Monthly Archives: January 2014


  1. Smelling fresh paint on the freshly drywalled room
  2. hearing the hum of the fan on the wood stove
  3. feeling it’s gentle heat permeating the house
  4. Feeling happytired after a long productive day
  5. Seeing a peaceful home
  6. Reading a half dozen books at once, we’ll see which one is finished first
  7. Feeling contentment after letting go of an offense
  8. Feeling the releasing, shoulder dropping of being grateful and unwinding my day
  9. The way grattude brings me back to heaven, as Demartini calls it
  10. This this this


  1. Perspective
  2. Noticing discomfort
  3. Doing what I can for someone else while knowing it’s ultimately up to them
  4. My amazing husband
  5. Finally getting to the store after the cold snap
  6. My patient daughter
  7. Watching her
  8. Loving her
  9. Our family
  10. This

  • Crystal’s wonderful CSW!
  • Purging my paper files (yes, I still use paper :)…a box to be shredded
  • So many people crossing off to do lists
  • Relief of releasing the old
  • Universal energy!
  • Wow, those climate differences/changes…
  • …unusual snow/ice in the south…
  • …avalanches blocking Valdez, AK
  • GPa loves Valdez and would live there :)
  • You define your own life.

1. God

2. receiving guidance and following it

3. Saying what I feel

4. getting perspective on a situation

5. William went out of his way to bring me boxes

6. Nancy polishing the wood

7. Crossing things off a list

8. Oliver holding onto mail for us and letting us know

9. Good news at the doctor’s office for Cassie

10. People speaking openly about shame and choosing to live differently


  1. To do lists turning into done lists
  2. Energy
  3. Passion
  4. Finding what I need somewhere else
  5. A hair trim
  6. Weather so cold I say gratitude just for being alive
  7. Seeing the “space” bar and pausing, finding the “space” in the moment
  8. Happiness
  9. Learning from watching and paying attention
  10. This

Whole universe

  1. I would be lost without library books (or broke from spending so much)
  2. Who would I be without my parents? I wouldn’t!
  3. My daughter, who transformed me into a mother, the catalyst for so much change and growth
  4. My husband, who encourages me to grow
  5. Our home, even having any home, to stay warm and safe in these crazy temps
  6. Our neighbors, who saw my car at the bottom of the driveway and offered to plow
  7. Having a car
  8. Rest, unapologetic
  9. Doing what I can
  10. This

1. God

2. Taking my father to a concert

3. Free time for my mother

4. Skilled and spirited musicians

5. Feeling

6. My father telling me stories which I may or may not have heard before

7. The taste of memory

8. Analog reading

9. A toy mouse controlled with a mouse – great concept

10. Cassie frequently asks for carrot cake, so she made some

a guiding light

  • Happy Birthday, Cathy !
  • A beautiful soul
  • She fills our hearts with joy
  • A true Blessing
  • Intelligent and wise
  • Always a lovely smile :)
  • Inquisitive and resourceful
  • Energetic!
  • Bountiful goodness
  • Abundantly selfless!
  • Very Thoughtful
  • She is the Light in our life pathways!