Memory Day

I’m not discounting the sacrifices our Armed Forces have made and continue to make but today I’m adrift in memories.It bothered me that though I have been a mother for nearly forty years and a mother to the one who set her course recently I have so few memories.

But thanks for the memories!

Remembering finding out I was expecting when my family was complete! Surprise!

Such a sweet child  if they wanted to resent her she soon had them under her spell.

Fast forward to three years old. Big sister goes to college in Michigan . I was not allowed to cry but sister saying goodbye to sister choked me up. Meg says part way home “let’s go back and get her”.

Jamie,big sister’s boyfriend . His hair was long (then) and he said he didn’t like kids, Within a day Megan was hanging a monkey from barrel of monkeys from his ear. He was captivated! We captured him and he remains a son and brother in good standing!

Babysitters-good and bad. Allie was her second Mom. A little tougher than me but when you have a crew you can’t cater to one. I remember when she was caring for five or six kids with chicken pox.I remember calling Allie and saying Meg has one chicken pox. She checked all of them over and the next day they erupted.

Grade school is a blur.Middle school are the lost years. Her friend Hannah. Sleepovers where she took a giant tiger and lion.

High school she was sick and the many tests brought us closer. It was so hard to get blood I wanted to say here take mine.

The banking course that would guide her into a career. Going to the Language Village in Minnesota.

Akron University. She became an Resident Advisor. Many moves.

Graduation and back home. Her first car. Totaling her first car. Her new car.Her first job. Her second job. Her best job. Planning for the future.

I’m grateful for all of you for listening to me go on! I guess I have more memories than I thought. If you have little ones write things down because the memories fade like smoke and then they are gone. Your child is gone!

Good Morning time

  • Got to see John Nash and our young chess champignon Magnus Carlsen’s  lovely Oslo last week
  • Irland  showering love by accepting gay marriages
  • Reading science on how  keeping daily gratitude journal prove to have great impact on melting depressions – improvements comes quickly
  • – he sings and plays around the Art of Walking
  • Thank you for this Green Oasis

1. God
2. Crystal
3. Cassie taught me love and care of pets
4. Thinking of it, Chris was first, when he rescued Kitty on the road side and brought her home.
5. We bonded while Chris was away and she would walk all over me in bed and elicit tiny little cries, she was my cat, and that was almost thirty years ago, imagine
6. Planting – digging in the soil, tramping the dirt down, pulling weeds, watering, there’s a meditative quality to planting, though my mind wanders
7. Cassie taught me that too, though it was so many summers ago when Emily said let’s get in the car and we picked out flowers and I planted them in a little garden and took care of them, my first garden and except for a few summers here and there we’ve always tended one
8. Colors and flow
9. Light – especially in summer evenings
10. Stream of bird chatter
11. The prose poems of Franz Wright (here’s another)

Peace, Truth, Love, Life

1 Defending in a different way

2 Recognising that we are all fighting for something

3 Peace

4 Truth

5 Love

6 Life

7 Those that went before

8 My parents

9 My beautiful girls, passionate about what is good

10 Lessons learnt and not repeated

11 Opportunities to reflect

Perfecto sunday

1. My husbands singing while he works around the house. Very odd songs but music to my ears

2. This is the second time today attempting to post. First time iPad would not cooperate so ,y list will be condensed.

3. Beautiful walk today to nature realm enjoying the flowers, such beauty–so many plants and herbs. One favorite is the small we lilacs. So fragrant

4. Taking time to restand relax as suggested by my husband I was going to plant flowers before our picnic but opted to relax a bit

5 skiing church and not feeling guilty

6. Thankful for each of you and your loving inspiring posts.  Enjoy this absolutely glorious day.

Seeing the Go(o)d

1 Locking myself out of my car, consequently meeting the nicest Policeman! I knew there was a reason.

2 Seeing the good in everyone, every race !

3 Costco and their push for organic.

4 Food with no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives.

5 A do-nothing, restorative kind of day.

6 Ginger and honey Tea nipping a sore throat in the bud !

7 Seeing the Funny, Sunny side of Life ( after locking myself out of my car :)

8 How I process stuff.

9 Having enough, being enough !

10 Sunday !


1. A few quiet moments
2. Having something I’d been craving
3. A slow day of not getting much done
4. Challenging myself
5. Staying true to myself
6. Friends
7. My husband’s frankness
8. The stars
9. Walks
10. My family, wherever we are


1 Lying in after a late night

2 TV shows that you’d never see because they’re on past your bedtime!

3 Home Town Teams – especially when they’re winning. The Cavs have made me a sports fan ! :)

4 Knowing that “This too shall pass”

5 The smell of freshly perking coffee. Tea just doesn’t do it !

6 Ear phones

7 Contemplation

8 Knowing what you have to do, rather than what you should do!

9 Peacefull protest. Changing the world. Times up Monsanto!

10 Being human