❤️  Starting over – knowing we have that opportunity every day!

❤️  Tea, first thing.

❤️  Breakfast in Bed. Even though it’s a smoothie and not Eggs, bacon,  grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and toast!

❤️  Early morning Sun.

❤️  Gardens. The excitement of new blooms, growth, colour, harmony, balance.

❤️  Cats just wanting Love. Don’t we all!

❤️   Seeing order in chaos!

❤️  Accepting what is.

❤️  Outdoor grilling – one of the new pleasures of Summer!

❤️  Having enough.


Last day of June

Today I am  grateful for the cooler temperature. I’m going for a walk. Eyes and ears wide open!

Nice day off  yesterday.  A good blend of home and errands. Accomplishment and rest.


A new tank on clearance

Functioning dash cam. TF card cost almost as much as camera. Still cracks me up!

When Carol called me, I told her Summer,Winter, Spring or Fall you’re my  favorite Carol of all!

The power of compliments! I told lady behind me in Church how beautifully she sang Sunday. She said M.E. you made my day!

Compliments and comments.


  1. Returning to what’s true
  2. Staying in alignment
  3. Laughing at synchronicity
  4. And the circular path of all things
  5. Beautiful flowers from my husband
  6. A laughing exchange
  7. Painting, drawing, opening up
  8. Returning to the last thing I was inspired to do
  9. This gorgeous weather
  10. This

  1.  Posting lists on the road
  2.  Hospitality
  3.  Sunglasses
  4.  Pavement
  5.  Yet another chance to be better
  6.  Catching the vibe of a city
  7.  Snow-capped peaks
  8.  The best bagel I ever had
  9.  Sweat rewarded by the vista
  10.  GPS


1. Arriving safely

2. Logan’s reliability

3. Sugaree’s 10th birthday was Sunday. I sure do love that dog!

4. Our first garden cucumber of the year…Logan and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

5. Music that calms me

6. Cooler temperatures while the air conditioner is on the fritz

7. Golden hour drives with Wayne, in search of photographs to take

8. Helping out

9. Dog people :)

10. Facing the truth, even when it’s hard

Highlights of the week

Haircut with highlights

Uplifted my spirit Could feel and see the difference.

Even though I forgot before and after pics.

When anxiety turns to joy

Rewarding myself with something besides food

Setting up my tablet So many apps available

Joy that they sent me 8 styluses (Styli?)

A new profile picture (and compliments)

My dash cam has no memory card. I find that SO funny

Time spent with Meg and her dog Van Gogh

I do for her. She does for me. Love that giving circle.


Summer joys

Time spent with my daughter

And her dog too

The seven steaks of summer (a promotion by Acme)We’ve tried two

Zucchini noodles

Going to the Farmer’s Market this weekend

Yummy good food

Good choices


The night sky

Looking with gratitude towards an exciting day!

Making a plan for a fun tomorrow!

  1.  Smooth driving
  2.  Airbnb digs exceeding expectations of charm
  3.  FitnessBlender
  4.  Air conditioning
  5.  Brainstorming ways to be kind
  6.  Visits with family, however short
  7.  Actually going to a place I saw in pictures and dreamed of visiting (for years)
  8.  Reading in comfort
  9.  Having choices
  10.  Amiability

1. God
2. Parks
3. Recreation
4. Geese on the water (although some where’s on land they have taken over)
5. Choosing gratitude with MaryEllen and everyone on this site
6. How Crystal met Mark. And then their fabulous children.
7. Waterways and light and shadow underneath the bridges
8. Happy hosta
9. Feathers


Today I am grateful that yesterday is over and that it is today

Today I will not worry about the future or regret the past

Today I am in the moment.

So grateful my daughter had a wonderful trip and that she is back safely.

The coolness of the room from the air conditioning. It’s hypnotic hum.

The wonder that I am alive and functioning

Our wonderful bodies that do all that they do without a thought from us

Especially my feet as Carol says How do we not fall over?

I’m grateful for today. The blank slate. The new beginning. The improved frame of mind. The I’m Tigger not Eeyore sort of day!

Today is mine .I can choose what to do. I choose to be grateful!