Thank you

  1. Meditation
  2. Our glorious earth
  3. The big moon rising over the horizon
  4. H loves the moon and puts her hand up over her head, wide eyes, and says mm, at the mere idea of getting to see it
  5. An outpouring of support for my book release
  6. A really nice connection with my firstborn
  7. Books I can hardly bear to return to the library
  8. Cancelled events so we have more glorious time
  9. A fun book for A to work in
  10. Isn’t this an amazing life?

Gratitude is in the air

Like a gentle snowfall gratitude is in the air.

It seems like everyone is grateful aware.

Sermon Sunday was on the power of gratitude and how it is physically,emotionally and personally beneficial

The power of expressed gratitude. Chairman took time to thank each committee last night and it was sincere.

I’m going to the dollar store and buy a box of thank you notes and say it in writing.

I’m paying it forward with some  on line notes.

I see there is a card from Carol waiting. I’m waiting for hubby to wake because it may be loud.

I have found the power in daily gratitude.

Thank YOU for reading this!


  1. Meetings with friends
  2. Spontaneous ideas
  3. A bit of sit and chat, liesurely
  4. The tree festival downtown, dozens of gorgeously decorated trees, incredible themes
  5. Not stressing, so much
  6. Our family
  7. Going through plans and thinking about what they’d be like to live in
  8. Chilly air, warm sweaters
  9. Walk with my eldest
  10. The opportunity to be here, on earth, and live such a free life

Thank You

  1. For the opportunity to see Carol
  2. For communication in parenting
  3. For our new land, and that the corn in the front was cleared- we were thinking it would be our task
  4. For bright blue skies and endless clouds
  5. For the birds
  6. For trees and earth and imagination
  7. For the ability to see where I need to change 
  8. For children, each and every one
  9. For prayer when that’s all I have
  10. For this day, this gift

Thank you

  1. For Carol, who let me know this guy is coming to town
  2. For T & G, sparkles in our lives
  3. For my FIL, we just celebrated his birthday and it was a fun time this year
  4. For my MIL, who is so gracious and helpful
  5. For A, who is an earth angel (I am quite sure)
  6. For T, who is full of youthful excitement and vigor, loves to learn and try, and is a true friend
  7. For S, and our shared dreams across the pond
  8. For R, for teaching me my shadow side, because I always project it onto her 
  9. For G, whose friendship is unparalleled and knowledge infinite, and his love of poetry inspiring 
  10. For J, my shining and best example of how to be loving, intelligent, wise, and elegant. 

it’s almost here

1.  heading out to california for the holiday and look forward to meeting my son and his girlfriend; and i am praying to meet my older son who hasn’t had contact since June.

2.  Blessings to all of you wonderful, wise fellow gratitude people for a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for in spite of the news media and world events.


Thank you thank you

  1. We bought land- after a long and long and long process
  2. Now for the encore- choosing builder, houseplan, and then alll the details. I have a little bit of gratitude that we get to do this, so I’m putting it here to expand my gratitude into deep appreciation and awe, which seems more on par with how lucky we are to be doing this
  3. I’m deeply appreciative right now, however, for naps
  4. And chocolate
  5. And my incredible friends and family, who all know so much more than I can ever hope to, and who share their knowledge so freely
  6. Being outside
  7. Walks, God thank you for every walk
  8. A jacket that I was delighted to find
  9. Little joys
  10. Clean clothes and sheets