by Garrett on September 16, 2014

1. God

2. Rachel for all her work with David since 6th grade

3. Jeanette fixes things

4. Eric got ready whatever I needed for the presentation

5. Loretta’s welcome and example

6. Sufficient time (but not an excuse to squander)

7. Sedum

8. Some other kind of sounds

9. Plumquats?




by IrisSoto-Mote on September 15, 2014

Grateful for…


God’s love

spending time with the grandkids

my granddaughter did my nails, one hand purple the other orange!!!

my grandson’s laughter

soccer season

my husband

spending an hour at the small museum with my son

a change in the weather is coming!!!

upper 60′s by Thursday! lower 90′s the rest of the week!!!!!







by Garrett on September 15, 2014

1. God

2. Hannah passed her driving test.  Such persistence.

3. Help from the driving school at every angle

4. Enjoying the last of the summer vegetables

5. Breakfast with Hannah and then driving her to the bus, admiring her attitude and accomplishment

6. Abundance of sunlight

7. Small fruits the color of plums, not sure what they’re called

8. Thom got out of the hospital

9. Messages and responses


So Much Gratitude!

by CarolBailey Floyd on September 14, 2014

1.  Cold at the baseball game yesterday and my husband, Tom, thoughtfully brought a blanket for me.

2.  Today he took me to the store because I didn’t feel like driving!  What a guy!

3.  Thank you to Crystal, who sent me a fun and goofy postcard, which I hauled around with me for a week!

4.  Church this morning, great music, dear friends, and a good sermon.

5.  Got my training yesterday to become an usher at a local venue.  Will be really fun!

6.  Sweet and juicy peach!

7.  Tasty green grapes!

8.  Trying not to release Summer, but the temperatures are screaming Fall!

9.  Betty Boop

10.  Found a really old handmade sock monkey with a lace hat at an estate sale!  Hooray!

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by Crystal Pirri on September 14, 2014

  1. Early bedtime
  2. Productive morning
  3. oil of oregano
  4. Plans to play
  5. Patience
  6. Getting it done
  7. Relaxation, if only a little
  8. Laughter
  9. Sighs
  10. This


by Garrett on September 14, 2014

1. God

2. Cassie, for cleaning the windows, and the house is practically transparent

3. How Cassie sustains friendships

4. That I could drive Cassie back and forth to Alice’s house (It’s like coming to get your teenage daughter, she teased me)

5. Cassie and Alice share a love of animals – you have to come see the dogs, Cassie texted me.  I think she wants a chihuahua. I think we have a full house.

6. Clotilda talked with us across the fence and gave us some green peppers

7. People ask what I’m doing today and I’m taking Hannah for her driving test. Even as I had to change my plans, grateful to show up for her today

8. Also appreciate that the driving school made special arrangements as well as give Hannah a refresher on Saturday

9. Coffee and doughnuts beforehand if the youths want

10. Carrying Julia’s words with me

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Rich beyond my wildest dreams

by Crystal Pirri on September 13, 2014

  1. My grandma, who has influenced me more than probably anyone else in my life, my dearest friend
  2. My husband, who has taught me so much about how it is to love and be loved in healthy, enriching ways
  3. My daughter Ava, who is amazing beyond words
  4. My daughter, Hannah, who has already shown me that my capacity to love can double in an instant
  5. My local friends, who I learn so much from- I am constantly in awe of them all
  6. My aunts, uncles and cousins, who inspire me with the daring and joyful eays they live their lives
  7. Long-distance friends, Garrett and Lucy and so many others I hardly see in person, if at all, but am grateful to connect with whatever ways we can
  8. My in-laws and their selflessness, sacrifice and love for their children and grandchildren
  9. a blessed life


by Garrett on September 13, 2014

1. God

2. A home

3. Sight

4. Breathing

5. morning chill

6. Fish

7. Spices

8. Flowers stretching for the sunlight

9. Good news




by Crystal Pirri on September 12, 2014

  1. Realizing how little we need and how much of it we have
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. A home
  5. Great neighbors and a larger community
  6. Friends that blow me away with their love and sharing (looking at you, dear friend!)
  7. Great food shipped to every city in America, almost daily
  8. Ways to communicate
  9. Freedom to write, draw, speak, pursue our heart’s desires
  10. “We need money, we think. We need this and we need that. We must accumulate these things so that someday, we can exist free of the need to accumulate these things. So that someday, we can occupy our lives to the extend we know is possible, but cannot afford just yet.I probably do not need to point out that this is a trap.”
    -Ben Hewitt, Saved


by JeanG. on September 12, 2014

  • Brrrr, cold this morning, frost everywhere
  • Cookie prancing around and enjoying outside…
  • …she acts like a St. Bernard rather than a ShihTzu :)
  • My ceramic BigSkyMontana mug that I love
  • Winter Mountain Ministries
  • Awesome accomplishments
  • Our great neighbors!
  • TV guy who parked in front of our house this morning, placed pylons in the street…
  • …then after I asked him what was going on, realized he was at the wrong house, oops, not ours :)
  • And…several days ago the power went out in our area and Northwest Energy had it up and running again in an hour…thank you linemen!!