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July 24-30, 2016 Gratitudes

  1.  Sun, July 24, good presentation, good meals, progress at work, inspiring music on internet.
  2. Mon, July 25, grateful for the strength/stamina to complete a strenuous morning, good meals, friendly help from co-workers, helpful info from friends and family, good stretching session, bed early.
  3. Tues July 26, grateful to get thru this day and see the irritations as trials and to not take them personally as I usually do.  Grateful to have finished presentation for Weds and go to bed.
  4. Weds July 27, busy productive and over the top day.  Presentation went well (thank God!).  Friendly help from co-workers and boss.  Bed early.
  5. Thurs July 28, busy productive day with friendly help from co-workers
  6. Fri July 29 very busy day with help and conversation from coworkers.  Early morning baking project turned out ok.
  7. Sat July 30: slept in, well rested, productive shopping trip, greetings from friend, good meals, life is good.


  • Always beautiful rainbows
  • Amanda
  • Bright purple new truck with a topper…very pretty…
  • …bet they can always find where they parked :)
  • 96 degrees today…took a 14 min. walk
  • Colorful school supplies on display
  • Carol’s beautiful flowers :)
  • Car with Connecticut plates…long way from home!
  • A bright yellow Corvett
  • Enjoying Mary Ellen’s daily discoveries!
  • GPa healing nicely :) 


Author Louise Hay says she has made eighty affirmations before she even gets out of bed. Thank you for restful sleep. Thank you comfortable bed. Thanks for the pleasant dream….

People ask me what I can find to list day after day. I’m amazed that they aren’t amazed.

Thank you that the room was just the right temperature to sleep.

Thank you that I fell back to sleep when I woke up early.

Thank you that I found just the clothes I wanted to wear.

Thank you that I have Laughing Club this morning

Thank you for the sunshine. It is a beautiful day for the motorcycle run.

Thank you for the chance to make jewelry at Unity.

Thank you for the rain yesterday!

Thank you that our paycheck went in early.

Thank you for resolution to a mistake online. I argued my case and won.

Thank you that I am feeling better!

I affirm that I have all I need and I am confident that the Universe will provide.

“You are a child of the Universe no less than the trees and the stars and whether or not it is clear to you the Universe is unfolding as it should.”


Empty page

I’ve always been excited by the empty page, the blank sheet and colored pencils or crayons. Oh the possibilities for creativity!

Early morning is like a blank page Anything can happen!

I will find gratitude in today as I am grateful for those things that happened yesterday.

Planning the Women’s Retreat .Seeing it come together. Learning as I go

Mirror Work by Louise Hays. Positive affirmations

She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice There’s a Lord for that!

A poem by Mary Faktor. I saw her perform at Carol’s Church.

Strength sent to Sookie as her father goes downhill.

Patience for Kora as she experiences her Grandfather’s last journey

Thanks to Bryan for holding it together.

Love to them all in this difficult time.

Many thanks to Crystal for her unlimited supply of empathy,advice and caring.

Grateful for change.

Draw a good picture. You can show me tomorrow!

1. God
2. Crystal
3. Feeling good
4. Much needed rain
5. Car fixed
6. That moment
7. Flowers for the neighbors
8. Tasting Alan’s home grown corn on the cob, which he planted and nurtured with such industry
9. Strains


Looking forward to a jewelry making marathon this Sat. for an Access Women’s Shelter fundraiser!

A phone conversation with a dear friend!

Watching the Democratic convention and feeling hopeful!

A day at home — hooray!

Teaching Zentangle tomorrow to a group of teenagers in a shelter. A privilege for sure!

Finding an old journal and going back in time.

Clearing out a bookcase and finding $10!

Another day winding down, and the gift of tomorrow anticipated!

  1.  Nice messages that remind me someone cares
  2.  Husband knows what I love to do and made special plans for a wonderful day
  3.  Funny charades to bridge a language barrier
  4.  Stellar friends who aren’t put out listening to you blubber- thank god I have a few
  5.  Dealership shuttle service- how convenient!
  6.  Air conditioning when it’s 110°
  7.  Effective communication- it really takes finesse
  8.  Morning-prepared lunch feels like a surprise gift in the afternoon
  9.  Daydreaming about flowers
  10.  Good timing

My cave

Man caves are all the rage with a get away for masculine activities.A mom cave I would retreat from the world for a little down time away from the hubbub of a house full of children.My room is now my cave.. It is not tidy but is not chaos.

Some of the things I’m most grateful for are here.

Books -Ones I’ve loved. Ones I’m reading .Ones to be read. Some for info . Some for fun.

Bookmarks I save cards I’ve received as bookmarks.

My laptop Aqua blue and hard working is connects me to people and things and educates me. It’s screensaver says Good morning.

My bed (hubby’s too at night) how delightful to nap or meditate or pray upon it

A box of tissues by my bed

A kitty sleeping at the head (She thinks this is her cave)

On my dresser are my polar bears One two three four

A decoration with part by each grandchild.

Pens and paper because inspiration may strike or necessity may arise

My clothes. I am so blessed to have such choice.

Sigh! I need to chose some clothes and go into the downstairs and outside world but I’ll be back and my cave will be waiting!


Gratitude for so many blessings!

The rose-breasted grosbeaks have been here since the beginning of Summer. Hooray!

Our new kitchen table and chairs are terrific. The chairs look like art!

The morning glories are going to bloom soon!

Loving my black eyed Susan vining hanging basket.

Just added blue glass discs and green glow in the dark stones to the stones beside the driveway. It looks like a fairy garden at night!!! Yahoo!

Loving my purple ballon flowers — so tough that they grew in a neglected pot in the garage in the dark!! Then I put them in a place of honor, added fabulous pink petunias and oh boy, they have been blooming all Summer long! Wow!

Just home from Ocean City, Maryland — a wonderful family vacation including jewelry making, coloring, counted cross stitch, and reading. And of course, the beach! It was a tough job but somebody had to do it!

Gratitude to this website and all the gratitude people here!