good meals.
  4. Wed Nov 1, well rested, sunny day, lunch outside, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, exciting news from a friend.
  5. Thu Nov 2, well rested, productive errands, cheerful help from co-workers, sunny walk to work, lunch outside, walk home, good meals, able to help a student.
  6. Fri Nov 3, early to appointment, good walk home, good meetings, good meals, progress at work.
  7. Sat Nov 4, good walks to and from work, progress at work, help at library, conversations, helpful info from internet, good meals, life is good.

All Saints

All Saints Day is November 1st but we will be celebrating it at Church today.

We read the names of those who have died in the past year. The bell tolls after each name.

I have been blessed with many saints in my life.

My mother who was a saint.She was the “Giving Tree”personified.

Wonderful aunts who all loved me as if I were there own.

Teachers who were patient and encouraging.

Sisters. All different and a different relationship with each but since I was younger they taught me. As adults we enjoy each other.

Sister-of-the-heart. Precious people I feel close to. Some I see  often . Some only occasionally. But I love them and they love me.

Neighbors. We have lived in the same house for 40 years and have had the same neighbors forever. They are like family. We do for each other. We pray for each other. We have watched our children grow.

Thank you for all the saints in my life!

The birthday season

My mother showed me unconditional love. I miss her like an orphan though it’s been twenty years.

Hubby! My pal . My listening ear. First thing in the morning and last at night.Love is always there even in the discordant melody. Happy Birthday.

I’m next. I’m glad to be here. Blossoming and blooming where I am as best as I can.

The many ways to celebrate. I am never disappointed.



Presents seem unnecessary after a certain point. Just talk to me and listen to me.

Fellow Scorpios. Happy Birthday all!

We are defined by that which we uphold

Laughter is essential. Grateful to laugh out loud. Grateful I have learned to do so.

My Church. My worship of Christ.The fellowship of believers.We accomplish great things.

Thank you for busy times and times of rest. I am twice blest.

My gifts. Thank you Lord that I can do so many things. To God be the glory (Bach)

Choir. Grateful for the struggle. It means I am growing. Music in harmony.

My friends. We travel along the way. Holding each other and picking each other up when we fall. Tears and cheers.

My family. We support one another. Grateful for texts and cell phones.

My Hubby. Companion. Marriage. Love!