Two eyes and two ears. One mouth gets me in trouble glad it’s not double.

Grateful for two feet to hold me up and two legs to take me places.

Two arms to hugs. Two hands to touch.

Two friends nearby as we are pricing things for sale.

Two morning glories breathtakingly different. Remind me of the two people who live in this house.

Two cats asleep on the bed.

Two minutes before I leave.

Can I find two socks?

  1. Old familiar favorites coming out of the woodwork to post lists
  2. Stalwart contributors that carry the torch while some of us are more fickle
  3. Being okay with humble pie
  4. Genuine apologies- so good to give and to get
  5. Hearing from friends
  6. Being lucky lucky lucky
  7. Sharing firsts
  8. Teamwork
  9. Professionalism
  10. Strong leadership

Good Morning Sunshine

Texting my Gdaughter. Goodnight Moonpie! Now I need to find sunshine! Fill my life and it drives out darkness. Good Morning Sunshine!

Seems like the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. keeps popping up. Dark cannot drive out darkness only light can can.

Working on a gratitude list for Sunday Church service.People have been telling their story of why they go to our Church. My turn for early service.

Local sweet corn. Sunshine in a bite!

Doing for others is the best way to stop a pity party.

Getting back on track with eating. Ate what I wanted when Sunshine was here. She went to the gym on returning home. I need to practice pushing food away.

Trip to produce store. I can’t wait to eat the best of summer. Melon,grapes,fruit salad and salad creations. We are so lucky to have the variety of foods available.

Realizing I can make my own sunshine. Yes my Sunshine went away but my life is still full of brightness.


Able to enjoy the peace of the morning as I could not fall back asleep.

My dog, Jax, being so adorable.

Not feeling rushed.

God in my life.

Being able to wake up slowly and just enjoy my coffee, the news and my Bible.

The smell of rain coming.

Feeling like Fall is near. 

My grief support group who are awesome.

Love of friends and family. 

My son. 


New day

Safe trip to the airport at 5 a.m. . Then nap when we returned

Started counting things we hadn’t done while Gdaughter was here but switched to things we did.

She’ll be back in October

Morning glories so beautiful I had to take a picture.

Feeling down but fighting it. Life is good!

Tired but day off.

Trying to figure out my phone. Fixed one problem will live with the other. No Dennis a hammer is not the solution.

Off to Church. Huge Rummage Sale there this weekend. Time to price.

Glad I’m not in charge of it.

Glad I’m in charge of Hymn Sing. It will be wonderful!

Word from Atlanta . She is safe!



Waking up feeling kind of down but able to pick myself up as the day went on.  Thanks God.

Paying attention at work and making less errors.

Working one a favorite coworker for a little bit. 

Calming myself down when I get agitated or nervous.

Beautiful weather as the day went on. 

My dog and cat.

My son. 


Coming home where peace is.  

A good cup of coffee. 


Last day

Can’t believe it is the last day  my Gdaughter will be here. Everything seems so precious today.

She wants Swenson’s .Who can  blame her? Their hamburgers are so good.

Mailing the things she bought back so she won’t have to pack a suitcase. Thank goodness for Postal Service Priority boxes.

Looking over the last three weeks I’m grateful for TV we watched together, the zoo and mini golf. Talks and walks.

Seeing my family  was a bonus. We enjoy each other.

A disappointing meteor watch was memorable  because she came. Shower? No. Just a few drops shooting across the sky.

Still I love the Perseid meteor showers and will return to their magic next year.

Purging the house of foods we enjoyed and getting back to better eating. Ir was fun while it lasted.

I’m vowing to text her often and grateful she is as near as my phone.

Up early tomorrow to get her to the airport by 6. Can’t promise I won’t cry. SO grateful she came. SO happy we have a connection. Here’s to October when she’ll visit again.



Grateful for the husband of a friend I met online over a decade ago texting me to let me know she had passed away.  I am sorry she is gone.  I was thinking of her yesterday.  I am glad she is not suffering her health issues anymore, however.  RIP Dhana Ann.  I will miss you even though we had not had as  much contact the past few years.

Life….it can end so quick.  Don’t take it for granted.  I know how easy I can do that.

My family and friends.

God and my church.

My pets who are always there for me.

A roof over my head, even though it has needed to be replaced for awhile.  One thing at a time.


A job to go back to for paying bills and keep me busy.

Good Christian music to raise my spirits.