Monday, July 24, 2017

Getting early hours at work this week.  I like my later shift but it is nice to have a change once in awhile.

My pets seeming happy to see me and get out of my bedroom when I got home.

Patience with another coworker at work.

Beautiful weather.

God in my life.

Good coffee and food.

My A.A. program to keep me on track.

Good shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” to enjoy after work. :)  The Oldies but goodies!!


Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Drama Sunday had no drama. No stumbling or bumbling.

It was a wonderful worship with acting,recitation,poetry, improv, singing, humor and pathos and even rap.

In one week we created a meaningful Message. Love in Action -a call to action.

We built a city of man. Blocks reminding us to be loving and kind.

The twenty five people who took the time to share a vision.The guidance of our directors.

Thank you Gabe, for your solo. (A Beautiful City from Godspell)

It was also Christmas in July at coffee hour. Christmas cookies,rice krispy treats cut into shapes, red and green grapes with a snowman decoration and snowman plates.Spirits were bright as we sang Christmas songs.

God created us to His satisfaction . We are made to serve ,made for action.                  Through this worship may we come to understand that we are His feet, His eyes,His ears, His voice and His hands .                                                                                                                                                       Be with those who are burdened . Be with those who share that load. May you always guide us as we travel down Your road.                                                                                                                            M.E Neitz



Sunday, July 23, 2017

A great church service today.

Wonderful church family that help with bringing heavy containers of coffee cups down to the kitchen so I an rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.

Beautiful church music and message.

My son.  I love that young man.

My pets, although they can drive me crazy sometimes, they are truly awesome.



A nice afternoon nap.

Good Chinese leftovers.

Prayer and Meditation, a much needed part of my life.

Gratitudes July 16-22, 2017

  1. Sun Jul 16, good meeting, good swim at health club on a 97 degree day, good meals.
  2. Mon Jul 17, good walks to and from work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, helpful info from boss, new book arrived I ordered, good meals, productive shopping.
  3. Tue Jul 18, good walks to and from work, helpful note from boss, free plums from a campus plum tree, progress at work, pleasant moment in park, good meals, helpful info on internet.
  4. Wed Jul 19, progress at work, pleasant moment in park, pleasant music on you tube, good meals, conversations at work.
  5. Thur Jul 20, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, progress at work, productive shopping trip.
  6. Fri Jul 21, well rested, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, good meals, great mango, progress at work.
  7. Sat Jul 22, well rested, progress at work, productive shopping trip, good meals, life is good.

Grateful for overhead fans that cool without dehydrating… Grateful to have a Saturday with no obligations other than at home…Grateful to speak to my daughter in Georgia and hear her voice so upbeat and happy, on their way to a BBQ….Grateful to Cell Phone technology that allows us to access so much so quickly….Grateful my leftover discomfort seems to be going away. Amen

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Waking up early and being able to enjoy the morning.

The sun peaking out after the hard rain last night.

Good coffee.

My phone getting damaged while in my backpack during the downpour yesterday.

A day without a phone, it is not all that bad not being attached to another electronic thing.

Shopping for a new phone if the rice does not do the trick with my current cell phone.

God, love, peace.


A peaceful rain quenching the thirst of the flowers and grass.

Stretching a leg out in the night and realizing Grand-dog has decided the best place to be is between his grandparents.

Other leg tells me a cat has claimed a corner of the bed.

Look!  Another one is asleep on the head board.

It reminds me of when my children used to sneak into bed in the night. Tickles,giggles and hugs.

Now a pat on the head and a chuck under the chin.

Up early to put the patch on the wall paper.

A thumping tails tells me someone is awake.

A grumble of thunder but not too close.

Peace in all you do today!

Thursday, July 20, 2017 to Friday, July 21, 2017

Being able to have patience while talking with contractors today.

Being sober and nicotine free.


Gainful employment.

Hard rain coming down on the way home from the bus stop even though I got soaked.

My son and pets.

Having the house to myself for a few hours while my son is out with his friends.  Love him dearly but having some alone time is not always bad.  He feels the same way when I go somewhere. 

A.A. and church.