• Snow
  • Minus zero brrrr….
  • Snow boots
  • Ice melt
  • GPa shoveling…he is happy and grateful to be able to do it :)
  • Hot tea
  • Christmas cards mailed
  • Gift wrapping
  • Crystal’s CSW gift list…great!  ♥
  • December birthdays…18th, 22nd, Christmas Day!

Quiet weekend

An overdue trip to the grocery store. So many choices.Wow! We spent a lot!

Sugar free bread.

A pack of crazy colored socks which will accent my Christmas clothes. I’m decorating me.

Trip to Marc’s. Hubby buys cold medicine. I have an armful of things. Marc’s is always an adventure.

Visit with my sister. Hunting for her address book I find candy from last Christmas. We have a good laugh over that.

Finding Christmas music on the XM radio. (017)

Being able to go to Laughing Club. I am sorry  Barb is in the hospital.

Watching the end of Christmas with the Kranks. Love the ending!

Quiet evening at home watching shows on the DVR.

Resting up for a very busy week.


1. Quiet time

2. Decorating the cookies that Logan made

3. He got home just in time to help me clean up the giant mess I made in the kitchen. <3

4. Wayne volunteering to stand in as swim coach

5. Reaching out

6. Being realistic

7. Discernment

8. Rediscovering old music

9. Sugaree

10. Molly

Gratitudes Nov 27-Dec 3, 2016

  1. Sun Nov 27, good meeting today, pleasant walks, progress at work, opportunity for stretching and baking project preparation tonight.
  2. Mon Nov 28, productive day at work, conversation with family and coworkers, good meals, productive evening.
  3. Tue Nov 29, made appointment, progress at work, insights into my needs, pleasant walks to and from work, good meals, productive shopping trip, bed early.
  4. Wed Nov 30, progress at work, good meeting, good meals, pleasant walks to and from work, more experience setting boundaries, bed early.
  5. Thu Dec 1, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, informative seminars.
  6. Fri Dec 2, on time for work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work, inspiring talks on line.
  7. Sat Dec 3, well rested, sunny day, walk to and from work, conversations with co-workers and also with retail customers, productive shopping trip, inspiring music from internet, good meals, opportunity to stretch and to to bed early.


1. Logan’s piano recital was a success.

2. My mom and dad came and brought my little baby nephew, which was a sweet surprise.

3. Even though I ended up out in the hallway with baby, I still heard every note of Logan’s song.

4. Meeting new friends

5. Stepping out of my comfort zone

6. Talks with Logan

7. My husband’s competitiveness

8. Pulling together a good last minute dinner even though I had nothing planned

9. History

10. Care packages

December Already

The flip of the page has so many things written in it’s amazing!

Choir last night. We are started to sound polished on some of the songs.

Good thing because we are singing one Sunday!

My choir family!

Birthday cake for Lindsey!

Thank you for all my work. Thank you for the stamina to do it.

Grateful for the new lady next week I had to postpone. She took it well.

Did I have a good time? I choose to remember the reason I went and edit.

Hubby is so glad to be home. I heard him promise one of the cats we’d never go away again.

A rendition of “Amazing Grace” just when I needed it. Savored and shared!



1. Going to the gym

2. Chocolate covered Oreos ~ I thought they’d be too much, but they’re pretty good!

3. New cookie decorating supplies

4. Getting all my errands done

5. Online banking

6. Holding on to peace

7. Being on the same page

8. Accepting results even when they’re not what was wanted

9. People who aren’t afraid to be really real

10. Good deeds


Safe flight and safe travels.

Cold on the plane grateful for my blanket.

Complaining passenger next to hubby made me glad not to have a bitter heart.

My daughter for coming to Cleveland to get us at 1:30 a.m.

Sweet client who put Christmas music on,  lit the tree and sat down and shared a clementine with me.

Necessary nap.Then out for long delayed Birthday steak dinner.

A quick stop at the grocery. Grateful for our smallish Acme.

Grateful all our stuff made it home save one thing that can be replaced.

All three cats have forgiven us for going away.

Spending the last of my travel cash stash on a Thomas Kincaide clock that plays a carol(quietly) on the hour. Welcome December!

1. God
2. Tongues of metal
3. Vibrations among vibrations
4. Escapades
5. Keepsakes
6. Something in the middle
7. Constant expression
8. The room’s fearful symmetry
9. Smiling after exhaling
10. Rainy statue