The calm

Peaceful marches.

I love the quiet of the house in the morning. Seems like I can concentrate and accomplish more.

We are planning to clean out and paint one bedroom. Clean up is first.

So I am up early going through things. The ghosts of my family haunt me as I see pictures and items that make me smile.

Yesterday I got  up early to make soup for the Church soup cook off. The rhythm of chopping and stirring was soothing.

Delicious soup. Chicken lemon orzo. I did not win. I did not care.

Little Violet only 5 years old took the gold spoon with Cheesesburger soup.

My friend Kim took the silver spoon with broccoli cheese.

Violet told Kim I voted for yours. Kim told Violet I voted for yours. The squealed and hugged and my heart grew four sizes.

Keep calm and smile.

Gratitudes Jan 15-21, 2017

  1. Sun Jan 15, good meeting, conversations with friends, good meals, productive shopping trips, baking project turned out well.
  2. Mon Jan 16, sunny day, pleasant walks to and from work, progress at work, conversations with co-workers, good meals, helpful info from internet, progress at home, thank you Dr. King for your efforts, leadership, and life.
  3. Tue Jan 17, progress at work, conversations with co-workers, good meals, helpful info from internet.
  4. Wed Jan 18, progress at work, cheerful assistance from and conversations with co-workers, good meals, helpful info from internet, progress on hearing aids.
  5. Thu Jan 19, progress at work, cheerful assistance from and conversations with co-workers, good meals, helpful info from internet, progress on hearing aids, baking project turned out yummy.
  6. Fri Jan 20, early to work, cheerful help from co-workers, progress at work, good meals, helpful info from internet.
  7. Sat Jan 21, pleasant walks to and from work, progress at work, productive shopping trips, good meals.; bed early.

Dreams and nightmares

I woke from a nightmare. Grateful it was not real!

Yesterday seemed a nightmare.

Chicken Little said “The sky is falling.”

I still feel anxious. The fear of the flock is hard to ignore.

Be strong and calm.Be brave.

Know what triggers you and refuse to immerse yourself in it.

The nightmare is just a dream. Dreams can give you peace.

“Today is the day the Lord has made . Let us be glad and rejoice in it.”

Fill the  day with music, laughter.friends and faith.


Thank you for greater things

  1. Gratitude is always here when I need it
  2. Space in our home, space in life, space in my thoughts
  3. Going through boxes and choosing what will be part of my life going forward
  4. Discovering things about myself that needed 2 years in boxes to be revealed
  5. Coming from a different place
  6. Slow change, yet decisive change
  7. Understanding the why behind the what
  8. The loves of my life, my family
  9. Showing up
  10. This moment


Carol is on her way to Washington. So is my friend Ann. Be safe! I admire you! God bless America!

My client Barb is coming home Sunday. I did know if she would make it home after her surgery.

The  determination of the human spirit.

Beginning the process of determining who will receive the bequest from the Church.

My amazing Outreach team. Each is so dedicated and hard working!

Working my tools to handle the insomnia and anxiety. Knowing I have tools and strategies. I am strong!

My  friends and family near and far.

Love and laughter.

Seven new songs in choir.

Clearance rack bargains. Oh la la!

Groupon for $3.

Looking forward to a dinner out. Should be watching the pennies but need to feel pampered.

Is it my mind or my matter?

Upset stomach this morning. I don’t if it’s my stomach or my thoughts but I will swim to shore with gratitude keeping me buoyant.

Grateful for a toasted muffin, a cup of tea  and some applesauce.

Read a book in one sitting about an award winning swimmer who develops heart problems and comes back to health.

I found myself shaking my head in agreement as she reframed negative thoughts into positive.

She used laughter, good attitude,improved eating and exercise to keep from drowning.

She surrounded herself with people who loved her.

Grateful to see shore. A light shines leading me on.

I’m still determined not to participate in Inauguration. TV will be off tomorrow.

Cautioned K not to have joy taken from her. I will  listen to my own advice.

Giving myself a pep talk and prayers for all including me!

Up and attem

Moving slow this morning but I’m moving.

Brisk after yesterday’s record high.

Need to find socks. A  matched pair is optional.

Cup of coffee to get me jolted awake.

Leftovers make a fine breakfast.

Grapes are so succulent!

Think I will be avoiding social media. Everyone is doomsday! Just think what I can do with extra time.

Starting third book of  book challenge today.

Hearing Hubby “sweet talking” to the cats.

Okay here I go!



It’s the little things

Walking to the car in the rain without a coat because it is 50.

Going through clothes today to send some to Good Neighbors. Blessed abundance.

Sorted through sister’s clothes. She has a lot of tshirts with butterflies.I guess to me they signify hope.

Setting some things aside for D. We all like new (to us ) things.

IMing with my daughter in Dallas.

Looking at pictures from Disney World. Part of my family is there. Part of the family is living it through them.

My first Lularoe leggings. I consider it a challenge that I’m considered too old for them.

Allowing myself one sweet thing a day. Caramel covered raisins don’t count right?


I have a dream

A day of reflection. A day to rally toward change. A day of remembrance.

Honoring those who gave up their lives to make change happen.

The words of Martin Luther King Jr are eerily appropriate as we try to remain calm.

I was in 4th grade when JFK was shot, in 8th grade when Bobby was gunned down and in High School when MLK met His maker. Those were unsettled times. Grateful that the nation grew from the losses.

May God continue to watch over us! In God we trust.

A day off. A day on. Not just a day to sleep in or watch TV but a day to express our thoughts,  memories and opinions.