1. Finally in our apartment, basking in the quiet and solitude
  2. Except for the neighbors, who are wrestling upstairs? Throwing each other on the floor, wordlessly? It’s fun trying to figure it out.
  3. Hearing good news about the house we made an offer on- they accepted, now for the inspection
  4. Huge, tons, massive help from my MIL today, who watched the kids and then cleaned. She’s wonderful.
  5. And Tessa, who took Ava out with G for a looong walk while I did the floors and unpacked. She came back full of joy, and tired.
  6. A new way of being in my relationships (who’d have thought being 100%, no bones about it, clear about what I want would be so effective?)
  7. On that note, there were two instances where I stood my ground with an extended family member today, and darn if that doesn’t feel good to say, “No.” and then, “No. I said no, and NO is how it’s going to be.” and finally, at some point, 80 no’s later, being heard. (Strangely enough, 3 year olds never hear that word, must be one of those sound frequency things, like when they play high-pitched noises for teenagers that middle-agers and older can’t hear.)
  8. Trying, and trying, and trying again. Because when you fall 7, stand up 8 and all that. And standing up is all I know how to do.
  9. A less busy day than I anticipated, oh what joy
  10. Building castles in the sky

  • Sun peeking out over the mountains this morning
  • Snow on surrounding mountains and the sleeping giant
  • Trees budding, so awesome
  • “Heaven Is For Real”
  • Al and Sue back from AZ
  • Family pranksters putting a playing card on GPa’s bike so that it makes a clickclickclick noise when he rides :)
  • Almost to Ft. Harrison when we had to stop for deer to cross the road in front of us…
  • When we got inside we saw a man who was round in size, had a beautiful white beard to go with his white hair, and was wearing a red shirt…hummm…am wondering if we should name those deer..Dasher, Prancer, etc. :):)
  • Read John Steinbeck’s quote again:  “I’m in Love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.  But with Montana it is Love.  And it’s difficult to analyze Love when you’re in it.”

Short but sweet

It seems my lists are getting shorter but in each word is something to cling to, a hope for tomorrow.A brightness in today.

God (Sorry Garrett but He’s the center. The Alpha and Omega! )


The dollar store -$6 worth of joy

Laughter (I made a sandwich after choir and then couldn’t find it. I asked the dog he looked guilty so I made another. Went for a drink found the sandwich ate it too.)



My daughter- She is finding out being an adult is not what she thought but

Flowers -Daffodils are putting on a show


People who listen Thanks Ralph

Something to look forward to




1. We submitted an offer on a house tonight that just came on the market. Exciting!
2. Though it’s further out than our old place, because of it’s proximity to the interstate, it takes less time to get to town (or the same in some cases)
3. Grateful for something I’m not going to list publicly
4. My daughter played the piano today, which was absolutely adorable, and she loved it. definitely on my wish list
5. My husband physically delivered the papers when our scanner decided to stop working
6. All this excitement took the stress-thoughts away about moving to an apartment tomorrow, and guess what, we’re still moving even though the stress thoughts were not thunk- seems like we could always do without them :)
7. Grateful for plans and ideas and homes and love
8. Grateful for friends
9. Grateful for health: healthy body, healthy mind, healthy heart, healthy thoughts
10. Grateful for this moment, and whatever is here in it.

Thankful Thursday

  • Taking care of some things I’ve put off doing
  • Recognizing self-sabotaging patterns
  • Not allowing myself to get drawn into old dramas
  • Showing kindness without turning into a rescuer
  • Walks with my dog
  • Breathing in fresh spring air
  • Listening to my husband talk about his successful day
  • Feeling good about the future
  • Receiving texts from special people
  • Basking in the peace of this moment

Best Friend Visit

1.  so happy to spend a few days with my best friend; you know the person who knows you so well and can read your thoughts

2.  Happy to be embarking on a new nutrition plan and fitness program; anxious to learn about food/proteins/fat . . . .

3.  Happy that I took time to meditate; not sure why I resist sometimes but I ALWAYS feel so much more relaxed and happy

4.  the blooming magnolia pink trees

5.  Happy that my son is trusting me to share adult type issues

6.  Thankful for caring co-workers

7.  Happy for each of you and your insightful posts.

8.  Grateful for the gift of this day

Happy Friday Junior

I always thought I was a grateful person, but I don’t think I expressed it as deeply and meaningful as I do now.   Two days ago, I was one conversation away from selling my home and downsizing to a bachelor apartment, but yesterday was a great day full of good news and hope for a happy future.  I truly believe these changes that happened over night, happened because I expressed gratitude daily for the things I already had.

Wherever you live, go outside and get some Vitamin D into your system, it really helps the noggin recharge.


1. Riding bikes with my boy

2. Infant sized tie-dyes…So cute!

3. Magnolias in bloom

4. The smell of fresh cut grass

5. Being honest

6. Leaning into God

7. Accepting what cannot change

8. An amazing group of women

9. Our pastor’s wisdom and sense of humor

10. Visible physical changes

Putting my self in the hands of God


Listening friends

Listening strangers

The wisdom to discern who to talk to

Sleeping all night

Taking things slow

Well meaning relatives. You’d think they’d fall in the friend list.

Reconnecting with hubby. It’s hard not to pull apart yet we were meant to be together.

Let your closeness be such that when one cries the other tastes salt

Relaxing and watching for God’s plan.