The people in my life who gave me a solid foundation.

Yesterday my mother would have been 101. Of course she has  been gone for decades but the things she taught me are  part of me.

Patience, kindness, determination, prayer, a sense of humor and acceptance.

She understood the power of working hard and the necessity of a nap.

At a gathering with my sisters recently they fell into a litany of what my parents hadn’t done. I silently  was grateful for what they had.

I lived in four houses . All of them were beautiful.

Food on the table. A room of my own. A Catholic school education. Friends and family.

Birthday memories and Christmases past.

Incredible aunts. Fascinating and intelligent people.

I would love to play a game of Scrabble with my godmother.

If I could back I wouldn’t change anything I would just see everyone!


Fall into Fall

A sunny day after many rainy days is a delight.

Good Church service. Uplifting messages. Peaceful music.

People are embracing Fall with bonfires, hayrides, horseback riding and walks in the foliage.

Our Church lawn still has many pumpkins. The pumpkins are all so unique.

The people who work the Patch are also unique so grateful for their dedication.

Trunk or Treat was a success. Clever ideas for trunks and many activities.

My sister says yards aren’t decorated for Halloween down South. Here at many houses purple and orange light the night while spookies toss and turn.

I took it easy this weekend. Sweet bliss to relax and read.

Blueberry English muffins. So comforting that I finally froze them.

A book that haunts you. I keep bringing up snippets of wisdom from it.



So glad that hubby had burgers made for me when I go home from choir at 9.

The beautiful music of the cantata.

I’m overwhelmed by the anthem we are singing in two weeks. The words and music are awesome.

Another cloudy day. Another day of rest for hubby.

Grateful he slept well last night.

Grateful Sarah was not more seriously injured in her fall.

Bank error in my favor. Don’t believe it but I’ll take it.

Hope the sun will come out tomorrow. I will go look at leaves!

Have a nice weekend!



Grateful Thursday

Hearing thunder in the night but feeling safe

Seeing dissension in the emails but not getting sucked in

I’m grateful for the rain today so hubby can rest

It took most of the afternoon but we got him the right medicine

Grateful to watch the end of the playoff game

Grateful to eat a slider from Arby’s. Beware they are addictive!

Choir tonight is my reward for trudging through the many details we need to prepare in Outreach.

Sleeping in a little when is will be a challenging job.

Prayers and Praying and Peace.


The wisdom to know when to say no.

Saying it!

The ability to say maybe.

The patience to listen to two sides of a story.

Realizing I don’t have to be the judge or the jury.

Thank you for the trickle of money that keeps us afloat.

Believing that things will work out.

Trusting the process.

Finding my center.

Hoping that hubby will feel better.

A reminder to seek out nature as solace. Planning to take to the woods to see the rainbow today.

Here we go again

Finding the routine

Plugging along

Grateful to be a listening ear for a friend.

Pumpkin cheesecake milkshake

A good book

Time for a nap

Handling something badly but forgiving myself.

Remembering I often handle things well.

Subway at 9:00 p.m.

Taking time for coffee this morning..

Set the pace. Run the race.

Monday Musings


Old ones shared and new ones made.

The necessity of a down day.

Catching up and going forward.

Grateful for time spent together

The first picture and comments from cousins.

A wonderful Church service. Guest minister was so joyful!

When you pray, stop worrying. Yes I was cringing  a little.

Full week ahead. I won’t worry about it.

Happy Birthday Nancy

My sister cried when we got to the Nursing Home. I was grateful to help create a happy day.

She was so grateful for the birthday attention. She wore the birthday hat and then a crown.

She loved her gifts. Every sister took a different approach mine was practical. Oldest sister’s were fun but the ones she loved were from other sister. They were elegant.

I realized those presents didn’t make her feel like a 75 year old patient in a wheelchair.

For just a moment she could picture putting  on a scarf and a necklace and going somewhere!

Happiest about two Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

Glad her room mate was back  from  the hospital.

Cake was delicious!

Cupcakes  weren’t bad either.

She cried when we left too. Our gatherings are few and far between.

Out to dinner. Same restaurant as earlier in the week. For some same food.  Amazingly different conversation.

Goodbye! Thanks for the memories! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Gratitudes Oct 9 – 15, 2016

  1. Sun Oct 9, pleasant day outside, progress at work, productive shopping trip, conversations with family, good meals, stretching.
  2. Mon Oct 10, productive day at work, good meals, cheerful help from co-workers, dietary lessons, stretching.
  3. Tue Oct 11, productive day at work, helpful info from boss and co-workers, good meals, walk to and from work, good info from internet.
  4. Wed Oct 12, lovely walk to and from work, lunch outside, progress at work, help from co-workers, good Pilates class, good meals.
  5. Thur Oct 13, thank you God for a good and instructive day.
  6. Fri Oct 14, early to work, good meals, progress at work, relaxing concert, and bed early.
  7. Sat Oct 15, blessed rain that put out the Redfield fire, well rested, opportunity to be of service and progress at work, good meals, productive shopping trip, early to bed.