Thank you God for July 27, 2015!

  1. I was sitting under a tree and suddenly a perfectly-shaped heart-shaped leaf (that looked completely different from the leaves of this tree) fell on me and then onto the ground. It was as if God was reminding me “I love you.”
  2. Wedding reception fun and dancing!
  3. Got to eat the white cheddar popcorn I ate when I was growing up!
  4. Potato salad!
  5. Getting to do work that I love with people I love working with!
  6. Seeing old friends!
  7. God blessing us with so much abundance in spiritual food (spiritual books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) there is surplus!
  8. Taste testing!
  9. It’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit calls us to do His work, supplies us with everything we need to carry out His will, and brings His children together to build His kingdom!


1. Divine timing
2. Running into Carol
3. Freedom
4. When the universe gives you lots of signs and messages, even when you’re initially not listening
5. Excitement
6. Passion for my work
7. Joy in something new
8. Watching my children
9. My wonderful husband

  • A great rain soaker today…
  • Good day for reading next to the fireplace…
  • …and making a stew to make the house warm and cozy :)
  • How nice, Gene called, a friend from my high school days (who now lives in Idaho)…we discussed memories of the ole covered wagon days … welllll it seems like that long ago :):)
  • Gretchen Carlson
  • Paraprosdokians….most of you know what it is, I’m sure…I had to look it up LOL….”Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.” -Winston Churchill
  • And, of course, there’s “palindrome”…well known by those named Hannah! :)
  • Wisdom in making decisions
  • Always loving and appreciating all of you here in WLG!

Vacation is a state of mind

It’s easy to say that we aren’t getting a vacation this summer because we are making much needed home repairs but vacation is a state of mind I’m grateful for even if it is walking to the front porch.

Cool morning-time to sleep in and get up slowly

Popsicle for breakfast Fruit in season as close as the tent at Cornerstone

Cool showers that refresh

A power outage that brings every out to speculate on  it’s source

Waving at people and talking to people from the porch

Taking a ride in the car to enjoy the air conditioning. Isn’t there another errand we can run?

Cast party-fifty people all talking at once. Laughter, reminiscing,celebrating. I do not have to travel out of state to find such joy!

grateful Monday

1.  thankful for the sunshine today; a beautiful summer day

2.  thankful for the okay news regarding my husbands health issues; we will pursue for clarification

3.  releasing fear, opening to love and guidance

4.  Cheri’s message yesterday reminding us to look through the eyes of children and really seeing the day, the moment.  Why do we as adults become so focused we miss so much?

5.  Molly teaching our aerobic class today using dance.  so fun for someone who feels like I have two left feet

6.  all the good, kind people I meet each day

7.  best friend’s comfort and wisdom; she is truly a gift

8.  thankful for the gift of this day – love to each of you!!!!


  • Family pulling together to help CS relocate…
  • …enjoying all of our efforts
  • Appreciating Cathy who holds everyone together with her wisdom and selfless giving of her time
  • Salmon and steak dinner
  • Our laughter when we all get together :)
  • CS’s financial blessing
  • David and Jessica’s great news!
  • The interesting and energetic lady from Cincinnati, Ohio, who was waiting for her hubby at the eye clinic
  • The 94 year old man who looks at least 20 yrs. younger! Really! Gotta be his amazing attitude about life :)

separation pollen count

Very Grateful for:
-God’s parental employment plan—working ourselves out of a job
-eavesdropping on Amelia’s phone calls to the movers and her firm negotiating stance
-learning to be in the background
-this song: At Peace: -and this song:
-ice water to give to the movers
-the memory of Amelia labeling her boxes
-printers for map covering the 8 states on our road trip
-remembering to pack the Kleenex for my “allergies” (brought on a rise in separation pollen count)

We improve ourselves by victory over our self. There must be contests, and you must win. ~Edward Gibbon, 1787, Author, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire