• Happy St. Patrick’s Day ♥
  • Huge celebration in Butte America
  • …first time in years that St. Patrick’s Day is on a Friday and a weekend…
  • …preparing for crowds of revelers, even transferring inmates from the jail to make room for people having too much “fun” LOL
  • Irish population in Butte is (per capita) more than Boston!  They say it’s true :)
  • Went to the VA this morning for GPa’s eye doc follow up…
  • …while we were there a man in the waiting room was totally unresponsive to a nurse and soon all of the docs from ER ran to help him and half a dozen medical people came to his rescue and took him to the ER.  Hope he is okay.  Prayed for him.
  • Loving the beautiful tulips Cathy gave me…interesting colors of pale peach, orange, pink GPa said we can plant the bulbs.
  • Happy that my sister is enjoying her new wall tv :)
  • Spring is just around the corner ♥


I’m feeling so- so which is  50-50 mathematically.

The  odds are in my favor that I will continue to improve.

The amazing body which resets to normal.

Finding enough get up and go to get up and go.

Cleaned our room so cable guy can exam the modem.

We should be millipedes for all the socks we have yet I would be grateful for a pair. I will settle for two that resemble each other.

Hubby is cleaning downstairs. (50-50)

He is putting things away . (High percentage of chance I won’t find them but I’m glad he is helping out.)

Out TV isn’t working (It’s the cable box.) I’m contented he is distraught.

I choose to be happy.

Here’s to a 100% happy day for  you!


Snow day

The snow came down with authority last night. (It asserted that Spring is not yet here. I, Winter am King!)

Dance of Spring is Friday (We will wear our scarves instead of waving them.)

The snow is over. (Can you dig it?)

No more snow. (Shovel it!)

Snow day for me.(Ironic that I’m feeling nasty.)

Thankful for the bed and books and emptiness of the day to restore my body. Tea and toast. Broth and jello.

Memories of snow days past when the house would be filled with homemade soup and the smell of baking bread.Fun and games that filled the daylight hours. Every house had a snowman. Cardboard for sledding if the snow was right. Skating if the ice was thick. Snow days are days of memories.


  • Happy Pi Day!
  • Bella’s 1st birthday :)
  • Earthquakes, 3.4…loud bangs, dishes rattling….
  • ……Marysville, Helena, Clancy, Deer Lodge, Avon, Butte…oh my
  • Family milestone birthday celebration…
  • …Silver Star…salmon, rib eye, yummy :)
  • Just saw this….The way we think creates our life experiences.


Grateful attitude for the meeting for my sister at Social Security going better than I thought and taking less time than I thought.

Grateful I had all the paperwork I need. Grateful to have it done.

The camaraderie that develops as you sit next to someone for 90 minutes.

Woman to my right reminded me of another sister.

Everyone has a story!

Grateful attitude that its not a foot of snow. Deal with tomorrow when it is tomorrow.

The white paint brush has eliminated all the imperfections.

School is closed. Remembering what magic there was in a snow day.

Greeting the day with that attitude of possibility, play and gratitude.

  • Grateful for my loving family
  • A day with Cathy…she makes me feel alive!
  • Made in Montana Show…about 200 booths…interesting crafts from so many imaginations…
  • We waited in line for 45 min., outside the building (thank goodness it was about 35 degrees and sunny)…fire codes only allowed certain number……then were inside for several hours…
  • 10,000 people were expected which is unusual for MT….we felt like we were in “the big city” LOL….we were blessed to be able to park near the entrance.
  • Lunch at Benny’s Bistro…jazz music…Madeline cookies with chef’s recipe from France, yummy!
  • Welcome call from my beloved Granddaughter….another alive feeling!
  • David in town for several days checking on his new home progress…hooray!
  • GPa remembered to set the clocks ahead :)

Gratitudes March 5-11, 2017

  1. Sun Mar 5, well rested, good meals, finished part 1 of tax prep, organization, helpful info on internet.
  2. Mon Mar 6, progress at work, good meals, good walks, helpful class, helpful info on internet.
  3. Tue Mar 7, pleasant walk, early to class, progress at work, good meals, good news from doctor, productive shopping trip, helpful info from internet.
  4. Wed Mar 8, pleasant walks, sunny day, interesting seminar, progress at work, cheerful help from co-workers, conversations.
  5. Thu Mar 9, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work.
  6. Fri Mar 10, glasses fixed, early to seminar, progress at work, good meals, cheerful help from co-workers.
  7. Sat Mar 11, sunny day, good walks, progress at work, productive shopping trip, good meals. insights.

Shake the cobwebs out

Tough week but I’m grateful I’m tougher.

As i look forward, grateful to proceed slowly with stops as I step.

So I’m shaking the cobwebs out and feeling grateful that the sun is shining!

I know when to rest. I realize the necessity of it.

Hubby is feeling better. No vaporizer last night.

Late night phone call that wasn’t an emergency.

Income today.

I have all that I need and I go out ready to face the day.

Silver linings

Every cloud must have it’s silver lining.

I was soaring yesterday but a phone call caused me to plummet.

Grateful for parachutes, guides and  soft landings.Trying to be optimistic!

Soothing words. Stay calm.Step by step.

Not life or death but intense.

Decompressing through my tried and tested tools. Music,laughter,  walks, pampering and diversion.

I am brave. I can say I made a mistake now help me fix it.


Grateful for evening at Church

Sketti (spaghetti) and Skits.

Laughter, so much laughter I wish I could bottle it up for when I need a giggle.

Pastor Jonathan led us on our merry way with a story about frozen peas in the nose of his toddler. This story that gets better every time you tell it.

I was Laughing Club’s representative to warm up a crowd that was on fire.

Hands in the air -We are all beautiful and unique individuals together we make a masterpiece.

My salute to peas was the audience singing Let There be Peas on Earth in note of Ha! It evolved into singing the words -Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me!

Holding your breath during serious performances. So proud!

Holding your sides as “Lucy” gets looser and looser in her routine.

Proud of my friend who was doing a serious dance that the music played for only fifteen seconds. She never lost her composure and laughed at the situation then strutted her stuff.

Another friend sang well despite her cold. Brave.

Picking on the pastor. Oh Baloney! (We love you Jonathan!)

Did piano player play something from Moonglow or La La Land? The winner is… us.

Fifteen acts with kids telling knock knock jokes in between.

A surprise ending. Dance party!