Gratitudes Jan 7-13, 2018

  1. Sun Jan 7, well rested, early to meeting, good meals, progress at work, good walk to park, conversation with friend
  2. Mon Jan 8,  well rested,  helpful chat with and offer of help from boss, decluttering continues at work, good meals, progress at work, good walk, conversation with friend.
  3. Tues Jan 9,  well rested,  helpful chat with boss, conversations with co-workers, good meals, progress at work, good walk.
  4. Weds Jan 10, well rested,  conversations with and cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work, good walks.
  5. Thur Jan 11, yoga mat arrived in time for yoga class, good class, well rested,  conversations with and cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work, good walks.
  6. Fri Jan 12, good yoga class on Thurs, well rested,  conversations with and cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work, good walk.
  7. Sat Jan 13, well rested, sunny day, progress at work, productive shopping, decluttering at home, good meals.

Winter Storm Hunter

I hear sleet hitting the window and hope that Meg gets home safe.She is prepared to stay in a motel if it’s bad. Like carrying an umbrella maybe it will keep it away.

We have food. We have heat. We don’t need to go anywhere. I’m chilly. I’ll put on a sweater.

Out to gift card shop before the storm. I now own a new teakettle (turquoise) and we will have steak while housebound.

Running into a friend twice in the store. Meant to be! I am blue . She is bluer. Winter blues!

A book to read and a cat by my feet.

Plans to check Netflix for something to watch when Hubby gets up.

Weather channel say 6-8 inches. More worried about ice.

Thank goodness for street crews and sidewalk salt.

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my kin to keep. If it should snow fore I awake let no one I know break a leg. Amen.

Turn it around

No work for six days I should be bouncing with enthusiasm but the wet blanket of Winter depression makes me dread filling the days. Grab it and wrestle it back into its box.

Movie Pass. Can go see a movie. Every single day.

Gift card at Macy’s. Make a fun purchase.

Gift card from Giant Eagle. Market District is fun.

Spring like out today. Take a walk. Get some  sunshine.

Clean out the car then reward yourself with Swenson’s.

Coloring time!

Look for signs of Spring. I heard birds. Do you think I’ll see a worm?

Take down Christmas. Time to move on.

Choir practice tonight. Alexa to play me some music. It won’t last forever.




To work… To be out… No cabin fever today

Breathe deep the warmer air

One day closer to sunshine.. Fighting the SAD

Coffee ready when I go down. Amazing!

Eyes to see.. Ears to heat.. Brain to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Movies from the library.

Finding something misplaced(Please)

Getting caught up on errands.

Fighting the fight!


  • Thankful for Health
  • Thankful for Gson’s healing of his ACL ski injury
  • Grateful for safe travel
  • Grateful that temps were back up to 43 degrees (above zero:)
  • Grateful that we always prepare for winter weather each year
  • Thankful for friends…a fun Chinese buffet lunch with Luann :)
  • Grateful for texting…fun
  • Thankful for Crystal’s first We Love Gratitude which was “Good List Daily”…using that mug for coffee this morning and that it also says “What are you grateful for today?”
  • Thankful for all of you on We Love Gratitude

Snow day Part 4

Grateful Meg made it to work but picturing Nicole in a ditch. She is stuck.Tow truck delayed. Thankfully it’s not so cold.

No school again! Bible study cancelled. Meeting tomorrow night cancelled.

Other meetings will go on (maybe without me)

Listening to hubby talking to Alexa. He is trying to train her to turn on the coffee pot from our room.

A stack of books. Snow coming down. Relax. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we will return to regular broadcast.

Cats and I are restless. Hurry Spring!


Gratitudes Dec 31-Jan 6, 2018

  1. Sun Dec 31, well rested, on time for meeting, conversations, productive shopping trips, conversation with friend and family, good meals.
  2. Mon Jan 1, well rested, conversation with friend and brother, good walks on sunny day, helpful info from internet, decluttering apartment, good meals, discarded clutter.
  3. Tue Jan 2, sunny day, progress at work, helpful chats with boss, good walk home, good meals, discarded clutter.
  4. Wed Jan 3, well rested, cheerful help from and conversations with co-workers, helpful chats with boss, good walk home, good meals, discarded clutter.
  5. Thu Jan 4, sunny day, good walks, cheerful help from and conversations with co-workers, good meals, productive shopping, and cooking preparation.
  6. Fri Jan 5, pleasant walks to and from work,  conversations with co-workers, helpful chat with boss, stretching break outside, progress at work, good walk home, good meals.
  7. Sat Jan 6, well rested, sunny day, good walks, progress at work, productive shopping trip, good meals, helpful info from reading, ordered books arrived!


Anticipating the warmth of the fellowship at Church.

Will hear the tuba solo from last week.

Red Hot Cinnamon Oreos. ?? I may have to bite.

Will go to double digits today. Heat wave!

Remembering my brother-in-law on his birthday.

Using a vaporizer to add some moisture to the air.

Finding a Christmas card from a Secret Santa with gift cards in it.

Meg’s dog happy to come , glad to go.

My new calendar has polar bears on it. (Thanks Steph)

Negative temps -Stay positive!

Grateful the house is warm but bedroom is too warm and downstairs is freezing.

Texted son that we were going to lunch. He invited us and he picked up the tab. The place he works just finished a remodel. Go to On Tap . Good food and updated look.

Oil change is like a check up, Healthy car!

Leave grass and water out today for the camels and Wise Men and get a gift on Epiphany.(Tomorrow) I just read about this. Wonder if grass seed works!

Picturing iguanas falling out of palm trees!  Will be grateful to have normal temps.

No school.No choir. A meeting cancelled for next week . Someone is pessimistic.

Will use my movie pass this weekend.

Meg is applying for a passport for a cruise in April. Looking forward to something warm and wonderful.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay positive.


Cold snap

Grateful the school districts called off for rest of week. Stay inside kids!

Watching the Weather Channel and seeing snow on the palm trees.

Sister in Charleston says its not too bad.

Son in Greenville ,S.C says its not snowing but 14.Grand daughter in Georgia is cold but OK.

Counting hands. All accounted for.

Waiting to see if I’m working. Rule of thumb is no school ,no work .I’m grateful either way.

Messaging and texting. I have a snow day! Jammy day!

Will there be choir? We will see!

I’m ready to take Christmas decorations now,.The three “wise guys” will come today for a short visit.

Warm socks. Flannel sheets. Layers of clothes.

Beef stew and biscuits will be good for supper.