Monthly Archives: January 2016


  • Library of Congress Gershwin Awards
  • Honoring Willie Nelson
  • Brought back memories of GPa’s love of music which began with his Dad who had an orchestra and could play most all the instruments.
  • Remembering our camping trips at the lake where GPa would play the guitar and sing while everyone at the campground gathered around for hours.
  • One year bought our three children each a guitar to teach them…they loved it.
  • Oh, and when he was young he also learned to play the trumpet…until his younger sister decided to clean it, took it apart, washed it, and tried to put it back together..
  • Oh Oh…
  • Love music of many kinds…country western, folk, jazz, Latin American, piano, opera, saxophone, guitar, brass….. 

  • Snow/rain/ice/cold/warm…today…take your pick:)
  • Tetley green tea
  • Quiet times
  • Surprising NFL games this weekend
  • Grateful for labels I placed on stored boxes
  • A picture of GPa taken in Japan many years ago
  • VCR of GPa mining for gold…yes, he had a gold mine :)
  • How pictures tell our stories
  • More of Creative Spiritual Women