1. God
2. Kind of MaryEllen to write and ask how I am. I’m doing fine. Glad that MaryEllen posts so frequently on WLG.
3. Visiting my mother and father. My father’s irises grew quite nicely this year. The heat got to them, he remarked, but they are still quite colorful.
4. Cassie found toys for my nephews who will visit this summer and brought them to my parents’ house.
5. Little foots does not like to be petted. He just rubs or bumps against you as he walks by.
6. Lots of flowers and vegetables to plant.
7. The young lady at the garden center who helped me in the extremely hot weather, smiling all the while and not minding the heat.
8. Eating supper outside and Cassie made a fine cucumber salad. Asking her as I mixed it, you don’t care if I destroy the integrity of the paprika (spread on top.)
9. The tree Cassie gave me has grown substantially in five years. It is a star magnolia. Blooms have come and gone although one still persists. The snows and cold snaps in April did not help, but it is thriving with green leaves as summer arrives.
10. Cooler today by about 20 degrees. Good day to work in the garden.


I woke up from a dream where I was younger and I had to fast forward through my life to the age I am now.

Grateful for all the things that have brought me to May 29, 2016

Grateful many are behind me

Grateful to remember snippets of joy

I see my insecurities and am glad I have become strong

I see my choices and harbor no regrets

Illusion made me miss my parents though the dream was not accurate. Grateful that the truth was more on the mark. I was unconditionally loved!

Today I am grateful for the good , tolerant of the bad and looking forward to tomorrow.

Gratitudes May 22-28, 2016

  1. Sun May 22: Pleasant day to attend meeting at Purchase, able to deal successfully with long drive back to Maryland.
  2. Mon May 23: Pleasant flights and conversations back to Reno, insight into family emotional dynamics, good reading in “Forgive to Live” book.
  3. Tues May 24: Ran errands, good session at physical therapy, good conversation with a friend, shopping expedition, good meals, bed early.
  4. Weds May 25: Early to work and appointment, productive day at work, insight into my emotional habits and patterns, good appointment with pilates coach, good meals, bed early.
  5. Thurs May 26: Early to work, productive day, pleasant chat with boss, insight into my attitudes towards him, good meals, helpful info on internet, opportunity to stretch and exercise back and shoulder.
  6. Fri May 27: Early to work and appointment, very productive day at work, helpful conversations with co-workers, good meals, opportunity to go to bed early.
  7. Sat May 28: Inspiring music from internet, fun email from cousin, good conversation with friend, received Forgive to Live workbook, productive shopping trip and errands, progress at work, stretching and exercise, opportunity to go to bed early.

Thank you for my gifts

We were talking at Church about  someone who has a gift for music. Not me!

Today I’m grateful for  my gifts.

Laughter and sharing the message of laughter.



Time management

Delegation and support

Empathy and sympathy

Blessed are the peacemakers

Thank you for all my talents! May I be humble as I use them.


Up early

I need to take my daughter to work as she is without a car so I don’t dare fall back to sleep.

Cleaning my grateful brain.

Thank you that I found my prescription I thought was lost.

Thanks for Megan and Nicole’s support when it was lost.

Grateful for hubby’s patience when  we decide to go out to eat.

His hot roast beef sandwich looked good.

I love potato soup but had chicken noodle. Thumbs up!

Cabbage roll Yummy!

Eating off the Senior menu.

Our waitress Amber was very attentive.

Try Lyla’s on Bailey road. Lots of choices,lots of food. Nice all around!


May 14-21, 2016

  1. Sat May 14: Beautiful day, progress at work, productive shopping trip, pleasant music from internet, good meals, encouraging note from Crystal, feel life is good.
  2. Sun May 15: Sunny day, progress at work, pleasant conversations with family and friends, good music to listen to, insights into my issues.
  3. Mon May 16: Early to work, productive day at work, helpful conversation with co-workers, helpful info from doctor, inspiring music on internet, chance to stretch and go to bed early.
  4. Tues May 17: Productive day at work, ran needed errands, good conversation with friend, good meals, bed early
  5. Weds May 18: Productive day getting car repaired and ready for trip.
  6. Thurs May 19: Made it to bus to airport on time, good flights, gained insight into relationships with relatives and my own emotional dynamics.
  7. Fri May 20: Lovely day in Baltimore, visiting Inner Harbor submarine and the incredible Museum of Visionary Art (Ingo Swann paintings are out of this world!)
  8. Sat May 21: Enjoyed family reunion in New York state after long drive with relatives.  Made new friends and acquaintances.