by Garrett on July 29, 2014

1. God

2. First things first

3. A student asking me for a job recommendation, honored to help

4. The sergeant walking by to tell us of the tornado warnings (he’s my guardian angel)

5. Bookends  (they can also be used to preserve memories)

6. Writing things down (thank you, Crystal, for the reminder ;)

7. Clouds

8. After the noise subsided

9. Sight of Pegasus in the morning





by Crystal Pirri on July 28, 2014

  1. Gorgeous handpicked flowers from a friend
  2. Validation
  3. keeping at it, even through failure after failure
  4. Not wanting to be grateful, and then realizing that’s exactly what I need and want the most- instead of wanting other things to change, I really only truly want inner change to accept what is with grace and presence
  5. Sleepy baby sounds (finally:)
  6. My amazing, intelligent, strong-willed toddler
  7. Mystery and not knowing
  8. Garrett’s thoughtfulness to send a note about a potential threat to the blog
  9. Fresh clean teeth
  10. This


by Garrett on July 28, 2014

1, God

2. Zucchini muffins (even if I overcooked half)

3. Breakfast with Ellen, Thom and Jason

4. Rain

5. Electricity, especially as the neighbors were without and the company truck has been parked nearby all weekend with a generator

6. Oliver came over and mentioned he’d never seen the grass so green here.  That’s all Cassie’s work.

7. A broken glass bowl which was a wedding gift and finding someone to fix it

8. Things that are unspoken



High energy, curious mind

by Crystal Pirri on July 27, 2014

  1. Rhythms
  2. Rhymes- I am reading “Catch Me and Kiss Me and Say It Again” to my toddler and she loves it
  3. A huge bag of apparently unworn infant clothes from a friend’s sister, so grateful!
  4. Chat with a friend, albeit punctuated with toddler conversation
  5. Making a better plan for handling things
  6. Resources
  7. Barley flour pizza dough
  8. Veggies from my neighbor’s garden and the farmer’s market- squash, zucchini, tomatoes, kale, green onions, sweet corn
  9. Remembering to be impeccable with my word
  10. This, this


Grateful for….

by NB on July 27, 2014

Today I’m grateful for church. It provides me with some quiet from the every other day noises.


by Garrett on July 27, 2014

1. God

2. A night’s sleep

3. Messages from Helen with good news about her dad

4. Cheryl is out of the hospital

5. Working in the garden with Cassie. She does a beautiful job and works fast.

6. Sitting at the umbrella table with Jenn and Rammel

7. A tall vase for a giant sunflower

8. Company of cats

9. Dorrie walked up to me in the library and said “you never know who may approach you and give you a kiss.”  It was great to see her after many months.

10. A parting message from Chloe as they went to the airport


by Garrett on July 26, 2014

1. God

2. David’s put in such effort at his summer internship that the folks there want him to continue working, possibly during the school year.  It was great to learn all this from his counselors yesterday and have a good meeting with them and thank them for their support.

3. Hannah was named counselor of the week at her camp

4. The young ladies at the toy store who helped me pick out gifts for Andrew’s children, they were so patient and thoughtful, understood that I needed things the boys could take for a long plane trip, and they wrapped everything for me.  I asked their names so I can tell their boss how helpful they are and to give them a raise.  :)

5. Chloe makes a fine lemon meringue pie

6. Cassie hand wrote the invitations for Bill and Michel’s upcoming wedding (she did so for ours eleven years ago too.)

7. Sight of bright colored flowers from the kitchen window

8. Flowers in vases

9. Closeness


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by Crystal Pirri on July 25, 2014

  1. Awhile back I bought an echinacea plant from the farmer’s market. Now that it’s blooming I looked up how to harvest it- and found out purple coneflower (which I already have a lot of) is echinacea!? Love learning something right under my nose.
  2. Inspiring mamas
  3. Generous ones, too. May I always be so generous as those who have given to me
  4. Good news from the doc today, well as good as it can be, so thank you God
  5. There are so many things I think to put on my list throughout the day and then forget, so I’m grateful I have a grateful mind
  6. Sleep, which aids memory:)
  7. A quiet evening. My MIL stayed through this morning, and tonight the girls and I slowly settled into our new life together
  8. Trial and error
  9. Time and attention
  10. This

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Friday Felicity

by Sally on July 25, 2014

  1. Monarch butterfly caterpillars on my milkweed plants :)
  2. Pollinators of every kind
  3. Hummingbirds
  4. Morning coffee and conversation with my neighbor
  5. We have so much in common
  6. Community
  7. Cat tales
  8. The 23rd Psalm
  9. Peace prayers
  10. Spiritual practice

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by Garrett on July 25, 2014

1. God

2. Coffee with Steve.  Wishing I had his perspective, calmness and groundedness, although a)he didn’t acquire it overnight b)he’s willing to help me c)I don’t live with him or see him all day so he probably has his moments of not so calmness

3. Spending the day with Andrew, my brother, Chloe, his wife and their three children, Leon, Alan and Simon.  They are active, energetic and well-behaved children.

4. Chloe planned out a route when we finally got out of the house.

5. A place I haven’t been which is a pond you can walk around, woods, some downs with flowers

6. A loon diving and resurfacing

7. A rabbit amongst the flowers

8. A family of swans with the gander strutting to protect them.  Chloe said it was the female, the male was in the prone position watching TV

9. My mother and father for hosting my brother and his family and maintaining patience and a sense of humor throughout