Monthly Archives: September 2014


Grateful for…

God and His immense patience with me

music from Time for Three

libraries and all the cool stuff they have

my grandson is a yellow belt

his excitement when he got his invitation for the ceremony

my husband

an opportunity at work

my family

encouragement to make a change (a little one)

maybe that will help me to make more changes…



  1. Laughter
  2. Friends
  3. Frisbee!
  4. Michelle brought helium balloons in case the kite didn’t fly, and it didn’t! (I blame the manufacturer) (it was homemade)
  5. Julie, Michelle and our own Carol entertained by talking on helium from the balloons!
  6. My toddler played and played, so much fun!
  7. I got to run and frisbee and chat while the baby made the rounds in everyone’s arms
  8. My husband did so much work, maintaining the fire and helping kids and running to the house
  9. Our neighbors even came out and M was the master marshmallow-roaster
  10. This

1. God

2. Warmer days and nights for a brief time

3. Hannah drove herself back to school safely

4. Cassie for coming to her aid before she left

5. Chopping vegetables and herbs from the garden and cooking them

6. Sight of a woodpecker among the sunflower stalks

7. Talking with Alan and Simon, Andrew’s children, on the phone

8. Andrew is playing the clarinet again. I think he stopped because it disturbed the neighbors. Well, we still have neighbors, he said. Yes, I noted, but they are not immediately up or downstairs.

9. A card for Susana with the word thrive


  1. Writing gratitude at night, which gives me the whole day to reflect on and a happy heart to sleep with
  2. Starting a new fermented recipe- if something should happen to me, please clear out the pantry or our house might get taken over by different forms of yeast
  3. My very first sourdough loaf- not great but it’s a start!
  4. Learning in big, passionate spurts
  5. Holding Hannah
  6. Watching Ava
  7. and holding her too, when H is sleeping, and we can catch up on our one-on-one time
  8. How incredibly beautiful and unrecognizable my life would look to me 5 years ago
  9. The ability to feel blessed
  10. This

1. God

2. Helen

3. Cassie is a magnet for friends

4. Turn for the wursts

5. Maurice and Cornelius brought a cake for Bill, Cassie’s father, as we remembered him on his birthday

6. Catherine and Richard brought a crawfish in a big tub but the cats weren’t interested

7. Amphitheater

8. The Sad Ghost club is on to something here here here and here


Wonders and Poaches

Very Grateful for:

God as Editor

Wondering why I ordered only one copy of our center’s Christmas card…then finding two errors on the one copy I ordered.

Poached salmon

The mirror-face of the lake just before sunrise

The walk with Ruby

Hearing people call a soft “good morning” to each other

The distinction between a “mistake” and a “misunderstanding”

Not taking the bait

Friends on Skype

Friends here on WLG

If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure. It transcends all barriers. ~Ed Sullivan

Grateful for the Akron Marathon!

1.  cheering on the runners with the Laughing Club of N.E. Ohio  at the Akron Marathon this morning

2.  one man, with one leg, biking on a reclining bike

3.  a teacher running with one of his students

4.  runners in matching tee shirts

5.  runners (male and female) running in tutus!

6.  tee shirt that said “I hate running!”

7.  two police officers taking a selfie

8.  banging on a tin and yelling until I was hoarse

9.  admiring the energy and determination of all the runners

10.  runners in their 70s an 80s!

I am energy absorbent, so even though I got up at 6:30 a.m., I have had wild energy all day long just from being in the midst of so much incredible endurance and energy.  Thank you runners!

What’s within

  1. The quote, I forget the source, that nothing is good or bad until we make it so
  2. Which makes me think the things we ‘blame’ for doing this or that bad thing in our lives are just reflecting us
  3. Chatting with a friend and her husband, nice surprise
  4. Someone to talk fermentation with
  5. My lovely & lively grandparents, and grandma looking up the name of the flour mill for me
  6. Fun with food
  7. Patience
  8. Finding the right book just in time
  9. Exhale
  10. This